Weekend with CiocoPaese, truffle fair, chestnut festival, Fellini, Oh what a beautiful castle, markets and exhibitions

Weekends are full of events not to be missed. It starts (or rather continues) with the National Fair of Expensive White Truffle in Sant’Agata Feltria, the Chestnut Festival in Montefiore Conca, and for dessert, CiocoPaese in Riccione. Rimini “dresses up” to celebrate the patron saint of San Gaudenzo and further enrich the city’s festive offer, the Feast of Borgo di Sant’Andrea. There is no shortage of exhibitions, guided tours and many other activities. There is only confusion of choice. It remains only to choose where to go and enjoy the moment.


On the occasion of the celebration of the day of the patron saint of the city Rimini On Sunday, October 9th, in the splendid surroundings of the Temple of Malatesta, the usual concert will take place in honor of the feast of San Gaudenzo. “G. Lettimi” in Rimini, choir of the Malatestiana Musical Chapel in Rimini, soloists Massimo Paris (viola), Isabella Orazietti (soprano), Sara Rocchi (viola), Marco Mutaro (tenor), Li Shuxing (bass) and Silvio Castiglioni (sound) in a production Maestro Filippo Maria Caramazza.

Appointments continue with the 73rd Malatesta Music Festival, which on Saturday, October 15 will conquer the Galli Theater with the chamber music of the pianist Mariangela Vacatello. Whose conspicuous sensibility, along with the sonatas of the Russian composer Scriabin and selected Ballads and Chopin’s Nights, also suggests Robert Schumann’s celebrated Kreisleriana cycle to seal a recital full of romantic proposals. On Sunday, October 16, it will be Alberto Batisti’s turn for a meeting on the topic: I “The Path of Joy. Schiller, Beethoven and the Ninth Symphony”.

A calendar full of initiatives, including those for the reopened spaces of the former Astoria cinema as part of the Return to Astoria project; from comic school to jazz shows, from acting and dubbing internships, to restoration and painting courses, exhibitions, book launches, meetings with authors and cultural groups. Space on Saturday 15 October at the “Jazz Club I’d Like” concert on the occasion of the national day of Italian jazz clubs.

We eat and drink

go to Sant’Agata Feltria Ibanco National Valuable Truffle Fair. On this occasion, the village is transformed into a place where you can immerse yourself in a suggestive and fragrant atmosphere, stroll through the streets and squares to admire the many typical products. Every Sunday you will be able to see how the precious tuber is transformed in the kitchen to create dishes of high gastronomic value that release intoxicating aromas. A visit to the city is also an opportunity to admire ancient monuments of high architectural value.

Then moving inland, Montefiore Conca chestnut will continue to be the protagonist of the city and gourmets of all those who want to give in and enjoy a weekend full of flavor and typical autumn products. Already the 58th Chestnut Festival is an event not to be missed for all lovers of autumn scents, who will find in the village of Malatesta a rich agri-food market and food stalls. For those with a sweet tooth, there will be roasted chestnuts prepared in a variety of ways and accompanied by excellent wine. As with any self-respecting party, there will be dancing and music.

Let the chestnuts “dive” into the chocolate with CiocoPaese. On weekends, the historic center Riccione The country will be colored and perfumed by the proposals of chocolatiers from different regions of Italy. According to tradition, the streets of the village are occupied by “chocolate” stands, themed events, culinary master classes, demonstrations of chocolate-based cooking, shows, entertainment and musical accompaniment of chocolate in the most unthinkable options, from traditional combinations to unusual ones offered by chocolatiers, as well as finding fragrant cosmetic products based on chocolate.

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Meetings and events

On the occasion of the Feast of San Gaudenzo, the usual tomb of San Gaudenzo is returned, which receives citizenship in Piazza Cavour in Rimini, for a moment of celebration and charity. The celebrations continue with the Feast of Borgo Sant’Andrea, centered on themes such as “Art, stories and good tastes”. A large space for gastronomy and taste with stalls and food stalls in areas dedicated to good tastes and specialties. be it a traditional market, shows, entertainment for the little ones and many initiatives dedicated to culture, society and the environment.

AT Valmarecchia, final review appointments The more I live history, the more I love Verucchio, the opportunity to meet, during which and through which you can enter and immerse yourself in the eras of the past among offers, exhibitions, archaeological conferences, excursions, lively readings, tea meetings and novelties of art trips. And the last will characterize the weekend of the ancient medieval village, until the “landing” on Sunday, October 16, at the trial of Federico da Montefeltro, who will be put on trial in the fortress of Malatesta.

Meetings of the Mizan Philosophical Review, dedicated to the word, also continue. freedom. Eight appointments through which one can explore and clarify from a philosophical point of view a delicate, controversial topic, full of pitfalls and contradictions.

Let’s go to the golden hills Coriano, on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October, on the occasion of the Fall Days of Fai 2022, the community of San Patrignano will open the doors of its weaving, leather and wallpaper workshops to the public. Places where girls and boys find themselves, but also where ancient knowledge comes to life. “This will be an opportunity for participants to see how beauty and attention to detail can help girls and boys rediscover the joy of life and become a daily push towards greater and greater self-improvement.“.

Excursions and excursions

To discover the beauties of the historic center Rimini it is possible to choose between different offers of excursions and excursions that will take us along unusual paths through lesser known areas. From Sismondo Castle to the Fellini Museum, Casa del Chirurgo, Galli Theatre, Parta (Palazzi del Arte Rimini) and evening tours of the city. As the autumn season approaches, city tours are also resuming to ensure that autumn is rich in art and culture.

This is followed by meetings with free guided tours by librarians to the historical rooms of the Gambalunga Library and a round table at the State Archives of Rimini on the topic “Conservation of the Territory: the case of the Marecchia River”. Autumn and the city center are colored “green” with walks to discover the city gardens within the exhibition “Vivi il verde”, among the sculptures of Parta and the Bosco dei Names of the Fellini Museum.

Moving then inland, the Union of Municipalities Valmarecchia in order to expand and acquaint citizens and tourists with the geosites of Valmarecchia, from Saturday, September 24, it offers a rich calendar of free excursions, on foot or by bike.


Engines restart at the Misano World Circuit for a weekend dedicated to motorcycling and its history. The Misano Civ Classic Weekend will let you enjoy the trail vibes of yesteryear, all in an area that today has been consolidated into an area known as Riders’ Land, the sporting soul of Motor Valley.


The Palazzo del Fulgor hosts the Fellini Forbidden exhibition dedicated to the graphic works created by the Rimini director in preparation for the film Casanova (1976). Always in the footsteps of the Maestro, the Fellini Museum continues the photo exhibition of Patricia Mannahuolo “Federico Fellini behind the scenes”.

The city is also celebrating the Kicking Shot photography exhibition curated by Pietroneno Capitani, which will feature 280 vintage photographs, including notes and images of the migration from the hinterland of Ascoli to Romagna and Tuscany.

At the Palazzo del Fulgor, the exhibition dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini and commemorating the centenary of his birth will end on Sunday 16 October. Within the walls of the eighteenth-century palace, you can also admire the photographic exhibition of Roberto Villa on the set of the film “The Flower of a Thousand and One Nights”, made by Pasolini in 1973 as the last chapter of the Trilogy of Life. The city space will also be on Saturday 8 October at the Golpe exhibition. I know the curator Massimo Mattioli dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini and opened on the occasion of the 18th day of modernity. Thus, in the year of the centenary of the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini, four artists pay tribute to the great intellectual.

In Cattolica, the Municipal Library offers its premises for the traveling exhibition “Life Against the Mafia” to tell about those who fought hard against the mafia among magistrates, policemen, journalists, civil entrepreneurs.

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