It happens to the best: going on vacation? Beware, dozens of people have been scammed at this travel agency

If you are going to travel, do not buy without a receipt and call the hotel and airline to confirm that your seat is guaranteed. If you have a problem that you can’t solve, tell us your story via email Joao Mota got married, so he was looking for the best place for his … Read more

Find out why you hate traveling this summer

Flight cancellations, rising ticket prices, shortage of car rentals, record fuel prices and rising hotel prices. Welcome to the summer of travel hell. Airlines say they are prepared to avoid the service problems that hit much of the industry last year. But between Friday and Monday, US airlines canceled 2,653 flights, nearly 3% of their … Read more

With Covid-19 cases on the rise, should people change their summer travel plans?

Should people rethink their summer travel plans given the rise in coronavirus cases? What precautions should be taken? What about those with comorbidities, and what advice can be given to families under 5 who are not eligible for vaccination? To answer these questions, I spoke with CNN medical analyst Liana Wen, an emergency physician and … Read more

Holidays on the islands: 10 resorts around the world that are worth visiting and relaxing! – House and garden

+ Healing Stay Kosmos is contemporary and brings you in touch with nature (Photo: Healing Stay Kosmos / Reproduction) With the end of the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, our desire to leave for a heavenly place has only increased. Especially if it is an island with a natural landscape. In Europe or Asia, … Read more