What is the fashion and beauty industry preparing for the metaverse?

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industry fashion and beauty requesting shares metaversoProving self-expression through style appeals to both consumers. digital space how much? physical world. Also, according to Wunderman Thompson85% of users say they believe metaverso will affect the fashion industry.

In February 2022, Dolce-Gabbana embraced this new universe Milan Fashion Week, mixing a virtual 3D podium with a physical one. According to this, Dry expands its own development. metaverso with a full team dedicated to Web 3.0. According to the company, the fusion of reality and virtual reality will change his way e-commerce will be built.

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Metaverse progression in the fashion and beauty industry

A decentralized hosted the first Metaverse Fashion Week in March 2022 with the participation of more than 60 high fashion brands, including dundas, Tommy Hilfiger, Philipp Plein, Fred Segal to Karl Lagerfeld. The weekend was packed with brand-sponsored catwalks, a virtual shopping district, live panels, concerts and interactive events.

The event set a new standard for luxury fashion. David Cash, chief curator, talked about how digital fashion allows participants to express themselves and express their creativity through avatars. We strive to present fashion in every possible way, from fashion shows to retail experiences, art, film, photography, and even in ways that transcend reality. also metaversoeverything is possible”.


In February 2022, Gucci announced the creation of a virtual world. metaverso com sandboxplanning engagement and experiences as part of your experimental online space Gucci Case.

As part of the initiative, the luxury fashion giant also announced the following month. Gucci Projeto Bowl NFT, with digital accessory center 10KTFfeaturing digital clothing from 11 selected NFT collections, including bored monkey to Women’s World.

Special appearances Gucci Designed for consumers who want to express themselves in the digital world. The company is laying the foundations for the future of digital design and high fashion. metaverso with virtual pieces and collections.


Contemporary digital artist Krista Who and digital fashion house manufacturer designed a fluid digital fabric for nympha new clothing collection, in January 2022. Material transcendence used to create a title that forms the main part of the collection with 3D rendering in software unreal engine. Collection nymph hyper realistic.

The design of the collection is modeled after the artist’s meditative artistic approach. whothis parallels an altered state of consciousness. who I told Wunderman Thompson Intelligence so when entering metaversocultures, gender, race and religion will become fluid because the reality of the world has been transcended.

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Flirting with Roblox and the metaverse

stylist in February 2022 Gemma Sheppard was hired as the world’s first global fashion editor. metaverso. Building a career spanning projects with leading industry names such as Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen to Stella McCartneywill work directly with Suspicion to metaventures helping fashion brands entering the metaverse, designing navigation books and coordinating live events.

When hiring a professional, roblox It builds on the impact of fashion and design on the participants. metaverso. The brand is raising its digital offering, experience the real world for their constituents who are willing to express themselves digitally and willing to pay to wear the brands they love to wear in the physical world.


to the fashion brand roxanda It also made waves in the virtual world in February 2022, when it launched its first digital fashion piece in February 2022. London Fashion Weekexhibition in art gallery Britain. The house announced the jointly created parade items. Digital Fashion Institutecan only be purchased NFT.

Estee Lauder

The beauty giant entered the metaverse in January 2022 with the launch of its e-commerce platform. Maison Too Faceddefined as the first type andretail experience A functional economy consisting of a 360-degree virtual environment and avatars and digital assets.

HE meta world It allows shoppers to interact with other guests and pets, compete and win in world games. Discount Codes for future purchases.

The fully immersive space allows consumers to interact with the brand first-hand, enjoy new releases, and receive personalized shopping assistance while interacting virtually with friends and other shoppers.

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Valde Beauty

A Valde Beauty In January 2022, it held a product launch party in a new kind of venue: the metaverse. With a live DJ, virtual product displays and influencers showcasing their styles, the launch celebrated three deluxe limited editions showcased on the gallery walls. NFT. buyers received wearable exclusive digital — ultimate VIP status symbol for future events metaverso.

P&G Beauty

A P&G Beauty presented beautySphere, your virtual world to tell stories, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2022. The digital experience is accessible from any browser and allows consumers to interact with the responsible beauty platform.

The initiative presents a gamified challenge that highlights live streaming panels, beauty content, and gamification principles. SustainabilitySafety, transparencyquality performance, equalityinclusion and well-being.

For the company, beautySphere does not end with CES, but it’s the first step towards delivering engaging education and brand experiences. Responsible and positive actions of beauty are done more sincerely than buying a simple product.

Even Drest is going to the metaverse!

Digital fashion app in October 2021 drest launched two major beauty brands on its platform: Gucci Beauty, 29 limited promotional virtual beauty products and Nars Cosmetics, A nine-day campaign that allows users to customize the look of their avatar using 30 virtual beauty products, and stores skins and products in personalized moodboards.

beauty enthusiasts application You can try, create and to express digitally By using the brands and products they already know and love, they naturally develop their relationships with brands in their digital environment.

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Rihanna filed for trademark Fenty The March 2022 metaverse potentially includes brands Savage X Fenty and Fenty Beauty. Consumers will soon be able to see the goods and beauty products Fenty in games, digital collectives and art NFTs.

Bloomberg reports that Rihanna is discussing a potential IPO worth over $3 billion, signaling a significant investment in her brand’s reach in the virtual marketplace. Fenty combines the diverse beauty and retail offering of physical showcases for the metaverse, creating an inclusive foundation for brands and lovers in the burgeoning digital beauty industry.

Virtual events, exclusive access and limited products in the metastore

In addition, the world’s leading global brands fashion and beauty industry investing in roads innovator to interact with your customer base metaverso.

study Wunderman Thompson reveals that 76% of consumers want their avatars to express their emotions. creativity to individuality in ways they couldn’t achieve in the physical world, and 80% metaverso will affect beauty industry. Upgrade 2D applications e-commerce Beauty brands, which many companies have embraced in recent years, are discovering new forums for digital interaction with consumers on platforms they already use and like.

beauty holding in February 2022 L’Oreal It was alleged that he made 17 trademark applications related to metaverso. OS applications covering the brand portfolio L’Oréal for NFTsvirtual perfumes, retail for cosmetics, avatar style and more.

Michelle Phan, founder EM Cosmeticstold WWD Believing that the Metaverse is the next frontier in beauty, he predicts the industry will thrive in the digital world. “In the Metaverse, your avatar is a reflection of your personality. You can be anything there. So we’ll have a new definition of what beauty is.”

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