Weekend things to do in Cesena and surroundings

This weekend, as summer temperatures are announced, there is also a tribute paid to one of the most revolutionary and influential coaches in football history, Arrigo Sacchi, and a series of unmissable events take place on the stages, including “Miss Lala al Circo Fernando” by choreographer Chiara Frigo and excursions around the area. But not only. Here are the events from Friday to Sunday in Cesenate.

Big party in Cesenatico with Nove Colli

Sunday scheduled for queen of Granfondo, Nove Colli, represented by 46 countries. The village of Nove Colli, located this year in the center of Piazza Costa, will be animated with parties and events every day until Saturday. It will be located in the heart of Cesenatico and in the heart of the Chicloevento Fair. Do not miss Mini Nove Colli, a free and traditional meeting that will start in the Agip colony.

In music

Between two dates in Emilia-Romagna this weekend, for Rumba de Bodas, there is also a Friday in Cesena, at the Parallel Warehouse: the band will also present on stage the latest singles, the famous piece Casadei Ciao mare remastered in the key of Rumba de Bodas, a tribute to Casadei and Romagna and Krabu with African sounds. Another Friday night of music in the center of Cesena: at Welldone CILS Social Food, organic atmospherea trio composed by Alex Skala on saxophone, Mecco Guidi on keyboard organ and Marco Frattini on drums, will offer a repertoire of original songs whose sounds combine the vintage sound of old movie soundtracks with a more current and modern look. Rapper Class ’97 High Flight, the stage name of Federico Messina, recently released his album Ipse Dixit, a work full of rhythm and exploration that reveals an interesting approach to rap: it combines Italian with ancient Latin in an innovative structure. The Day 0 tour announcement lists a date at the Merry Theater in Cesena on Saturday.

On theater stages

The presentation of the biography of the coach who changed the history of football takes place at the Teatro Comunale in Cesenatico. On Friday, a tribute to Arrigo Sacchi along with author Sergio Barducci, journalist Alessandro Alciato and other protagonists of the world of football. Has a name “Arrigo Sacchi – Beyond the Dream” book by Sergio Barducci, which tells the intimate biography of one of the most revolutionary and influential coaches in the history of football, the result of long and interesting conversations in his house in Fusignano, and which traces a face that has remained unknown until now. We move on to images, to the body, to dance: the choreographies of contemporary artists return to sprout at the Teatro Petrella in Longiano. On Friday, an open rehearsal of the performance will take place after the end of the creative residence, which began on May 8. Miss Lala in Circo Fernando by choreographer Chiara Frigonominated by Dance Europe magazine as one of the most promising talents on the European stage, and by playwright Riccardo de Torrebruna. The Dialect company J’Armigì de Burèl, after a forced break, proposes a fun Friday evening at the parish theater of Borello with “Stmonga”dialect comedy in 2 acts by Lorena Balducci. Always looking for small villages to bring his show and his stories to on Saturday. Elsewhere, he will land in Falconar., a small village of several houses in the hamlet of Monte Iottone, municipality of Mercato Saraceno. The stories of this place are closely connected with the events of mines and miners, many of whom lived in these villages, from which they reached Boratella on foot.

“Walking” around the area

Landscape and territory. This is the theme for the 2022 release. open farms which on Sunday invites families, adults and children to spend a day outdoors to discover the countryside, learn about crafts in the fields, taste traditional products and recipes: on Sunday, activities can be held at the Ca’ Poggio farm in Sogliano. The association Free Forlì Cesena organizes the second pedaling confiscated goods for Saturday: this is not just a short walk, but an opportunity to develop a material awareness of what it all means. Then there will be a walk from San Piero in Bagno to Corzano along old paths immersed in nature between farmhouses, villages and hidden waterfalls, with several stops to stop and read stories and thematic passages: this is the program nature walk from San Piero in Bagno to Corzano scheduled for Saturday, the main character of which will also be the Diffuse Library project. Another trip, this time to discover “Casa Pascoli, the sea and the countryside of Cesena”, again on Saturday, leaving from Cesena: you will reach Cesenatico by cycle paths and secondary roads, then arrive at the Rubicone Estuary and San Mauro to visit the Pascoli House Museum. On the same day, we also leave the Villarco Sports Center for out-of-competition walk organized by the Oltre Savio district of Cesena and the sports association Torre Savio in collaboration with Women in Run. The group will pass along two types of routes, 5 and 8 kilometers long, which will pass along the Savio River. Upon their return, participants will be able to attend the Walt’s Library pageant offered by the Liberation Association as part of Con.Te.Sto.

360 art and cinema

On Friday, in the Sozzi hall of the Palazzo del Ridotto in Cesena, a conference will be held by the artist and art historian Massimo Pulini on this topic. “Seventeenth century at the Municipal Art Gallery of Cesena”: the meeting is part of the events that will lead to the opening of the new Pinacoteca at Palazzo OIR Sabato, for the review evenings of authors organized by the Tito Balestra Foundation in Longiano, the Sala dell’Arengo hosts critic Renato Barilli, for a tour of international art from 1968 to the present day. Barilli rarely gives himself away to the public: on this occasion, starting with his publications, he will make a deep analysis of the evolution of art. Focus on the Mediterranean Sea, cradle of civilization and outstanding ecological heritage that is today one of the most polluted seas in the world due to plastic: a photo exhibition highlights the drama of the Mediterranean “Bones of cuttlefish” Luigi Tazzari opened at the Galleria del Ridotto. Exhibition “Invisible children. Blockade of childhood”, is instead installed in the Sozzi room of the Palazzo del Ridotto and collects some of the images chosen by the management of the magazine Infanzia among the many pictures sent in by families to give voice and image to this marginality of the infantile state. which, in moments of extreme pandemic, made boys and girls socially “invisible”. The summer that is no more is told in the photo exhibition Galleria Pescheria di Cesena. “Marebello” by Simone Caniati. The exhibition tells about the atmosphere of a bygone summer, a summer absorbed by time and preserved for years. “MareBello” is also the summer of childhood, the brightest colors, sunny days and skinned knees, solid dreams and shabby memories. It perfectly frames the true soul of the Ridotto of the Alessandro Bonci Municipal Theatre. exhibition “Urban planning (not only papers) Offices Ridotto Teatro Bonci 1998 – 2018” The curator, Vincenzo Stivala from Cesena, a Salento-born architect and former municipal official, has taken up residence in the foyer of the theatre: in fact, the offices of the urban planning sector were located in the Ridotto del Teatro some twenty years ago. In the evocative Church of Santa Cristina in Cesena by architect Giuseppe Valadier, you can visit an exhibition by Japanese artist Maeda Kamari, “Sonic Projectiles”dedicated to a group of striking recent unpublished works made on paper especially for the occasion. The Malatesta Library pays tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini, the great director, writer and intellectual. You can still visit exhibition Pier Paolo Pasolini. Cinema between reality, myth and poetry” created by the Cinema Center – the city of Cesena in the new Mediatheque: a photographic journey that takes into account his path as a director, from the origins of Accatone (1961) to the last Salo or 120 days of Sodoma, released posthumously, after his tragic death in Ostia on November 2, 1975. From cinema to natural elements: at the Cesenatico Maritime Museum you can visit exhibition “Riviera of Enchantment. Water and land in the views of Vittorio Guaccimanni, Gaspare Gambi, Romolo Liverani”, curated by Ilaria Chia. The exhibition brings together 33 carefully selected graphic works from public and private collections dedicated to the theme of the sea and its inhabitants, the magic of water between the coast and the hinterland. Moving to Longiano, the church of the Madonna di Loreto, adjacent to the castle of Malatesta, houses, exhibition dedicated to Renato Bruscaglia, one of the protagonists of the international graphics of the second half of the twentieth century and one of the most prominent and prestigious Italian engravers. An acclaimed interpreter of the landscape, his work departs from the naturalistic and figurative school of tradition, favoring the chalkographic technique and etching in particular, in order to achieve a personal and innovative stylistic autonomy. it’s open there Exhibition “Figure II”, dedicated to the latest works of Antonio Bertoni.curated by Gian Ruggiero Manzoni, at the Il Vicolo contemporary art gallery in Cesena. Among the many options offered by contemporary art, Bertoni chose the figurative in order to remain tied to the original humanistic vocation of art: his “figures”, faces or more complex body compositions are intended to confirm the insignificance of the subject and the anti-heroic attitude that characterized the art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. . The Leonardo da Vinci Gallery in Cesenatico houses Appartenenze, the first exhibition organized by the Porto collective.. The event, born of the concept of topophilia, aims to tell about the relationship of deep attachment between a person and a place: the story of the creative and emotional impact that the typical cyclicity of Cesenatico had, the place where artists were born and grew up. Above them. “Salis Venezia” door Mauro Pipani will be given a special preview in the evocative spaces of the Monty Banks Villa in Cesena: Pipani, an artist united by the mature and intense work of thirty years of creative activity, has dedicated the last few years to the Salis Venezia project, a corpus of works that have their common thread “Salt” in many of her aspects and with a close relationship with places. Friday, Sixth Appointment Together Against Violence: Documentary Screening Scheduled Let’s kiss. It’s a kiss. Franco Grillini, the story of the gentle revolution in Roncofreddo in the Palazzo della Rocca. At the end of the screening there will be a meeting with the institutions and associations involved and with the participation of the director Filippo Vendemiati and Franco Grillini.

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