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When traveling with a pet, it's important to know if the places you want to visit and the accommodations are

When traveling with a pet, it’s important to know if the places you want to visit and the accommodations are “pet-friendly”, that is, if they allow pets. Photo: Adobe Stock

Pets companions who are increasingly actively involved in the lives of their caregivers, even through outward activities such as travel.

However, you need to be careful and attentive when taking your best friend with you on a long-awaited trip.

A production manager is anyone who already has some experience traveling with pets. Patricia Neveswho has three dogs: a long-haired dachshund, better known as “salchicha” – Bono6, e feminine5 – piebald Margo4.

She shows the daily routine of the threesome on the page Instagram ‘@livingwithbono’.

The profile goes by the name Bono because he was the first person to appear in Patricia’s life and is therefore most attached to the mentor.

“He accepted me as his owner. Wherever I go, he follows me. I have separation anxiety so when I go to work he comes with me to work. When I travel, I take him and put him in a hotel in the city.” where am I when he can’t be there with me. He doesn’t stay where I go, he goes,” says Patricia.

But not only Bono has the honor of traveling, Betina and Margot also accompany the family, whether on national or international trips.

“In 2018 we booked a trip to Europe and we wanted to pass Amsterdamon the Netherlands. We bought a ticket, but the airline couldn’t take two dogs, and we had Bono and Betina. Conclusion: We requested a ticket refund and had to change the entire itinerary of the trip so they could participate. Then we went to Italywe visited Assis, Paris…everything with you,” says the head of production.

For backpacking trips where the family spends most of the day visiting the sights, Patricia has a clue.

“Really cool advice is the stroller. A lot of people look around and say, “Wow, that’s cool,” but it’s not. The first trip we did with Bono, carrying him in a bag, was the weight relay, which he weighs. he gets tired. You always carry 4 kg on your shoulder, the time comes and it seems that you weigh 20 kg,” says the owner of the pet.

“For the second trip, we have already provided a trolley. These are small dogs, they can’t stand to walk with us all the time in tourist places,” he says.

Another piece of advice Patricia gives has to do with food and the needs of the animal.

“If you’re going to travel by plane, feed your pet 12 hours in advance, that’s what I do. Before checking in, take a walk around the airport so that the pet can go about his business, ”he advises.

businesswoman Bianca Castro is another tutor who shares the routine with his pet, a Border Collie dog. Igor5, on social networks via Instagram “”.

Igor appeared in Bianchi’s life almost by the will of fate, since the pet was intended for the businesswoman’s nephews.

“I bought it in 2017 on my way back from Bali [Indonésia]. My nephews have been asking me for a dog for over two years now. I had nothing to do at the huge bus stop where I stopped. Qatar and I decided to buy the pet they wanted so much,” says Bianca.

“I bought it and did not warn. I arrived in Brazil, and Igor arrived a day later. The day I called my sister to make an appointment, my Disney. Igor lived with me for 15 days, and I didn’t give him the dog anymore, ”says the businesswoman.

Bianca also says that the first international trip is on the way: “Let’s go to PortugalIn Brazil, a tutor has already taken the Border Collie to several destinations, and she attributes the pet’s training to the hospitality it receives in the places it arrives.

“When Igor came into my life, I had just lost my grandmother, and I was going through a depressive period. He ended up being trained to be an emotionally dependent dog. He speaks.

Dog and Cat Behavior Consultant and Blogger Animal behavior No And more, Louise Cervenka, listed five tips to help you make traveling with your pet safer. Check:

Necessary things in a suitcase

“The first task is to pack things for the pet. Everything we might need should be in the suitcase,” says the consultant, listing the main items:

– A pot of water and food – both for sightseeing and for staying in a hotel

– favorite toy

– Bed/blanket

– Clothing

– Collar and guide

– Trolley bag

– Vaccination card

– Medical certificate (when traveling to another country)

– first aid kit (medicines, ointments, etc.)

– Hygienic carpet

– What the hell?

– Special cleaner for pets

– Towel

– Wet wipes

– Brush

Travel itinerary

“The second point is to plan the trip before leaving the house. Know where you can and cannot bring your pets in and what activities you can include animals in, Louise says.


“The third point is the choice of place of residence. Hotels and inns are not always the best choice. Sometimes renting an apartment or even a house can make it easier for a pet to adapt to new conditions, ”says the consultant.

“Before booking, please read the rules of each place. Some, for example, do not allow pets to stay alone in the room. It goes back to scripting,” he warns.

Respect the restrictions of pets and be patient in adapting to a new place are some tips that dog and cat behavior consultant Luisa Cervenka gives when traveling with pets.

Respect the restrictions of pets and be patient in adapting to a new place are some tips that dog and cat behavior consultant Luisa Cervenka gives when traveling with pets. Photo: FreePik

Respect your pet’s limits

“Not because we like to walk, a pet can do the same. Breaks during the day to rest may be necessary. If he’s tired to the point where he doesn’t want to leave the house, respect that.” and don’t leave. If you go out, take it in a cart,” says the blogger.

Patience to adapt

“Not all pets easily adapt to new places and daily routines. Therefore, there may be urination where it should not be, nervous diarrhea, crying at night and this is normal. It’s natural for this to happen, especially in sailor pets. talk to your veterinarian before the trip about the possibility of using drugs and pheromones in these cases,” concludes Luiza Cervenka.

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