Thaila Ayala and Renato Góes present Vassouras Film Festival

A new chapter in the history of the audiovisual sector began on the night of Sunday 22 May with the opening of the 1st Vassouras Film Festival – No Vale do Café. With a presentation by the couple Thaila Ayala and Renato Góes at the official opening, the festival, which is also characterized by diversity, will highlight several film figures, including Romeu Evaristo, Andréa Beltrão, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Eduardo Moscovis, Simone Spoladore, Caco Ciocler, Zé Celso Martinez, Mariana Lima, Fernando Alvez Pinto, among others, who are in the official selection of the festival.

Roberto Filho/Brazil News

With the Severino Sombra Convention Center packed, the event brought together authorities such as the mayor of Vassouras, Severino Dias; the Deputy Mayor, Rosi Farias; the Town Clerk of Tourism, Wanderson Farias; the education secretary, Magda Sayão; director Thatiana Santiago, representative of the Municipal Ministry of Culture; President of MID-RJ, Cesar Miranda Ribeiro; the president of TurisRio, Sergio Ricardo; Light’s director, Debora Brasil; the Minister of Tourism of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Marco Monfort, the Minister of Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Danielle Barros; the representative of Fecomércio, Luiz Veloso; and the President of the Severino Sombra Educational Foundation and the University of Vassouras, Marco Antônio Vaz Capute.

The event, conceived, produced and directed by Bruno and Jane Saglia, will be held for the first time in the Mid-South region of the state of Rio de Janeiro and will bring together exponents of audiovisual, of extreme importance across the country and abroad. .

Bruno and Jane Saglia
Bruno and Jane Saglia- Marck Saglia/ Publicity SG Company


With the mediation of names such as Daniele Hypólito, Larissa Maciel and Nando Cunha, the 1st Vassouras Film Festival – No Vale do Café, will have several panels, focusing on topics of total relevance to the market, and receive guests from the most diverse areas.

Topics include “Audiovisual Culture”, “Cinema Tourism”, “Women in Audiovisual”, “Direction in Audiovisual”, “Black in Audiovisual”, “Entrepreneurship”, in addition to workshops offered by SEBRAE.

The actions will be carried out in the Centro Cultural Cazuza, in the Bliss hotel and in the auditorium of the Municipality of Vassouras.


For his relevance and contribution to the audiovisual sector, over a successful 35-year career, actor Humberto Martins will be honored at the 1st Vassouras Film Festival, in Vale do Café.

The artist calls the cozy retro cinema room, installed in the Hotel Santa Amália, one of the oldest and most traditional in the city.

The opening is next Monday, May 23 at 6 p.m. at the Santa Amália hotel.

Humberto Martins at the Broom Festival
Humberto Martins at the Vassouras Festival – Brazil News/Roberto Filho

On May 25 at 4 pm, the Carlos Vereza Hall will be inaugurated in Vassouras Town Hall. The auditorium of the local town hall is named after the famous artist.

The 83-year-old arts veteran, with a career spanning more than 60 years, will be in attendance to receive the well-deserved honor for his relevance in national culture.

One of the most emotional moments, at the opening, was the presentation of the Paulo José Trophy to Carlos Vereza. He could not hold back his tears and emphasized that he had never received such an important tribute.

“I have been to many places, received many awards and trophies of extreme importance. But I’ve never felt such an emotion,” said the artist.

Carlos Vereza at the Broom Festival
Carlos Vereza at the Vassouras Festival – Brazil News/Roberto Filho


The 1st Vassouras Film Festival – No Vale do Café, is proud to have a strong team forming the technical jury. In the short film category there are André Ramiro, Juarez Pavelak, Hamilton Moss, Jesse Marmo and Bia Oliveira.

The feature film category is judged by the renowned João Atala, who is part of the select group of Brazilians voting for the Oscars; Paula Barreto, daughter of producers Lucy and Luiz Carlos Barreto; producer Priscila Rosário, costume designer Beth Filipeck and actress Thaila Ayala.

See all nominees in their respective categories:

– Phaedrus
– She and I
– Book of pleasure
– The best place in the world is now
– Verona
– Alice of the Angels

– Reynaldo Gianecchini – “Phaedrus”
– Eduardo Moscovis- “She and I”
– Javier Drolas – “Livrodos Prazeres”
– Lucas Zaffari – “Verona”


– Ze Celso Martinez – “Pedro”
– Fernando Alves Pinto – “Alice dos Anjos”
-Nelson Diniz-“Verona”
– Felipe Rocha – “Livro dos Prazeres”


– Andrea Beltrão – “She and I”
– Tiffanie Costa – “Alice dos Anjos”
– Simone Sporadore – “Book of Pleasures”
– Claudia Missura – “The best place in the world is now”


– Martha Nowill – “Livro dos Prazeres”
– Mariana Lima – “She and I”
– Cris Magalhaes – “Alice dos Anjos”
– Ida Celina – “Verona”


– “She and I”
– “Book of fun”
– “Alice of the Angels”
– “Verona”

– “Verona”
– “She and I”
– “Alice of the Angels”
– “Book of fun”

– “She and I”
– “Book of fun”
– “Alice of the Angels”
– “Verona”

– Marcela Lordy – “Livro dos Prazeres”
– Caco Ciocler – “The best place in the world is now”
– Marcelo Seba – “Feder”
– Ane Siderman – “Verona”
– Gustavo Rosa de Moura – “She and I”
– Daniel Leite Almeida – “Alice dos Anjos”


– “Gold for the well-being of Brazil” (2020) – Rio de Janeiro – Directed by: Gregory Baltz

– “Benevolents” (2021) – Distrito Federal – Taguatinga – Co-production: Naymovie – Director: Thiago Nunes

– “Precious Collection” (2021) – Vitória da Conquista – Bahia – Directed by: Rayssa Coelho and Filipe Gama

– “Meu Nome é Saudade” (2021) – Distrito Federal – Brasília – Directed by: Ana Graziela Aguiar

– “Muxima” (2021) – Lençóis Bahia – Directed by: Juca Badaró

– “Zé Onça, Relatos de Uma Memória” (2019) – Palmas-Tocantins – Directed by: Túlio de Melo


– “Vassouras Apaixonante” (2022) – Vassouras RJ – Directed by: Robertinho Domingues and Drii Mary

– “Coffee with Aroma do Vale” (2022) – Vassouras, Vale do Café – Director: Sheila Casitta

– “Café com Fé” (2022) – Conservatory – Valença, RJ – Director: Paulo Roberto dos Santos


– “4 Billion of Infinites” (2020) – Minas Gerais, Cordisburgo – Directed by: Marco Antonio Pereira

– “When Time to Remember Enough” (2021) – Rio de Janeiro – Director: Felipe Quadra

– “Rosas” (2019) – Holambra – Director: Ivann willig

– “Maybe I Never Loved You” (2022) – Sergipe – Director: André Aragão

– “Aperto” (2020) – São Paulo – Directed by: Alexandre Estevanato

– “Entre” (2019) – Rio Grande do Sul, Bagé – Director: Bruno Gissoni


– “Pédro” (2021) – São Paulo – Director: Marcelo Sebá

– “The Best Place in the World is Now” (2021) – São Paulo – Co – Production: Schifiguer Produções – Director: Caco Ciocler

– “Ela e Eu” (2021) – São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – Co-production: Fox Film do Brasil and Querosene Filmes – Directed by: Gustavo Rosa de Moura

– “Alice dos Anjos” (2021) – Vitória da Conquista, Bahia – Production: Ato3 Produções – Director: Daniel Leite Almeida

– “Livro dos Prazeres (2021) – Co-production Brazil and Argentina – Directed by: Marcela Lordy

The entire program is offered to the public free of charge upon prior registration.


Sponsored by the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the Secretary of State for Culture and Creative Economy of Rio de Janeiro, through the State Law for the Promotion of Culture, the 1st Vassouras Film Festival is a national film show with a competitive feature , participatory and informative that also is counting on the sponsorship of Light, which is considered to be one of the largest electric power companies in Brazil, offering energy distribution, generation and commercialization services. Now, in a phase where the state of Rio de Janeiro is gradually recovering its economy, the company is starting to support more projects in line with its values ​​and tries to provide services that can contribute to cultural, educational, social and sports activities.

The event also highlights the co-participation of Sesc RJ, who will screen the winning films, in addition to an exhibition of children’s films, in its units in October.

With the intention of being a milestone and further improving the audiovisual production exchange between Brazilian cities, the 1st Vassouras Film Festival – No Vale do Café, aims to improve the audiovisual production exchange between Brazilian cities, propose actions for cultural events propose through lectures and debates, encourage meetings with industry professionals, encourage reflections on different formats and discuss strategies for the distribution of representative films during the event.

And to highlight the region’s commitment to the seventh art, the public will also have the unique opportunity to experience gastronomic experiences across the region. Throughout the event, Vale do Café restaurants will offer a more than special menu to make the festival even more enjoyable.

The entire hotel chain will focus equally on the audiovisual, so that everyone will have an unforgettable and memorable stay.

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