Up to 15% Off All Inclusive Resort Bookings in Brazil

Sauipe Premium Briza

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If you are in need of shade and fresh water and spend your holidays in comfort, without worrying about anything, enjoying the good and the best, we have good news! This weekend only Wanderlust Concierge offers up to 15% discount on booking all inclusive resorts for Brazil.

If all you want is pools, beach access, unlimited food and drink options, live entertainment and daily activities for the whole family, you don’t have to look far! Wanderlust Travel Concierge has everything you are looking for.

Resorts All Inclusive

But how does the all-inclusive mode work?

The all-inclusive or all-inclusive mode is in high demand because it provides convenience, comfort and practicality. In this case, all meals consumed in the resort’s restaurant or minibar are included in the rate in addition to entertainment.

But it is worth noting that the benefits and all-inclusive packages differ for each resort. Therefore, it is important to delve into the details of the services provided by each property.

Offers Wanderlust Concierge All Inclusive Resort

Vila Gale Alagoas Resort – All Inclusive

The resort, located on Praia do Carro Quebrado, a paradise in Alagoas, is scheduled to open in July 2022. The resort will be the first in the chain with a water park for children in addition to a kids club. Booking availability is now open and in high demand!

Sauipe Premium Briza All Inclusive

This hotel is part of the Sauípe Resorts hotel complex, located in Mata de São João in the interior of Bahia.

The hotel opened in 2019 and is the most upscale resort in the complex. Sauípe Premium Brisa has a large relaxation area, an infinity pool and a great structure for children and adults.

Resort Cana Brava

Located in Ilheus, this is one of the best resorts for those looking for value for money. Cana Brava All Inclusive Resort covers an area of ​​70,000 square meters by the sea on Canabrava Beach.

The resort has 6 types of apartments and offers accommodation in chalets. In its structure there are: two swimming pools, a cinema, a spa, a gym, a zipline, tree climbing, a water playground, a games room, and a kids club.

The 10 Best All Inclusive Resorts in Brazil

We separate for you to check Top 10 resorts on Brazilian soil with All Inclusive. It’s worth noting that the order is random and the placement was chosen by the Wanderlust team.

  • Costao do Santinho
  • Sauipe Premium Briza All Inclusive
  • Grand Palladium Imbassai Resort & Spa
  • Salinas Maragogi All Inclusive
  • Iberostar Selection Praia do Forte Bahia
  • Pratagi Beach Resort All Inclusive
  • Mavsa Resort
  • Resort Cana Brava
  • La Torre Resort
  • Grand Oka Maragogue All Inclusive Resort

Wanderlust Concierge is always ready to assist you with your booking at any all inclusive resort in Brazil or worldwide.

How to request a hotel reservation

Simply fill out this form to request a booking and a member of the Wanderlust Concierge will contact you to help you select a hotel to suit your needs and budget.

Up to 15% discount applies to orders made until May 22.

Please note that contact will be made from 23 May

Booking hotels with a Wanderlust concierge – the benefits

By making national or international bookings with Wanderlust Concierge, you:

  • You can pay for your booking in up to 12 interest-free installments.
  • For international hotels, no IOF fee will be charged.
  • Free cancellation rates will be available to you.
  • You will receive full support should your travel plans change.
  • You are entitled to early check-in and/or late check-out, subject to availability.
  • You will be upgraded to a higher room category, also subject to availability.
  • Depending on the rate you choose, you usually accumulate points in the hotel’s loyalty program.

Booking tickets with miles

The Wanderlust Concierge team is also ready to help you book tickets for the following loyalty programs:

  • LATAM Pass – Latin America (and partner companies)
  • Smiles – GOL (and partner companies)
  • TudoAzul – Azul (and partner companies)
  • TAP Miles&Go – TAP (and partner companies)
  • AAdvantage – American Airlines
  • Executive Club – British Airways
  • Iberia Plus – Iberia
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer – Qantas (First Class Streams on Emirates)

Challenges start at R$300 for the first passenger per segment (whether it’s round trip or round trip). Other passengers on the same locator have a cost of 200 reais per person.

To access the service you need:

  1. Send an email to Wanderlust Concierge at viagens@wanderlustconcierge.com.brincluding a mobile phone for communication.
  2. Let us know about your travel plans.
  3. Indicate the dates of your trip (the more options you give the team, the better).
  4. Specify which cabin to travel in (economy, business or first class).
  5. Select the programs where you have miles that you would like to redeem.

Once the above information has been analyzed, someone from the team will contact you as soon as possible.

Searching for free seats on flights is only allowed for customers using Wanderlust services.

If you need to buy a plane ticket, Wanderlust Concierge can also help you.

Please note that the 15% discount does not apply to mileage ticketing applications.

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