Pomerode: 7 leisure options in a day trip through the city

Are you planning to visit Brazil’s most German city? Pomerode is a municipality in the Central Itajaí Valley, in the region known touristically as the European Valley, about 180 kilometers from Florianópolis. Train ride in Pomerode passes the main tourist attractions of the city – Photo: Secretary of Tourism and Culture of Pomerode/Disclosure Its history, … Read more

NASA’s new Kennedy Space space attraction allows space travel | Tourism

Information disclosure Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex will open June 15 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Summary Tourists will be greeted with a futuristic design designed to set the stage for their journey. The space contributes to the experience, which is complemented by the contemplation of artifacts and exhibitions. There is access and all … Read more

After the great recovery, 12 challenges for tourism | Vinicius Lummertz

Alan Moricic Former Minister of Tourism Vinicius Lummertz After a second half of 2021 with a 77% increase in sales with the resumption concentrated on domestic travel, a summer super season across the country and the celebration of the full resumption of tourism in the lavish samba school parades at the carnivals of Rio and … Read more

Platforms help to buy bus and plane tickets cheaper | Tourism

gate Platforms help buy cheaper bus and plane tickets Summary The platforms shown are of Brazilian and foreign origin and are available on iOS, Android and the web. The travel experience can be enriched by good planning that balances the cost of travel, lodging, meals, and recreation. Tickets can be cheaper through discounts or price … Read more

8 important and simple tips to practice sustainable tourism | Tourism

revelation Learn to practice sustainable tourism Summary Sustainable tourism aims to preserve the local culture and environment and contribute to the regional economy. According to the UNWTO, the tourism sector is responsible for more than 10% of the world’s GDP and for one in ten jobs on the planet. Some of the tips mentioned can … Read more