Van Gogh’s Starry Night masterpiece is made of bricks!

LEGO has unveiled a new set in honor of Vincent van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting. LEGO Ideas #21333 Vincent van Gogh – Starry nightcreated in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMa) and based on a proposal shared by Truman Cheng on the LEGO Ideas platform.

The new set, which will be available for purchase starting June 1st, is based on the winning design from the second session of the competition. consideration 2020 of the LEGO Ideas platform, along with the one that spawned the set LEGO Ideas #21331 Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hills Zone (“Click here for a description of the set), the latter, however, has already been available since the beginning of this year (he was waiting for a decision from consideration previous.

Van Gogh masterpiece Van Gogh masterpiece

Featuring a thought-provoking video posted on the official LEGO Twitter account, the set reproduces the magic of the colors chosen by Van Gogh for his Starry Night.


The set consists of 2316 bricks and includes a reproduction of twinkling stars, a hypnotic moon, and the sleeping village of Provence, which come alive effectively reproducing all the swirling strokes of the artist. The set is ideal for display on a piece of furniture or, thanks to the special accessories included, to hang on the wall like a real painting.

Van Gogh masterpiece Van Gogh masterpiece

Looking at the set from the front, it looks like there is a two-dimensional flat work in front of it. In fact, as you can see in the images below, the work is done in 3D on several levels.

Van Gogh masterpiece Van Gogh masterpiece

In honor of the famous artist, the set also includes a Van Gogh minifigure with brush, palette, easel and a small painting printed on a custom LEGO piece. Also in the lower right corner you can add one stand buildable and rotatable to attach the minifigure itself and make the miniature artist reproduce the work large.

Van Gogh masterpiece Van Gogh masterpiece

Truman Cheng, PhD student in medical robotics (he is working on the development of robotic endoscopes), in addition to being an artist himself (draws and paints), he is also a brick enthusiast, and it was only when he played with LEGO bricks that he realized that by putting them together together at random intervals, it was possible to achieve the same effect as Van Gogh’s iconic brushstrokes, and hence the birth of his idea! Its Truman he declared:

“Finding tricks and techniques to capture the look and feel of the original painting has been a great opportunity to stimulate creativity,” Cheng said of his project. The brushstroke goes in many directions in both the moon and swirling clouds, so it was necessary to use different types of LEGO bricks and inserts such as staples and clips.”

Speaking of the decision to turn the painting into real brickwork, Federico BegerHead of Global Marketing, said:

What makes Starry Night so compelling is the expressive brushwork and vibrant colors throughout the painting that tell the story of humanity’s eternal dream. Truman’s design was a masterpiece in itself, able to show how many different LEGO elements and techniques can be used to depict Van Gogh’s iconic painting. At The LEGO Group, we want to inspire creativity in the world, which is why we’re incredibly proud to bring this set to life in collaboration with an iconic institution like MoMA, allowing fans to become brick artists by creating and displaying their own masterpieces. .”.

Also Sara Suzukithe deputy director of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), which has not only been the “home” of the original painting since 1935, but was also involved in the design of the scenery, commented:

At MoMA, we celebrate the opportunity to connect art with the public. We are thrilled to be part of a new way to bring Van Gogh’s famous painting to life and inspire the creative impulse of people of all ages.“.

Click here to access the set
LEGO Ideas #21333 Vincent van Gogh – Starry night


  • Age: 18+ (adults allowed)
  • Dimensions: Height: 38 cm high, 12 cm wide and 28 cm deep.
  • Pieces: 2316 pieces
  • Included:
    – 1 minifigure Vincent Van Goghcomplete with easel with painting, brush and palette
    – accessories and special elements for hanging the set on the wall
  • Price: € 169.99

original project

The design, by Truman Cheng (also known as legotruman), reimagines and reinvents the original painting, transforming it into a three-dimensional scene with an emphasis on reproducing the artist’s iconic brushstrokes and color choices.

Project winning the second session consideration 2020 LEGO Ideas platforms

Van Gogh masterpiece

it includes several techniques that reproduce Van Gogh’s magnificent strokes: a swirling cloud is reproduced using clip-on elements and their stirrup counterparts. Elements plate (pieces thin with a visible ledge) are stacked on top of each other to reproduce hills and bushes. Elements slope (curved parts) are superimposed on each other to reproduce the shape of a cypress. On the right, the rest of the elements plate they are stacked on top of each other and then tilted down to reproduce slanted brushstrokes inside a moonlit cloud. Also part of the project is a Vincent van Gogh minifigure that represents him as he works on a real painting thanks to the brushes, palette and easel it comes equipped with. On the easel, of course, is a large-scale reproduction with a minifigure by the Master.

Van Gogh masterpiece

Truman (his Instagram profile at this link) is a Hong Kong brick enthusiast studying medical robotics to develop magnetically operated surgical endoscopes. Obviously, another of his hobbies is drawing and painting, both “on paper” and with the help of digital tools. If you are interested in getting to know the author of the project from which the new recruitment comes, follow this link to read (in English) his interview, released on the occasion of his entry into Club 10K (the circle, now not so small, of project sponsors who got 10,000 votes in their allotted time and who therefore saw their respective projects enter the phase consideration)

Van Gogh masterpiece

real picture

Starlight Night (Starlight Night) is an 1889 painting by the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A true icon of Western painting, the painting depicts the night landscape of Saint-Remy-de-Provence just before sunrise.

After Van Gogh agreed to go to the mental hospital in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, he was seized by a real creative rage, and he created many paintings, including Starlight Night. Most experts agree that it was painted shortly before dawn on June 19, 1889, and dates from a handwritten letter from the same artist wishing to inform his brother that he had created “a landscape with olive trees and also a study of the starry sky.” sky”. The work is also one of the last paintings that the artist painted before he tragically ended his life. The work depicts a nocturnal rural landscape in which windows are lit by house lights, and a crescent moon illuminates the sky, in which disturbing whirlwinds stir. Under the star-studded sky with a crescent moon at the top right, Vincent van Gogh paints a rural landscape in which a small church with a high bell tower stands in the center and below, surrounded by a few simple village houses with illuminated windows. Starlight Night. Behind the village on the right is a dense forest, which, like a tidal wave, falls on the village. Finally, on the horizon, the hills and distant mountains seem like giant waves rushing towards the houses. What to say? This fully justifies the Stendhal syndrome!

Van Gogh masterpiece

(Photo courtesy

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