The cold front causes Cariocas to seek out hot food and drink; see gastronomic tips for the moment

After a week of Rio having the coldest three mornings and coldest morning of the year, the Cariocas have been looking for ways to have fun and warm up at the same time. This week, the trend is for days to get a little warmer during the morning and afternoon, but nights should still be cold. So, a good option is to go out to enjoy the low temperature with a good dressing. Therefore, foods such as broths, soups, fondues and drinks such as wines and hot drinks are gaining space in the bars and restaurants of the city.

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– This week we had a very large production of broths. Our submerged cow broth is a hit these colder days. The full-bodied house drinks, especially those based on whiskey and vermouth, are also excellent in the cold ”, observes Thamis Dalsenter, partner of the Reconvexo Bar, in Botafogo, where the double broth is on Wednesday.

Broths from Reconvexo Bar Photo: Fabio Rossi / Advertising

There, they are also launching the Quentão drink this week, which is expected to gain prominence among drink options in these colder days.

– Let’s throw it in the cold and also in the June season. It is quite hot. In addition to the cachaça fired with pepper and ginger, which is already on the menu, and was also a champion of the cold – complete Víctor Ronay, the other partner of the house.

Cariocas like project manager Nina Fernández, 37, already know where to find some cold-weather favorites, but are also always looking for new options around town. This Saturday she went to the perfect chicken soup at the traditional Café Lamas, in Flamengo.

– I’ve known this soup since I was a child. Since I live nearby, I order takeaway and take it home, it’s a well served portion – he says, who as a lover of good food is always on the lookout for more news and posts his findings to his followers on his Instagram account @mesacarioca : – When I hear about a new place, near or far from home, I chase it. In the cold, when I go out, it’s always to get a warmer food or wine with something that I can harmonize well.

Speaking of wine, the drink has its loyal fans and gains even more fans with the cold front. Some houses in the city offer menus with various options, such as Bottega Gastrobar, which opened its unit in Botafogo in April, with more than 50 labels. The house also offers a space for those who want to celebrate birthdays or other dates indoors, away from the cold.

– This new two-story house allows us to serve a greater number of customers. There is also the opportunity to organize events on the second floor, not to mention the lounge, which is a more private space for 12 people – Ana Carolina Bustamante, one of the partners of the venue.

See below for some options of places and dishes to enjoy the cold in Rio.

the samba is boiling At Beco do Rato (Rua Joaquim Silva 11, Lapa), there are options like Cura Doideira (green broth, R $ 12) and Camarão que dormi: shrimp, coconut milk, and palm oil (R $ 15). On Mondays in May there is still the sound of singer Anderson Leonardo, from the Molejo group, starting at 20:00. The advance ticket costs R $ 25 on

The sleeping shrimp broth, by Beco do Rato
The sleeping shrimp broth, from Beco do Rato Photo: Berg Silva / Advertisement

Soups for all tastes Sopa Dois Irmãos has a new food truck in Praia de Botafogo 440, with options such as vegetable soup, pea soup, green broth, chicken soup, and hominy, which cost between R $ 10 and R $ 16, depending on the size . Crab broth, on the other hand, costs between R $ 10 and R $ 18. Order at 21 98139-3581.

special fondues At Bhar Ginteria Descolada (Av. Brás de Pina 2626, Vista Alegre), two of the menu’s highlights are the Foundue de Coxinha (R $ 49.90), featuring eight chicken legs accompanied by a bowl of cheese fondue, and the Nest Milk Fondue with Nutella (R $ 49.90), with eight legs of nest milk accompanied by Nutella fondue.

Bahr Ginteria's coxinha fondue
Coxinha fondue at Bahr Ginteria Photo: Mateus Rodrigues / Advertisement

Guaranteed promotion On Wednesdays at the Reconvexo Bar (Rua Henrique de Novais 55, Botafogo) there is double the stock. Options include Feijão Amigo (bean broth with sausage and bacon, chives and parsley – R $ 16), swamp beef (rib broth, cassava and special house dressing – R $ 18) and Mr. Potatoes ( potato broth with pepperoni sausage – R $ 17).

traditional At Café Lamas (Rua Marquês de Abrantes 18 A, Flamengo) In addition to chicken soup (R $ 47), another dish that is usually successful on cold days is Caldo Verde (R $ 39).

Variety of broths At Caldo Beleza (Rua Senador Vergueiro 238, Flamengo), soup options with chicken, beans, lentils, peas, sweet potatoes, and vegetables with chicken start at R $ 20, via iFood, and R $ 18, at home. Flavors of mocotó and canjiquinha with oxtail cost R $ 20 at the counter and R $ 26 via the app.

Wines for the cold The Enoteca (Rua Paulo Barreto 25, Botafogo) has a varied wine list to withstand the cold in May. The Sicilian label Miral Nero D’Ávola is a special indication for the cold of the house, its bottle costs R $ 109 and the glass costs R $ 21 at Happy Hour. Purus Tannat Uruguayan organic wine costs R $ 125 per bottle and Italian Príncipe N costs R $ 175 per bottle. The house opens from 4.30pm.

Casa Julieta de Serpa's dulce de leche fondue
Fondue of dulce de leche at Casa Julieta de Serpa Photo: José Renato Antunes / Advertisement

hot encounter Starting this month, the Casa de Arte e Cultura Julieta de Serpa (Praia do Flamengo 340, Flamengo) offers four options for fondue: Cheese (R $ 176 – for 2 people) – cheese with homemade bread, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and sausage; Meat (R $ 197 – for 2 people) – fillet served with sauces: barbecue, capers, rosé and mustard with honey. Accompany the potato rostie; Chocolate (R $ 145 – for 2 people) with banana, strawberry, coconut candies glazed with white chocolate and carrot brownie and Dulce de leche (R $ 145 – for 2 people) with Minas cheese, shavings, mini churros and strawberry.

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