‘Unstable and chaotic’: flight attendants scream about the chaos of air travel (and four tips for traveling travelers)

Flight attendants are tired, say they have never had such long days and short nights, and are calling for a fundamental change in air travel. British flight attendant Chris Major has been in aviation for over two decades. And he has seen the industry suffer and recover from 9/11, SARS and FMD. Now Major is … Read more

Swimming pool under a bridge refreshes tourists in Spain – 07-27-2022 – Turismo

200 km from Madrid, Spain, a bridge made of 15th century granite stones welcomes those arriving fleeing the high temperatures of the Spanish summer. It’s like a magical gateway to a wild Spain filled with tide pools, cherry blossom trails and birds of prey ready for an up-close look. The Roman bridge with two arches, … Read more

Forget the summer body. How to find a balanced diet on vacation and avoid the extra pounds

Summer holidays are the best time to bet on your balance. And yes, there is room for Berlin dancing “It seems like we’ve been waiting all year for this moment and that summer is a release order, but it’s a health issue.” The words are from nutritionist Iara Rodrigues, who acknowledges that it is still … Read more