The last secrets of Nathalie Marquay about the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut!

Diagnosed with lung cancer last May, Jean-Pierre Pernaut passed away on Wednesday, March 2 at the age of 71.

Last December, his wife Nathalie Marquay confided in him in PAM columns about her husband’s battle with the disease, a battle she had also made her own. A extremely moving interview which we republish today in its entirety.

PAM: Listening to you, Nathalie, I realize the essential role you play with her. A helping role. We don’t talk enough about the weight that this implies as well.

NM-P. : (Silence). Sometimes I wish I could cry to get rid of all that stress, anger, and anxiety, but I just can’t. I think that my subconscious is still there. I think my subconscious is blocked. I’m currently taking acting lessons along with my play and we’re learning how to play all moods: I can laugh, but I can’t cry. And yet I would like to do it. I can laugh, but I can’t cry. And yet I would like to do it. i can laugh but i can’t cry. Evacuate and resume fighting.

PAM: Jean-Pierre Pernaut must feel helpless knowing that sometimes you are so worried.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut family

NM-P. : When he told me, it was a blow. And I didn’t lie to him. I was very worried. And yet I am a strong woman. But it took me longer to accept it. Now, I try to reassure him when he is distressed by the fever or his pains. Like I always have. You are worried that you are often tired, sometimes he has dark thoughts and that’s normal. But I’m sure, I press a button, I shake it and it powers it. You know, we’ve always been a very close couple, but this ordeal has brought us even closer. I know that is not always the case for some couples.

PAM: Are the next results expected in early January?

NM-P. : Yes, and she’s looking forward to going on vacation at Christmas, in the sun with our children, as we always have, and only afterward have she planned, with her doctor’s consent, to do a pet exam to check if the radiotherapy worked . I wanted to do this before we left for peace of mind.

Interview with Jean-Pierre Pernaut

However, if the treatment has not worked, we have other possibilities. It is better that you know it and go with peace of mind. But setting goals like a vacation is great! when i had leukemia, at night in my hospital bed, I was thinking about all the things I wanted to achieve in my life. It helped me keep going.

PAM: And what was your craziest dream?

NM-P. : Having children and finding my prince charming. Life has filled me beyond anything. On December 8, it will be 20 years since Jean-Pierre Pernaut and I have been together. My children often tell me that without me, Jean-Pierre would feel lost, but the opposite is true: without him, I too would be lost.

PAM: I don’t think you’re used to being asked this question these days, but how are you doing, Nathalie?

NATHALIE MARQUAY-PERNAUT: Oh, how nice of you to ask me that. I feel like I carry everything on my shoulders. I haven’t had time to think about myself for a few months. I forget myself. But of course I’m not complaining. Right now I feel like I have pain in my back, in my stomach.

But I’ll take care of myself when Jean-Pierre Pernaut is better. We are fighting the biggest fight of our lives, although we have already faced serious health problems. But lung cancer is different from his prostate cancer. We are not going to hide it. Now I console myself by telling myself that medicine has come a long way and that all the messages of affection from the people who have been there make me feel good.

PAM: What role do you play with him?

NM-P. : I’m like your doctor. He trusts me a lot. Last May, when he was diagnosed with lung cancer, he was followed by a doctor in a Paris hospital who told us that surgery was not an option. He immediately recommended radiation therapy. Jean-Pierre Pernaut had already made appointments for him, but a second medical opinion was essential for me.

I really wanted to try an operation to get a better idea of ​​this cancer, to find out if it was aggressive. At first, Jean-Pierre Pernaut was against this idea, but he stood up to him. We went to the Pompidou Hospital in Paris and after thorough examinations, Jean-Pierre underwent surgery. They removed a piece of lung with the tumor. A first victory.

PAM: And you managed to hide this operation and the illness from the press. Why did you insist on remaining silent, even if the answer seems obvious to me when I ask this question?

NM-P. : To tell you the truth, when they told us we had cancerJean-Pierre Pernaut and I were devastated. In shock. And he was afraid of being contaminated by the presence of the paparazzi. He was hospitalized for three weeks in July and wanted him to be calm. At times like these, you have to be calm. Jean-Pierre suffered for three weeks in his bed and even when he got home it was hell: the painkillers weren’t working, lost five or six kilos, even if he quickly got them back. And then the kids weren’t ready to put up with all this press. (silence).

I made up my mind not to hide anything from Tom and Lou.

PAM: How do you deal with this situation? Are you managing their anxieties?

NM.P. : At first, Jean-Pierre Pernaut had trouble telling them the truth, minimized what he had, he did not use the word lung cancer, while for the prostate, he was very quick to verbalize it. But I made up my mind not to hide anything from them, they trust me. Tom, who is in a business school in Lille, calls his father very often.

And our daughter Lou is at home with us. I will never lie to you. If I ever hear really bad news, I’ll tell you. Because I want you to enjoy her father as much as possible. But we are not there yet. We’re not even close.

PAM: The discovery in September of a tumor in the other lung must have been a shock to all of you. A new battle to fight.

NM-P: Yes, we had doubts about the scanner before the operation, but the tumor grew suddenly in two months. 3.5 centimeters. Inoperable this time. Therefore, you have just completed your 5 radiotherapy sessions. He is in pain again. He currently has a torn muscle from coughing and we know that he will soon break a rib due to the treatment.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut dead

But we are very well supported, Jean-Pierre Pernaut has recovered from his prostate cancer, the first lung operation was a success, we remain confident and our children know that their father is a fighter. We do not give up.

PAM: And then you quit smoking, isn’t that a big deal?

NM-P. : Yes, I have been asking you to stop for a long time. Finally, The surgeon left him no other option.. He put on patches and quit smoking overnight after smoking two packs a day for 50 years. And today, Jean-Pierre Pernaut regrets not having done it sooner, because he feels no lack. He found it easy. He thinks he was an idiot.

And yet, his brother died of cancer but he thought it would not happen to him. She thought that she had had prostate cancer before and would not have another. Well, she wasn’t. Nobody is immune. We can have two, three, that’s right.

Sometimes I wish I could cry

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