Wonder of the Seas – discover the largest Royal Caribbean cruise ship in the world

Earlier this month we were invited Royal Caribbean board the largest cruise ship in the world: Miracle of the Seas. After its first season in the Caribbean, the Miracle began its summer season in the Mediterranean. In this article, we provide all the details about our amazing experience in the first voyage of this giant of the seas.

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O Wonder of the Seas da Royal Caribbean

The fifth ship of the Oasis class is 72.5 meters high, 362 meters long, weighs 236,857 tons and accommodates 6,988 guests and 2,300 crew members. There are 19 swimming pools, 20 restaurants, 11 bars, an ice skating rink, a casino and a green area inspired by New York’s Central Park with approximately 20,000 plants and natural trees.

The Wonder of the Seas spends its summer season in the Mediterranean, departing from Barcelona and Rome on 7-day itineraries, visiting destinations such as Naples and Florence, Italy, and Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

In November, the ship returns to the Caribbean, departing from Port Canaveral, Florida on 7-day itineraries visiting places such as Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean Private Island, St. Maarten and Cozumel.

Here are some interesting facts about the giant:

  • 18 decks;
  • 8 districts
  • 24 lifts
  • 2867 cabins
  • 20 restaurants, 13 of which are specialized
  • 11 indoor and outdoor bars
  • Navigation at 22 knots, approximately 38 km/h.

Ricardo Amaral, CEO of R11 Travel, Royal Caribbean’s exclusive distributor in Brazil, said that the “Wonder of the Seas” surprised all the size and grandeur of the marine giant, while not forgetting the incredible details in every space, bringing together technologies and innovations that will delight all guests. .


Below is the route we followed on our first flight:

  • Day 1 – Landing at the port of Barcelona and navigation;
  • Day 2 – Stopover at the port of Valencia and navigation;
  • Day 3 – Disembarkation at the port of Barcelona.

boarding procedure

I arrived on the first flight in the afternoon. Even before arriving at the port, I had my first contact with the Miracle, and I was already impressed by the scale of its structure.

After entering the area registerI went through the security area where I put my luggage on the X-ray for the conference. The following documents were soon requested:

  • Valid passport;
  • Negative COVID-19 test taken 48 hours before departure [válido para maiores de 12 anos];
  • Proof of full vaccination. If the passenger has taken only two doses, the date of the last use must be up to 9 months ago. If the period was longer, a booster dose would be required.

Immediately after the conference, I continued landing. It is worth noting that there were several hand hygiene stations throughout the process.

My cabin aboard the biggest ship in the world

As in the Odyssey, upon arrival at my cabin on Deck 8, I found the key in a welcome envelope conveniently located at the entrance.

As we showed in our Instagram story, when I entered my cabin, I had a great first impression, which was confirmed throughout the two days of my stay.

The bathroom was relatively spacious by cruise ship standards. Some amenities were waiting for me, such as soap, shampoo and conditioner. The shower pressure was excellent which gave me a relaxing shower.

The cabin also had a work desk, drawers, wardrobes, safe, sofa, minibar, TV and several mirrors.

The most interesting thing in my cabin was Amazing view from my balcony. Waking up to this incredible sunrise at sea was one of the best experiences aboard the Wonder.

Other cabins aboard the Miracle

Below are other cabins available on the largest cruise ship in the world:

Crawl Loft Suite

  • Location: deck 18
  • Number of cabins on the ship: 8
  • Size: 60 m² divided into two floors, 50 m² in the bedroom and 10 m² on the balcony.

Owner’s Suite

  • Location: deck 18
  • Number of cabins on the ship: 10
  • Size: 74 m² divided into two floors, 52 m² in the bedroom and 22 m² on the balcony.

Royal Loft Suite

  • Location: deck 18
  • Number of cabins on the ship: 1
  • Size: 219 m² divided into two floors, 141 m² in the bedroom and 78 m² on the balcony.

Grand Suite

  • Location: deck 17
  • Number of cabins on the ship: 28
  • Size: 44 m² divided into two floors, 34 m² in the bedroom and 10 m² on the balcony.

Cabin with balcony and boardwalk view (available)

  • Location: 14 deck.
  • Number of cabins on the ship: 2
  • Size: 32 m² divided into two floors, 25 m² in the bedroom and 7 m² on the balcony.

Junior Suite

  • Location: decks 6 to 14, except for 13 (there is no deck 13)
  • Number of cabins on the ship: 96
  • Size: 32 m² divided into two floors, 25 m² in the bedroom and 7 m² on the balcony.

Cabin balcony overlooking Central Park

  • Location: decks 10 to 14, except for 13 (there is no deck 13)
  • Number of cabins on the ship: 69
  • Size: 22 m² divided into two floors, 17 m² in the bedroom and 5 m² on the balcony.

Ultra spacious with sea view

  • Location: 11 deck
  • Number of cabins on the ship: 5
  • Size: 43 m² divided into two floors, 35 m² in the bedroom and 8 m² on the balcony.

Spacious Aqua Theater Suite

  • Location: decks 8 and 9.
  • Number of cabins on the ship: 5
  • Size: 119 m² divided into two floors, 62 m² in the bedroom and 57 m² on the balcony.

Inside cabins

  • Location: decks 7 to 11.
  • Number of cabins on the ship: 90
  • Size: 16m² (without balcony)

main attractions

The Wonder of the Seas has breathtaking sights. Literally. To enjoy some of them, you need to make an appointment through the Royal app.

Below are the main ones that we had the opportunity to learn about:

  • Absolute Abyss: the attraction is considered the largest toboggan in the sea, where you will descend from 10 decks in just 13 seconds on a kind of mat. This is one of the main attractions of the ship. The feeling is very similar to a roller coaster.
  • The perfect storm: There are three water slides on this attraction: Cyclone, Supercell and Typhon. What I liked the most is the Supercell because you go downhill at high speed and keep spinning until you “fall” into the hole.
  • laser tag: Here you can go into a battle of color lasers with special effects, where the goal is to hit your opponents in the sensors of the vest. The game is very similar to paintball. Modesty aside, when I had the chance to see the attraction, I was the player who scored the most. rupees.
  • Aquatheatre: the open-air theater hosts acrobatic shows and performances by Olympic athletes, members of Cirque du Soleil and many other artists.

The highlight of the exhibition was the performance of one of the world champions in slackline. Check out some photos below:

  • Central Park: those aboard the Wonder can find this incredible area on Deck 8 with approximately 20,000 plants and natural trees! You can even find some animals, such as butterflies.

Entertainment on board the Miracle

In addition to the main attractions, you will be able to enjoy many other activities such as casinos, hot tubs, swimming pools, meditation, gym, sports activities such as basketball and table tennis, as well as several interactive games.

Check out some images below:

  • Several indoor and outdoor pools/hot tubs [localizadas no Solarium]
  • Dozens of game options for all ages
  • Acrylic jacuzzi with incredible sea view
  • Carousel for adults and children inside the Boardwalk, a very interesting part of the ship, where the Aquatic Theater and the arrival of the Ultimate Abyss are located.
  • Children and teenagers also have exclusive seats aboard the Wonder. In these places you can leave your child with monitors. Rooms are divided by age groups.

night rides

There were several options for nightly entertainment on board the Miracle. Among them are ice shows, clubs, karaoke and much more!

Without a doubt, the silent ballad was the liveliest and funniest party I’ve ever been on board. It works as follows: each passenger receives a headset and can choose the songs that are played on the Blue or Green stations. Since each person only hears their own music and there is no outside sound, the environment is left with the sound of everyone singing and dancing randomly, each in their own way.”atmosphererub.

Check out some photos below:


Good food is missing on board the Wonder! There are 20 restaurants inside the ship, 13 of which are branded, with a variety of dining options throughout the day.

You can choose which of the main restaurants you would like to eat at. [de acordo com o horário de funcionamento], with à la carte, free buffet and vegetarian options. For vegans, there is the option to speak with one of the chefs to prepare a special meal that meets the requirements. All tables are disinfected before and after meals.

As with the Odyssey, another factor that also attracted a lot of attention was the wide variety of dishes, with dozens of options for appetizers, main courses and desserts.

And if you get hungry at dawn, you can grab a bite of pizza and snacks at one of the late-night restaurants, catering to the demand of busy people who love to enjoy their nightly entertainment until the power goes out. [que muitas vezes acaba só no dia seguinte rs]. But be careful about the opening hours, as some close earlier.

As I mentioned earlier, Wonder has 13 specialty restaurants. I was invited to see the new The Mason Jar, exclusive to the largest ship in the world. The restaurant is decorated in a southern theme, with live music.

The food was very good, from appetizer to dessert. For the main course, I chose a traditional American hamburger with French fries. Below are photos of the dishes served:

As far as drinks are concerned, if you do not purchase any additional package, you will be entitled to water, some certain juices, hot drinks such as tea and coffee, lemonade and iced tea. If you want to consume non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, you must rent the package that suits you best. Prices ranged from $13.50 to $88 per person per day. See below:

  • Soft drink package

  • Package of alcoholic drinks

To find out if it’s worth buying a pack or not, we recommend that you follow the accounts based on your consumption profile to see if it’s better to buy a pack or buy individual drinks.

The wonder of the seas is not worth traveling?

Yes! Highly! Getting to know the world’s largest cruise ship Royal Caribbean was a fantastic experience, despite the fact that the trip lasted only two nights.

The miracle impresses with its gigantic size and every detail of its structure. All the staff were very polite and very attentive, especially those who had difficulty communicating in English.

As you can see in the article, boredom is a word far from those who board the ship. A wide variety of attractions will satisfy any audience, in addition to the wide variety of gastronomy on board. It is worth noting that once you enter the ship, you will be able to use the Wi-Fi service, which is available from $19 per day.

Remember that you must present all required documents to board the ship, such as a valid passport, a negative COVID-19 test result, and proof of vaccination.

What do you think of the Wonder of the Seas? Share with us in the comments!

Thank you for the invitation from Royal Caribbean and R11 Travel

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