The burrata spread among the restaurants of SP and was even renamed dried tomato – 02/08/2022 – Restaurants

In the world of gastronomy, fashions come and go. But some have the breath to last for years. This is the case of burrata, a cheese of Italian origin that arrived here more than ten years ago, but which has become popular and appears more than ever in recipes. From pizzerias to burgers, high-end restaurants … Read more

Hannover serves fondue in a small castle which is a hybrid between Beto Carrero and Paris 6 – 28/07/2022 – Restaurants

A majestic castle stood on top of the highest hill of the Pernici. The old address of a bank branch on Rua Cardoso de Almeida was given a faux granite cladding, a tower and a collection of arches, with colored LED lighting. What could such an imaginative facade hide? An amusement park? A prison of … Read more