The burrata spread among the restaurants of SP and was even renamed dried tomato – 02/08/2022 – Restaurants

In the world of gastronomy, fashions come and go. But some have the breath to last for years. This is the case of burrata, a cheese of Italian origin that arrived here more than ten years ago, but which has become popular and appears more than ever in recipes.

From pizzerias to burgers, high-end restaurants to bars, it’s hard to find a menu without burrata in São Paulo. “It’s the new dried tomato,” says chef Marcos Livi, from Napoli Centrale, who covers one of his pizzas with the ingredient.

As usual in these waves, the quality standard varies a lot and there are people who sell the cat in one go. Social networks are filled with photos of burrata stuffed with ricotta, ricotta, gorgonzola, ricotta and even butter, which usually makes any Italian’s hair stand on end.

Born in Andria, a small town in Puglia, right in the wake of the boot, the authentic burrata is nothing more than a bundle of fresh mozzarella, assembled by hand one by one. Inside, only mozzarella strands come in – the so-called straciatella – and sour cream. That’s enough.

“We consume it with a minimum of spices to enhance its freshness. I think it is a shame to cook it, I prefer it raw”, says chef Giuseppe Gerundino, from the Apulian Gastronomic Academy school.

Although the most popular version in Brazil is based on buffalo milk, tradition has it that the burrata is made with cow’s milk. “The milk in Italy is whiter and more neutral than ours, similar to buffalo milk. This is why many producers have chosen this option. It took a long time to find a producer here who had the right milk”, says José Nelson Galvão, founder of Bonfiore Latteria, based in Conceição das Pedras, Minas Gerais.

Launched in January 2022, his product has met with such success among chefs that, once a week, it is assembled live, inside a glazed environment, at the new Empório Fasano. Whoever buys the burrata there, while still hot, pays R $ 240 per kilo – each unit weighs between 130 and 160 grams, that is, it costs R $ 31.

For restaurants, Galvão creates packages to suit the customer’s tastes. “Some prefer the more liquid filling, which flows when opened, while others serve the burrata on boards and ask for the firmer filling,” he says.

In Cunha, in the hinterland of São Paulo, the Laticínio Fior d’Itália also strictly follows the original recipe. The Italian Fabio Zonno and his wife, Paula Kamogawa, brought an Apulian cheesemaker seven years ago to develop the recipe. Then they hired his son, Vito Consoli, who still holds the role today.

Its burrata is part of the dishes of the São Paulo, Campinas, Santos, Maresias and Ubatuba establishments and can be purchased at the Fabrique bakery, for R $ 48 for a 320 gram unit.

“The right thing is to keep it in the fridge, inside the whey, but serve it at room temperature, so that it is at the peak of its creaminess”, Kamogawa teaches. The fresher it is, the better. “In Italy, small dairies produce in the morning and afternoon and consumers expect to go out, just like French bread.”

Find out below where to eat burrata in Sao Paulo, in different restaurant recipes.


Pesto burrata with candied cherry tomatoes, mini rocket and toasted bread (R $ 44).
Av. Moreira Guimarães, 299, Moema, southern region, Instagram @restaurantebambuoficial

Burrata with rocket, cherry tomatoes, balsamic reduction and Italian bread (R $ 42).
R. Treze de Maio, 596, Bela Vista, central region, Instagram @basilicatapaoitaliano

Individual margherita pizza with burrata, Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil (R $ 71).
R. Vupabussu, 271, Pinheiros, western region, tel. (11) 3037-7975; other addresses on

Sole with ratatouille and smoked almonds (R $ 115).
R. Sergipe, 753, Higienópolis, central region, Instagram @carlapernambucocarlota

Casa Sant’Antonio
Burrata with grilled peaches, raw ham, rocket and toasted bread (R $ 56).
Av. João Carlos da Silva Borges, 764, Granja Julieta, southern region, Instagram @casasantonio

For me
Burrata with raw ham, figs and basil (R $ 64).
R. Amauri, 29, Itaim Bibi, southern region, Instagram @dhomusrestaurante

Burrata with smoked tomato sauce, olive oil and rocket (R $ 72).
R. Alves Guimarães, 153, Pinheiros, West Region, Instagram @jacarandabr

La Coppa Restaurant
Risoto caprese with tomate confit, pesto and burrata (R $ 58).
R. Palestra Italia, 200, Porta A, Perdizes, western region, Instagram @ lacoppa.ristorante

Le Blé House of Bread
Burrata breaded and fried in a carriage, with tomato and basil sauce (R $ 38).
R. Father João Manuel, 968, Jardim Paulista, west region; other addresses on

Burrata with olive oil, balsamic reduction, fleur de sel, black pepper and pan cafone (R $ 59).
R. Diana, 80, Perdizes, West Region; other addresses on

Burrata topped with pasta, cooked in a wood oven, with mortadella, pistachios, pesto, lemon and wild rocket (R $ 76).
R. Oscar Freire, 45, Jardim Paulista, western region; other addresses on Instagram @lucegastronomia

Meat burger in the center
300 grams of ancho with burrata and pesto (R $ 139).
R. Bela Cintra 1783, Jardim Paulista, West Region, Instagram @meatdowntownburgers

Burrata with grilled peppers, tomato vinaigrette, black olives, basil oil and house bread (R $ 68).
R. Simão Álvares, 985, Pinheiros, Instagram @ motique.restaurante

Central Naples
Burrata pizza, raw ham, tomatoes and lemon zest (R $ 43).
Pinheiros Municipal Market – r. Pedro Cristi, 89 years old, Pinheiros; other addresses on Instagram @napolicentralepizza

Burrata with tomate, mint and pistache (R $ 78).
R. Ferreira de Araújo, 330, Pinheiros, western region, Instagram @

Osteria del Rosso
Burrata with cherry tomatoes, confit tomatoes, olive oil and house bread (R $ 69).
R. Itapura, 1128, Tatuapé, eastern region, Instagram @osteriadelrosso

Burrata cooked in puff pastry with tomato, strawberry and basil (R $ 65).
Al. Jaú, 1372, Jardim Paulista, west region, Instagram @ parrot.cucina

Katzo pizza
Smoked table burrata, served with confit tomato, pesto, parmesan croutons and olive oil (R $ 40).
R. Cunha Gago, 115, Pinheiros, Western Region, Instagram @pizzakatzo

Seo Basil
Zucchini and burrata pizza (R $ 60).
R. Madre de Deus, 379, Mooca, eastern region, Instagram @seobasilico

Sky Garden
Long-fermented sprout pizza with spicy tomato sauce, burrata and olive oil (R $ 69).
R. Haddock Lobo, 1327, Jardim Paulista, Western Region, Instagram @skyhallgarden

Tagliolini with roasted tomato sauce with burrata stracciatella and olive powder (R $ 79).
R. Saint Hilaire, 40, Jardim Paulista, West Region, Instagram @ stella.jardins

Tartuferia San Paolo
Burrata with candied tomatoes, pesto, rocket, black truffle blade and toasted bread (R $ 68).
MorumbiShopping – Av. Roque Petroni Júnior, 1089, southern region, Instagram @tartuferiaoficial

Buffalo mozzarella ravioli in saffron sauce with roasted burrata (R $ 62).
R. Itapeti, 24, Tatuapé, eastern region, Instagram @ tua.restaurante

Fresh tuna tartare with burrata, orange wedges, pesto and focaccia (R $ 65).
R. Fradique Coutinho, 47, Pinheiros, Western Region, Instagram @vinopinheiros

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