Theo teaches Greg and Mehdi a lesson, is Ambre about to discover the existence of the circle? (Summary before episode 511)

“Here it all begins” preview with the detailed and complete summary of episode 511 of 18 October 2022 + Video. In this new episode of ITC broadcast on Tuesday, the tension between Louis and Charlène rises. For his part, Theo teaches Greg and Mehdi a lesson.


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The summary of the previous episode of Everything Begins Here from October 17, 2022 is also online. Good reading.

“Everything Begins Here” Early Summary October 18, 2022

Ethan confides in Samia

David offers Ethan to make amends, but he’s still mad. Samia is curious and questions Ethan. While remaining silent, David tells the young woman what happened the day before and what he said about her. But Ethan loses his temper again when he hears David put Samia down. The young woman summons him to calm down and points out that he is not her boyfriend or her bodyguard.

The freshmen made a gastronomic version of their childhood dish at Olivia’s request. It’s time to taste. Samia prepared chicken basquaise, an iconic dish that she prepares every Sunday. She was already cooking for her whole family when she was 11/12 years old. Her parents ran a Moroccan restaurant and on Sundays she was the one who cooked, because they were tired from the week. Olivia really likes the sobriety of her plate and she congratulates her for this beautiful tribute. Ella then she tastes Ethan’s dish. She gets this Waterzoï chicken recipe from her governess. With her restaurant, her mother was never there. And this governess lived at home. Ethan feels that he owes this woman a lot, besides, he loved her very much. Olivia compliments him on his dish and his story. Samia becomes jealous and sarcastic. She imagines him going hunting with dogs with her father. Ethan confides in Samia that she doesn’t have a father. Her mother used an anonymous donor. And then he asks Samia about her relationship with her father. But the young she feels uncomfortable. She doesn’t want to talk about it.


Tension rises between Charlène and Louis

Louis asked some sophomores to reproduce a recipe from the temporary restaurant using fish. But his achievements fall short of what Louis expects. That is why they decide to take their students to the ephemeral restaurant this afternoon, not for lunch, but to see how this dish is cooked in a situation. The students then continue with their lessons and therefore will not be able to eat lunch. Louis tells them that there is a distributor set up next to the common room.

Charlène agrees to let Louis and his students stay to watch the brigade during the service. She decides to reproduce the bar’s recipe in front of them, but Louis’s “teacher” side takes over…Louis highlights Charlène’s mistakes. The students are uncomfortable. Tension rises between the bride and groom. Upset, Charlène calls Louis out of her kitchen.

At the end of the day, Charlène criticizes Louis for accepting her in front of her students and clients. She felt humiliated. And she ends up wondering if Louis embarrassed her in public, because she rejected her advances the day before. Louis assures the young woman that he would never humiliate her for her intimacy, even if it’s complicated between them right now. Louis points out to Charlene that they haven’t shared any intimate moments in a long time. The young woman is hurtful and she leaves the house slamming the door. Claire pushes her son to trust. She thinks they should learn to communicate in a way other than blaming each other. But Louis stands up.


Amber about to discover the existence of the circle.

Vic faces a dilemma. She thinks of Theo every night, but in her eyes, being in love means being less solid and more vulnerable. Billie advises her to let him go, but Vic isn’t sure she wants to take the risk.

Mehdi and Greg have received praise for their first serve and fatigue is starting to get the best of them. Between the lessons and the double A, there is tension. But Greg believes the Institute won’t be able to do without them if it goes on like this, and he envisions taking the Double-A lead with Mehdi for a season. Mehdi reckons that leading a brigade isn’t that bad. And they emphasize that it would be good if Theo left the Institute and saw something else. But Théo and Vic have just received the gardener’s merchandise and have overheard their conversation.

During the service, Vic makes sure Theo doesn’t blame him for what happened yesterday, which he does. The young woman then laments that Greg and Mehdi can already imagine taking her place. But Theo doesn’t want to mess with them, because he knows full well that’s not the way he’s going to return as the leader of the double-A. That’s when Greg realizes the abalone are missing from the cold room. He is a bit distressed. Vic, for his part, wears a satisfied smile. Théo suggests to Greg and Mehdi that they replace the abalone with oysters. Mehdi agrees that he goes well with scallops. Theo emphasizes that no one will mind changing the dish of the day. He takes matters into his own hands, much to Vic’s annoyance, who doesn’t understand why he is helping Greg and Mehdi. Customers are satisfied and delighted with the new version of the dish of the day. Greg is relieved. Hortense accuses her sister of having stolen her abalones so that Theo would get into debt with her, Vic denies it, but without success. After the service, Hortense tells Greg and Mehdi about her suspicions. She thinks her sister wanted to kick them out so Theo could get his job back. Vic assures them otherwise. The young woman admits that she wants Théo to be the boss of double A again and she swears to Greg and Mehdi that he hasn’t touched the abalone.

Theo summoned Vic, Enzo, and Billie to the secret room for a cooking class that couldn’t wait… made with abalone… He’s the one who stole them… Theo didn’t want Greg to sabotage such beautiful products. with his recipe. And so he took the opportunity to show his incompetence and teach them a lesson.

Théo then gives a cooking demonstration that is spectacular to say the least. Cooking without heat thanks to a chemical reaction. A technique Theo discovered in the circle books.

Billie, Theo, Vic and Enzo leave the administration office. Enzo is discussing the recipe with the abalone when Amber sees and overhears their conversation and asks what they were doing in the office. They try to make him think that they had to see Myriel, but Amber just found him in the park. She then tries to find out what they were doing in the office.

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