the apple of your eye at the time of purchase

The northeast was the region that showed the most intent to buy real estate. Data from Brain Inteligência Estratégica and the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Developers indicate that the intention to buy units reached an average of 40%, surpassing the national index. “A while ago these properties were almost irrelevant in the eyes of investors. Today they are highly sought after and in demand in the NE,” explains Diego Villar, CEO of Moura Dubeux. For the company, this market share has been one of the factors in maintaining leadership in the region.


A thousand travel agencies and operators from the capital of Minas Gerais and the metropolis of Azul Viagens participate in “Agente Tá On”, in Belo Horizonte, at Expo Minas. Pernambuco participates with a booth with iconography signed by Joana Lira. It will serve as the basis for announcing the increase of the company’s new summer routes to Recife, which will receive flights to Foz do Iguaçu (PR), Presidente Prudente (SP) and Bauru (SP). Tourism Minister Milu Megale will be there.

June’s leader

After two years without festivities, Brazil returned this year to enjoy the festivities in June. Again, “Festa na Roça” was the most played song in the Festa Junina segment, according to Ecad. For 22 years, since 2010, the song, written by Mario Zan and Palmeira, has topped the charts produced by Ecad. Also in the top 3 were “Eu só Quero um Xodó”, by Dominguinhos and Anastácia, and “Asa Branca”, by Humberto Teixeira and Gonzagão.

Molotov cocktail mix

The Molotov cocktail will contain a generous dose of novelty in this 19th edition. Mixing already established artists with what has just popped up on the internet, the lineup will feature 30 attractions with different names that have never performed in the city before. This is the case with Supla, who will take the stage with Letrux, alongside Tasha & Tracie, Giovani Cidireira, Melly, Miss Tacacá, Dersuzalá, Lado Fim do Mundo, Carabobina…

for Lea

Chef Cesar Santos pays tribute to Lia de Itamaracá in the next dish of the dish Boa Memória do Oficina do Sabor. The ceramic design is specially made by the visual artist Nilson Floro.

The year is…

The proposal of the book “1922: The Past in the Present – Permanence and Transformation”, coordinated by Professor Marieta de Moraes Ferreira, discusses crucial issues for the country that year, to the present day.

CasaCor is today

Architect Marylia Nogueira bets on cosiness with comfort and technology in her Lobby Lounge in Casacor, which opens to the public today. It is an environment of transition and distribution of flow, but also of receiving, where the architect focuses on art.


Marcos Siqueira, Franklin Bittencourt Junior, Sônia Guerra, Elvira Zírpoli, Gregório Maranhão, Vanessa Campos, Júlio Machado Filho, Eduardo Correia de Carvalho, Alexandre Villela, conductor Forró and Carlos Moraes.


One of the most cultivated musicals, “Barnum – O Rei do Show”, will perform four sessions at Teatro RioMar Recife, from today to Sunday, after winning audiences and critics in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. For the pursuit, which wins a national edition of Claudio Botelho, Guilherme Logullo was cast in the title role and Kiara Sasso in the skin of the mighty Charity. Barnum is the musical based on the life of showman and entertainment entrepreneur Phineas Taylor Barnum, whose most famous venture was a traveling museum that was a mix of circus, zoo and freak characters, highlighted for example by a 160-year-old woman. On time: Another commission was set up so that the Brazilian version would refer fully to the present.


The psychologist and neuropsychologist from Pernambuco Ruth Gisele Menezes will launch the book “O Mundo da Criança – How to help them solve their own problems and understand their emotions” on the 20th in Livraria da Vila, in São Paulo. In Pernambuco it’s on the 28th, in the Grão Chef coffee shop.
On Saturday, at 9pm there is the traditional Halloween of Cidadão Kelmer Produções, at The Queen Pub, with DJs Celso Junior, Deco Curado and The London Smiths.
Grupo Locar articulated actions among city cleaning workers. In Caruaru, a women’s team won a pink uniform, a reference to October’s Rosa campaign.
The president of Empetur, Antonio Neves Baptista, travels to Salvador to participate in the Expo Carnival at the Convention Center on October 14 and 15. In the program a discussion circle about the authentic Pernambuco street carnival.
This month, Aliança Francesa Recife celebrates its 76th birthday in Recife with a membership happy hour, today at 7:00 PM, at its headquarters.
The Northeast Social Ceremonial Workshop, on the 24th and 25th, at the Beach Class Convention by HôM, will feature the special participation of consultant and coach Gleison Iloi.

Jardel Collen / Disclosure
Letrice Gomes, Caio Mendes, Eduarda Petribu and Juliana Hermans, at the opening of the AbacaxiCLUB, at Shopping Recife – Jardel Collen / Disclosure
> Renata Paraíso, Thiago Valença and Manoela Pires, from Poligonus Arquitetura, sign Estudio Almar – Moura Dubeux at CASACOR 2022. The event will be open to the public on May 15, and in this space, visitors will find inspiration to escape the urban rhythm and an immersion in the softness of the coast, with organic elements and shapes. – REVELATION
Entrepreneurs and specialists in micropigmentation Thread by Thread Dirceu Manguinho Filho and Evellyne Viana Ferraz with Bruna Miranda, director of the Pernambuco fair Outlet da Beleza, in Riomar Recife. * Photographer:- Diego Galba / ANNOUNCEMENT

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