the program of events and exhibitions is open for 1 euro

Museum Night returns to Rome: on Saturday, May 14, from 20:00 to 01:00, an extraordinary opening is scheduled for a symbolic cost of 1 euro.

The European Night of Museums returns on Saturday, May 14, 2022, when citizens and citizens, as well as tourists and tourists, should visit the archaeological sites at night, from dusk, around 20:00 to 01:00 and museums. from several European cities. Among them is also the city of Rome, where for city museums the ticket price is sold per person. symbolic price of only one euro, unless otherwise noted, such as in the case of the Planetarium, where, as indicated, regular ticket sales are provided. However, prices vary elsewhere, and some offer free entry.

According to the Special Directorate of Rome, which is in charge of this event, extraordinary openings were also organized and, in some cases it is necessary to book to access, as well as for the tour of the Testaccio market, as well as the Mithreum Barberini and the Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemma, which are already sold out. Let’s find out now the calendar of events and which museums are participating in the Night of Museums on Saturday 14 May.

Program of the Night of Museums 2022 in Rome

On this occasion, many events have been organized at the venues and in the museums of the capital. Places of culture in Rome, museums and much more on the evening of May 14 become real stages on which art, music and culture in a broader sense are played out. Singers, musicians, actors and artists perform in front of visitors. Not only that: they are also organized for the occasion exhibitions and readings. Let’s take a look at some tips together: those who want to see the full program can find it here.

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in Capitoline Museums (pictured above), for example, three different performances are planned, which will take place in different halls: in the exedra of Marcus Aurelius at 21:00, 22:00 and 23:00. Ballad of our wind with stories in music on the example of “song theater”; in the hall of Pietro da Cortona at 21:15, 22:00, 22:45, 23:30, 00:15, 01:00, show Always flowers never a florist! dedicated to Paolo Poli and finally at the Palazzo Nuovo – Salone at 21:30, 22:30, 23:30 In a symphony in which the wind quintet performs.

All’peace monumentinstead it is held at 21.00, 22.00, 23.00 Angelus novus: three Ukrainian women who fled the war visit Ara Pacis, while a female theater troupe rehearses a dance theater performance, a worker comments on Brecht’s ABC of War, and the poet Greta Bellamachina reads poems written for the world.

Casino delle Civette

Casino delle Civette

There are also many initiatives in Museums of Villa Torlonia: for example, at 20:15, 21:00, 21:45, 22:30, 23:15 and 00:00 there is a traveling show with live music in the Casina delle Civette. Mystery of owlsabout the secret life of Giovanni Torlonia.

The universities have many open spaces, notably Sapienza, Link Campus, Lumsa and ECampus. AT’Building letters CU003 of wisdome.g. from 8pm to midnight, with last entry at 23:30 from Reimagining Ben Rivers Cinema – Matthew Emmetton the facade of the Museum there is a series of projections and there is an exhibition about Pier Paolo Pasolini (whose 100th birthday is celebrated this year) on the scenery of the Medea.

Although it is not part of the museum system of Rome’s city museums, the entrance ticket costs one euro, also for MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Art on Via Guido Reni: here from 20:00 to 2:00, last entrance at 1:00, each visitor can view almost a dozen different exhibitions. In addition to Maxxi The Image Space Collection (Gallery 1), located Senzamargine – Passages in Italian Art at the Turn of the Millennium, Buone Nuove – Women in Architecture, Tokio Revisited – Daido Moriyama with Shomei Tomatsu, Cao Fei – Supernova Nature, Mario Botta – Sacred and profane, Scarpa / Olivetti – Pieces of a shared history and finally Ugo Ferranti Archive, Rome 1974–1985.

From the Facebook page "MAXXI - National Museum of 21st Century Art"

From the Facebook page “MAXXI – National Museum of Art of the 21st Century”

One euro also for visiting Exhibition Palace, in Via Nazionale, open from 20:00 to 2:00, last entry at 01:00. Here, in addition to the exhibition Video makes you happy, video art in Italyheld, as every year, Photo Exhibition WPP World Press Photo 2022 and at 20:30 and 22:30 Têtes de Bois will perform a concert We did 30. Têtes de Bois’ thirtieth birthday between rock, folk and poetry.

The list of museums is open from 20:00 to 1: the ticket price is 1 euro.

However, not only the museums of the municipality of Rome, but also others can join the Night of Museums spaces dedicated to culture, such as premises owned by universities; academies, embassies and places of culture and, finally, other exhibition areas and more. Libraries, barracks and even the Palazzo Madama are also participating in the initiative to take a tour of the halls of the Senate of the Republic.

Montemartini Power Plant

Montemartini Power Plant

All updates about places that open their doors and participate in the Night of Museums are reported on the website of the Museums in the commune, and state ones can be viewed on a special page of the Ministry of Culture: by scrolling next to the calendar icon, for example, each interested user can select the option Lazio region (or the one in which he is going to spend Saturday night dressed as a tourist) and check which places are following the initiative.

Civic museums of Rome participating in the initiative, which provide an entrance fee of 1 euro or free of charge with a Mic card (excluding the Planetarium):

  • Capitoline Museums,
  • Centrale Montemartini (pictured above),
  • Markets of Trajan – Museum of the Imperial Forums,
  • Ara Pacis Museum,
  • Museum of Rome,
  • Napoleon Museum,
  • Museum of Rome in Trastevere
  • Pietro Canonica Museum at Villa Borghese,
  • Museums of Villa Torlonia, Casino Nobile, Serra Moresca)
  • wall museum,
  • Museo Carlo Bilotti – Orangery of Villa Borghese,
  • Museum of Ancient Sculpture by Giovanni Barracco,
  • Civic Museum of Zoology,
  • Museum of the Roman Republic and the memory of Garibaldi,
  • Contemporary Art Gallery,
  • Museo Casal de Pazzi,
  • Planetario (which, however, is already sold out for all shows).

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