The chef’s tricks for a perfect cod

There are amazing tricks that can make us change the way we do things. Discover the Chef’s tricks for a perfect cod.

Cod is an ingredient particularly appreciated by the Portuguese. Portuguese gastronomy has exerted a powerful influence on Brazilian gastronomy. Thus, the chef from Adegão Português shared some of the tricks that guarantee a perfect cod.

It is important to know a few tricks that make a difference in how you prepare a meal. The kitchen manager of the traditional restaurant Adegão Português shared some unmissable tips.

The chef’s tricks for a perfect cod

The chef’s tricks for a perfect cod


Rafael Freitas is an expert in the field of preparing good cod, which for many is a very difficult task. The kitchen manager of Adegão Português has indicated all the steps to properly process the fish. The tricks given by the manager of one of the most traditional Lusitanian restaurants, allow you to know step by step to leave the cod with the salt at the right point.


There are tips that can be valuable in several stages, from the moment of purchase to the correct way of cooking. Rafael Freitas gives accurate advice for those who want to master this ingredient.

The best tricks to prepare the perfect cod

the chef's tricks
The chef’s tricks for a perfect cod

1 – Time to buy

Chef Rafael Freitas said:

“There are several types, but a good recipe should be made with cod of the Gadus Morhua Imperial type. An initial quality product directly affects the final result. Gadus has fatter, taller chunks and a different flavor. To make sure you are buying the right type, you need to look at the tail.

Gadus’s tail is straight at the end. The Chef of Adegão Português continued: “We must also look at the curing point. Make sure it is firm and not mushy, with a straw-colored pulp and no brown spots of any kind: they are usually internal and stretched out. “

the chef's tricks
The chef’s tricks for a perfect cod

2 – Proper cutting of cod

The Chef of Adegão Português defends the cut: “This illustration shows how the cut should be done. The first is straight and sets the neck. It is a fatty meat that is used chopped or in flakes “.

Chef Rafael Freitas also said: “The two sides are the bellies. It is fibrous and tough. It is only used to shred and use in the dumplings in addition to the tail meat, near the last piece. In the middle comes the noble part, which are the loins and the steaks. Depending on the size, pieces up to 800 grams can be obtained “.

the chef's tricks
The chef’s tricks for a perfect cod

3 – The best way to remove the salt

Chef Rafael Freitas said in this regard: “For every inch of the pole, you count 24 hours of desalination. During this period, it is necessary to change the water twice. The important thing is to always leave the cod in cold water and in the fridge “.

The chef from Adegão Português also defended that one should not “use water at room temperature. A sudden change can ruin your product. Before continuing, taste the cod by tearing a piece or simply inserting your finger in the center. It just needs to be slightly salty. “

4 – The correct way to store

The chef from Adegão Português defended: “Have you bought too much? left? Cod is a product that resists storage. If you choose to keep it dry and salty, wrap it in a lot of cling film, put it in a plastic bag preferably vacuum-sealed and store it in the least cold part of the refrigerator. Lasts up to 2 months.

Chef Rafael Freitas said it can also be kept desalted in the freezer: “If it’s already desalted, do the same process, but keep it in the freezer for the same amount of time.”

the chef's tricks
The chef’s tricks for a perfect cod

5 – Perfect cooking

As (happens) in a good cut of meat, the cod must also be cooked at medium level (done). In the case of cod, chef Rafael Freitas said it needs to be removed “when it starts wanting to peel off the splinters. Then it will be perfect. “

Even the chef of Adegão Português insisted on defending himself: “It is worth remembering that it is not necessary to cook it in water before putting it in the oven, pan or barbecue. This process causes the cod to lose its tasty fat. And, of course, always using a beautiful extra virgin olive oil “.

the chef's tricks
The chef’s tricks for a perfect cod

6 – Simplicity in the ingredients

The Chef of Adegão Português knows that there are several recipes with this ingredient, but he remembers: “the important thing is to know that cod is always the protagonist. Don’t choose ingredients that can steal your flavor “.

Chef Rafael Freitas recommended some ingredients that go particularly well with cod: Excellent extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomatoes, garlic, onions, broccoli, quality potatoes, dark leaves such as cabbage, spinach … “

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the chef's tricks
The chef’s tricks for a perfect cod


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