IPCA Accelerates Again, Showing Widespread Inflation in June – 24/06/2022 – News

Daniela Amorim, Cicero Cotrim and Guilherme Bianchinic Government agency Rio and São Paulo – Brazilian inflation accelerated again in June. The Extended National Consumer Price Index-15 (IPCA-15), a preview of official inflation, stood at 0.69% this month, according to data released Friday (24) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). . In May, … Read more

Bowel diseases grow 15% in Brazil – 06-25-2022 – News

Tadzio Franca news reporter Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are autoimmune diseases of the digestive system that cause chronic inflammation throughout the gastrointestinal tract. According to the Brazilian Society of Coloproctology (SBCP), Brazil has registered a 15% increase in these pathologies in recent years. Worldwide, approximately five million people are affected by the disease. Because it … Read more

Fila do Auxílio Brasil has 30,000 families in the state – 06-25-2022 – News

RN has 445,458 families operating in Auxílio Brasil and 504,941 families living in poverty or extreme poverty. Therefore, 59,483 groups fall outside the government’s aid umbrella. Of these, 30,595 families (52,019 people) are lining up and another 28,888 family groups do not meet the criteria. Those on the program’s waiting list have no idea yet … Read more

“Brazil should have a debate on how to make its data infrastructure” – 25/06/2022 – News

In Brazil since 2011, the Dane Peter Kronstrom says the country has great potential and has some ‘cards in store’, including encouraging entrepreneurship and the innovative and curious spirit of its people. “Brazil already produces several unicorns for the world and has everything to produce many more because I see that many organizations, such as … Read more

Queue for aid Brazil counts 30,000 families in Rio Grande do Norte – 21-06-22 – News

The queue to receive Auxílio Brasil has grown across the country and in the state as well. RN has 445,458 families operating in Auxílio Brasil and 504,941 families living in poverty or extreme poverty. Therefore, 59,483 groups fall outside the government umbrella. Of these, 30,595 families are lining up, which amounts to 52,000 people, and … Read more

In Brazil, prejudice against motherhood still prunes executives – 06/18/2022 – News

Luciana Dyniewicz and Shagaly Ferreira Government agency To reach the position of vice president of Brazilian technology multinational CI&T and member of the boards of directors of Telefônica/Vivo and Locamerica, Solange Sobral had to overcome additional barriers not only to being female and black, but also to being a mother. and work in a predominantly … Read more

Toyota do Brasil: car manufacturer promotes environmental agenda aimed at CO2 neutrality – 06/11/2022 – News

Toyota proposes to make a positive impact through actions related to the principles agreed in its Global Environmental Challenge 2050, which organizes cycles of environmental objectives that are established every 5 years through the Environmental Action Plan. The year 2021 marked the start of Toyota’s 7th Environmental Action Plan (EAP). A five-year plan that takes … Read more

Brazil discusses the future of world wind in Rio – 06/11/2022 – News

Cassiano Arruda Camara “The state must coordinate care policies and ensure that women exercise their sexual and reproductive rights, which are essential policies for building a more equal society.” From former President Lula on abortion, without using his own words. reproduction The largest event on wind energy will be held at the Sheraton hotel on … Read more