Were you hungry in the morning? Check out 5 places to eat in Goiania

No.in any food it is able to satisfy the desires of the stomach when that hunger strikes at dawn. It was precisely with the night shift in mind that the manager Marcela Tomaru tried to create a place that served faster and more delicious treats for the night shift, such as pizzas, beiruts and sandwiches. “When hunger strikes at dawn, everyone wants to eat that delicious food, a tasty snack,” Marcela points out.

Night hunger can reach different levels and, to create a place that offers quick and easy options, the secret, according to Marcela, who has opened La Bobera since 2018, is to create a stable clientele that knows who to ask for help. “We offer all night, with an online menu so that everyone can choose the right options to satisfy their hunger, with delivery and takeaway options,” she explains.

Among the most requested orders in La Bobera, located in the Jardim América, there are pizzas in different flavors. Coming from São Paulo, Marcela and her husband, Humberto Piza, have realized that in Goiânia there is still a shy market to be explored at night. In San Paolo the two were already working with pizzas. “We have adapted our business in Goiás and it has worked very well. People order a lot of pepperoni pizza, à moda and jerky with sour cream. There are still those who prefer sandwiches, ”she says.

Day-to-night trading requires sacrifices, according to the administrator. Rest and free time are reduced, as all hectic life takes place during the day. La Bobera is also open every day of the week. “You have to be very disciplined if you want to work at dawn, but I am a person who likes the night, I like the calm and tranquility provided in a time when almost everyone is asleep,” he reveals.

Love for the night is also shared by Fernando Cambota, who spends all night in Salim Mustafa, in the western sector. One of the most traditional places of Goiânia nightlife, the place celebrated a decade of existence in April, the result of the commitment of a family of Arab origin who wanted to create a gastronomic and cultural experience. The result is a menu with Arabic variations, such as esfihas, kibes and shawarmas.

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“Our idea from the beginning was to be open like most restaurants in Goiânia, until 1am at the latest, but since the customer is responsible, one day we stay until 4 in the morning”, remembers Cambota. , who always leaves work around 6:00 am. clock, along with dawn. “At the time we realized that there was a large crowd at dawn and a certain lack of food-focused venues. This is why we decided to stay every day until at least 6 in the morning ”, he reveals.

A must for those who leave the premises in nearby neighborhoods, such as the South, Central and Marista sectors, Salim Mustafá welcomes a varied and hungry clientele. After the restaurant opened, Cambota’s life changed from water to wine. “We work at a time when most people come home to rest. I think the biggest challenge is finding manpower for that period. Since it is a completely different routine, many people cannot adapt to the change of plans, ”says the businessman.

On average, 8 to 10 employees work in Salim. The main dish and the one that has the most outlet at the moment is the shawarma, a sandwich made essentially of roast beef, salad and sauce, inside the pita. “It was thanks to shawarma that we decided to open our business,” explains Cambota.

Homemade food from Goiás with everything you need: rice, steak with onions, beans in broth, chicken, potatoes, but also snacks, such as kibbeh and fried fish. At Simbora Restaurante, the heart of the menu is to satisfy the customer’s hunger 24 hours a day. “Our idea has always been to offer a gastronomic journey at any time of day, even at dawn, when options are few”, explains the owner of the restaurant, the administrator Cleineomar Lopes.

With two units in Goiânia, in the Setores Urias Magalhães and Pedro Ludovico, Simbora combines the flavor of Goiás with the convenience and speed of ordering, two key points for those who want to eat in the evening. “We have studied our menu well to understand what our audience wants. Creating a place that serves food around the clock is a big challenge, ”says Cleineomar.

stronghold of pitdogs
It is difficult to talk about nocturnal delights without mentioning one of Goiano’s favorites: the pitdog. In Rua 10, between Centro and Setor Sul, the sandwiches scattered along the avenue that connects the Civic square and the University are one of the classics of the evening, such as Smiley and Xodog Burger. Usually open until 6am on weekends, pitdogs are fast paced and satisfy your nightly hunger with classic X-bacon, X-tudo and X-xalada. you can’t go wrong.

where to eat at dawn

Discover five places to satisfy your nighttime cravings

Salim Mustafa
Shopping Center-Sul, Rua 106, 155, Setor Sul
Open every day from 6pm to 6am
Information: 30864661

Simbora restaurant
Unit 1: Av. Rio Branco, 62, Urias Magalhães Sector
Unit 2: Av. Circolare, 710, Pedro Ludovico Sector
Open every day with 24-hour service
Info: @ simbora24h

The Bobera
Rua C-121, 418, Jardim America
Open every day with 24/7 service (delivery and collection)
Information: 994618802

Vitrola restaurant 24h
22nd Street, 792, West Sector
Open every day with 24-hour service
Information: 36245612

Xodog Hamburger
10th Street, between the central and south sector
Open from 6pm to 6am
Information: 32294548

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