Weekend things to do in Cesena and surroundings

It starts with art and ends with sports and festivals this weekend in May, which offer many opportunities in the area: beach tennis is the protagonist in Cesenatico with the absolute championship of Italy, the Arrivano da mare festival opens, the farms open their doors wide again with events. for everyone, as always, there is no shortage of encounters with theater, music and exhibitions, as well as stories about Dario Fo. Here are all the events from Friday to Sunday.

Night of Museums

Culture time at sunset. Museum Night returns to various locations on Saturday: in Cesena urban art, monumental and cultural heritage will be absolute protagonists on the second Saturday of May, thanks to the extraordinary and evening openings of the Ecological Museum, the Malatesta Fortress and the municipal art galleries Ridotto and Pescheria. Also there Tito Balestra Foundation joins the event dedicated to Longiano and Romagna: on Saturday, in addition to visiting the collection, he organizes a meeting dedicated to the Longiano poet Sante Pedrelli. Also in Sarsin, the National Archaeological Museum will be open all day until evening, with a free guided tour led by museum staff.

They come from the sea and open farms

Weekend Arrivano dal Mare festival preview! with the opening of two exhibitions in Cesena. Meeting on Friday at the Ceccarelli Library in Gatteo with “Puppets and puppets tell … 40 years of the Teatro del Drago”, which reproduces the performances of the last thirty years of the work of the historical troupe and family of artists from Ravenna, and on Saturday the new exhibition space Stazione degli Artisti in Gambettole will present “Six Photographers in the History of Otello Sarzi”. Landscape and territory. This is the theme for the 2022 release. open farms which on Sunday invites families, adults and children to spend a day outdoors to discover the countryside, learn about crafts in the fields, taste traditional products and recipes: on Sunday, activities can be held at the Ca ‘Poggio farm in Sogliano and Il Pallao near Sarsins.

On theater stages and in music

Train, journey, complete strangers and their stories: “Binary” is a long form of theatrical improvisation staged by Theatro on Friday at Ex Bottega in Cesena: a pioneering event in the classical and improvisational theatrical panorama that offers the viewer the opportunity to witness on the stage the creative and dramatic act in result. The Dialect company J’Armigì de Burèl, after a forced break, proposes a fun Friday evening at the parish theater of Borello with “Stmonga”, dialect comedy in 2 acts by Lorena Balducci. Again on Friday at the Church of San Domenico in Cesena OYO – Our youth orchestra will play Peace concert “Speak in plain language”: young musicians from Cesena, performing works by George Crumb, Arvo Pärt, Massimiliano Messiri and other contemporary composers, want to contribute to the cause of peace by raising funds for emergency assistance in Ukraine. Genesi Musical Aps from Cesena is ready to return to the stage with a show “Are you going to the ball? inclusive musical”: Appointment for Saturday and Sunday at the Bogart Theater in Cesena. On stage, 27 young actors tell the story of a young teenager’s courageous struggle to find a voice and open their eyes to a society that is too closed in a world of anachronistic rules. La Befana arrives late due to Covid but on Saturday Vidia is getting ready to close the winter season with a live evening. “Late Rock Befana” and four bands that will rotate on stage: Outer, Gatecloser, Variance and Moondome.

Plum and Pea Festival and Sant’Eurosia

Encounter with the scents of the undergrowth Sunday in Bagno di Romagna with Sagra del Prugnolo: Considered the main spring mushroom, delicious and tasty, the blackthorn grows especially in the Apennines, from April to May, and thanks to its unmistakable aroma is an ingredient highly appreciated by chefs and gourmets from all over Italy. There Pea Festival for more than 50 years it has been held in Roncofreddo and is the oldest event associated with the sweet green fruit, the pea. Saturday and Sunday a big party in the village with first fruits from the gardens, street food, games of the past, music, photography, walks, workshops, exhibitions. Saturday and Sunday arrive Savignano sul Rubicone la Feast of Holy Eurasia: motorcycle rally, music, gastronomy and workshops will enliven the territory of the Castelvecchio sports ground.

Tales of Dario Fo and Bonci Theater

The editorial work, promoted and hosted by the journalist and writer Fabio Grassi, will be presented on Saturday at the Palazzo del Turismo in Cesenatico as a national preview: “Dario Fo – master of the brush – how the Nobel laureate painted his theater” this is the name of a book containing stories, anecdotes and memories related to the presence of Dario Fo and Franca Rame in Cesenatico between the 60s and 2016. the Alessandro Bonci theater in Cesena returns to open to the general public with “Discover Cesena”: on Saturday an unusual visit to the premises opened on August 15, 1846 and named after the great tenor of Cesena, Alessandro Bonci.

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Beach tennis and cafe racer

Until Sunday I Italian FIT Absolute Championship bring to Cesenatico more than 500 athletes who will compete for the title of Italian champion on 25 playgrounds on the beach in Piazza Andrea Costa. On the same weekend, 25 additional tournaments will bring together all categories from youth to amateurs to complete the sports scenario. New appointment at the Cafè degli Artisti in Cesenatico with the ninth edition Coffee Racer Day, an event dedicated to motorcycle and motor racing enthusiasts of the 60s and 70s. Saturday and Sunday between music, food and motorcycles.

Opening the territory between memory and music

Saturday in Trappise, meeting with “Escape routes. Moving as a musical epiphany». After the 6 km hike to the “Vie di Escape” refuge, you will hear a series of fascinating stories that reconcile nomadic inspiration with musical exploration. On Saturday we also go to the discovery of the Longiano hills with a walk. “Turks by the Sea”. It starts from Frantoio Turchi to walk along the old roadways through the rolling hills around Longiano, the first flowers will accompany you on this walk that has the scent of spring. Walk of memoryto commemorate those who died during World War II at the places where they died. The first meeting on Sunday in Riacci on the trail of Tino Corzani, commander and partisan of the 8th Garibaldi Brigade, who was killed by the Nazis in Riacci on May 15, 1944 at the age of 27.

On the show

The Mediterranean Sea, the cradle of civilization and an exceptional ecological heritage, is today one of the most polluted seas in the world due to plastic. Plastic makes up 95% of the waste on the high seas, on the seabed and on the beaches of the Mediterranean and comes mainly from Turkey and Spain, followed by Italy, Egypt and France. A photographic exhibition sheds light on the drama of the Mediterranean. “Bones of cuttlefish” Luigi Tazzari, which will be open at the Ridotto Gallery from Saturday. Exhibition “Invisible children. Blockade of childhood”instead, it is installed in the Sozzi room of the Palazzo del Ridotto and collects some of the images selected by the management of the magazine Infanzia among the many pictures sent in by families to give voice and image to this marginality of the infantile state. which, in moments of extreme pandemic, made boys and girls socially “invisible”. It perfectly frames the true soul of the Ridotto of the Alessandro Bonci City Theatre. exhibition “Urban planning (not only papers) Offices Ridotto Teatro Bonci 1998 – 2018” The curator, Vincenzo Stivala from Cesena, an architect from Salento and a former municipal employee, is located in the foyer of the theatre: some twenty years ago, the Ridotto del Teatro housed the offices of the urban planning sector. From Sunday, the evocative Santa Cristina Church in Cesena, by architect Giuseppe Valadier, hosts an exhibition by Japanese artist Maeda Kamari, “Sonic Projectiles”dedicated to a group of striking recent unpublished works made on paper especially for the occasion. The Malatesta Library pays tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini, the great director, writer and intellectual. you can visit there exhibition Pier Paolo Pasolini. Cinema between reality, myth and poetry” created by the Cinema Center – City of Cesena in the new Mediatheque until May 31 next year. A photographic journey that takes into account his path as a director, from the origins of Accatone (1961) to the last Salo or 120 Days of Sodom, released posthumously after his tragic death in Ostia on November 2, 1975. From cinema with natural elements: at the Maritime Museum of Cesenatico from Saturday you can visit exhibition “Riviera of Enchantment. Water and land in the views of Vittorio Guaccimanni, Gaspare Gambi, Romolo Liverani”edited by Ilaria Chia. The exhibition brings together 33 carefully selected graphic works from public and private collections dedicated to the theme of the sea and its inhabitants, the magic of water between coast and land. Moving to Longiano, the church of the Madonna di Loreto, adjacent to the castle of Malatesta, houses, exhibition dedicated to Renato Bruscaglia, one of the protagonists of the international graphics of the second half of the twentieth century and one of the most prominent and prestigious Italian engravers. An acclaimed interpreter of the landscape, his work departs from the naturalistic and figurative school of tradition, favoring the chalkographic technique and etching in particular, in order to achieve a personal and innovative stylistic autonomy. it’s open there Exhibition “Figure II”, dedicated to the latest works of Antonio Bertoni., curated by Gian Ruggiero Manzoni, at the contemporary art gallery “Il Vicolo”. Among the many options that modern art offers, Bertoni chose the figurative in order to remain tied to the original humanistic vocation of art. His “figures”, faces or more complex body compositions are meant to confirm the insignificance of the subject and the anti-heroic attitude that characterized the art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Leonardo da Vinci Gallery in Cesenatico houses Appartenenze, the first exhibition organized by the Porto collective.. The event, born of the concept of topophilia, aims to tell about the relationship of deep affection between a person and a place: the story of the creative and emotional impact that the typical cyclicity of Cesenatico had, the place where artists were born and raised. Above them. As part of the Bible Festival initiative, it can be visited in the small room of the Palazzo Gini in Cesena, La traveling exhibition “Bible Expo”. A small traveling museum that allows you to take a journey into the Christian Jewish faith and culture through the objects that represent it. “Salis Venezia” door Mauro Pipani will be given a special preview in the evocative spaces of the Monty Banks Villa in Cesena: Pipani, an artist united by the mature and intense work of thirty years of creative activity, has devoted the last few years to the Salis Venezia project, a corpus of works that have their common thread “Salt” in many of her aspects and with a close relationship with places.

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