“The Church is no longer in danger, now it must return to the citizens”

CASALMAGIORE – Much has been done – from preventing a global collapse to saving the stucco angels on the facade – but much remains to be done to restore the church of San Rocco, which is owned by the parish. “The priorities now are further conservation measures that could then lead to the use of the property.” He pointed it out yesterday morning Paolo Corradinirepresenting the Superintendent of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of the provinces of Cremona, Lodi and Mantua. Gabriele barukkawas unable to attend a conference organized in the Santa Croce Assembly Hall by the Romani School Complex, which took over the building many years ago, continuing the awareness-raising work that proved fundamental to its defense. Present the third, fourth and fifth grades Cat, fourth A, fourth B and fifth B Liceo Linguistico..



Between the young people and this building, a thread was again tied. – said the architect. And the institutions could turn away, but they did not turn away. The superintendent took the matter seriously and received a contribution of 100,000 euros.: You could say it was a semi-miracle.” In about two hours, a complete examination of what had happened was made and the foundations for future prospects were laid. Head teacher Daniela Romoli said that Polo Romans “I want to continue to take care of this monument. I have lived in Casalmaggiore all my life, and for me it is a symbol and a piece of art that must remain, because it can become a symbol of our city. We want to signal a restart and rebirth through his restoration.” Mayor Filippo Bongiovanni (Also present is Deputy Giovanni Leoni, nda) emphasized that the church is part of a sector that also includes a municipal building such as Torrione, also in need of restoration, and the Aipo warehouse: “We managed to get funding for Torrione, and the renovation work will begin in June for a year and a half. As for San Rocco, thanks to Polo Romani and Marco Orlandi who worked to “keep alive” the prospect of saving him, and Barucca who “fell in love” with the good.. In Casalmaggiore, many places need to be restored: for example, we will do this with a former slaughterhouse. All this is a heritage that the municipality must be able to preserve for future generations. It should be a community mission.”

Don Claudio Rubagotti he noted that the efforts made for San Rocco “motivate his recovery, and as long as the gypsies have a love for the structure, there is hope. Unfortunately, in this case, the man insulted his past.“Because he allowed the situation to almost accelerate. Fortunately, all is not lost. Orlandi, a professor of art history, followed the whole process of raising awareness, referring, for example, to the Silente theater’s “Night of the Angels” performance presented on September 21, 2018. A performance in which the church was set design, “as in other parts of Italy”.. The San Rocco Mini Festival was also held from September 17 to October 1, 2011. But the test was carried out in 2006. In 2009, “Favagrossa installed scaffolding”. Aldo Boccacca, A professor of planning and construction, he highlighted how “the restoration project crosses the various courses of the Institute” and how “San Rocco surprised us because it has stood the test of time.” A place to be improved, thinking that “Venice-Turin bike and footpath passes in front of us.” Two students of the fifth category (Construction environment and Territory), Lucrezia Melikchio e Davide Somenzireported on the laboratory of stucco preservation technique, talking about the history of artistic technique.

Paolo Corradini, Daniela Romoli, Don Claudio Rubagotti, Laura Romanelli


Restorer Laura Romanelli illustrated her work in rescuing angels that had been badly damaged by a decade of weathering.. “Now,” he stressed, “part of the cleaning and aesthetic design is missing.” Another task to put on the agenda. Gabriele Pezzini, architect-designer, confirmed that “structural integrity work has been completed” thanks to various works such as the construction of a “lateral support structure, reinforcement of the “shoulders”, as well as a new lightweight roof and modular construction. needed to save the frescoes, which also need to be restored.” We acted with a very technological approach based on models. “Now we need to move on to the next stage: the community must be involved in the recovery, even with small but important support.”


Corradini began with Raphael’s awareness of the state of assets in Rome to speak of the importance of protection.. “Now it is necessary to save those parts that are still at risk of collapse, such as some wall decorations. But you have to get to the point of letting people into the courtyard, being able to take a close look at the angels, going down to the crypt to have a real cultural experience.”

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