The 25 best luxury hotels in the world – Brazilian is on the list – 06/22/2022

The Ikos Aria hotel, located in Cephalos, on a Greek island called Kos, was not only voted the best resort in the world in 2022, but also tops the ranking of 25 Best Luxury Hotels in the Worldpublished by the Travellers’ Choice Awards 2022. The selection ranks accommodation options based on TripAdvisor user ratings and … Read more

Do you want to travel to South Africa? Learn all about Cape Town and Johannesburg

Photo: Eric Issa Collection Traveling to Africa is the dream of many people. A continent so rich in culture, history, natural beauty, gastronomy and more, it has everything to make your trip unforgettable. Countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Morocco, Egypt and Tanzania are some of the most popular destinations for Brazilian tourists. In … Read more

Pomerode: 7 leisure options in a day trip through the city

Are you planning to visit Brazil’s most German city? Pomerode is a municipality in the Central Itajaí Valley, in the region known touristically as the European Valley, about 180 kilometers from Florianópolis. Train ride in Pomerode passes the main tourist attractions of the city – Photo: Secretary of Tourism and Culture of Pomerode/Disclosure Its history, … Read more

The competition promises to choose the best sandwich in Goiânia

D.from the burger to the chickpea burger, passing through the traditional Goiano x-tudo. Starting this Friday (17/6), pit dogs, burgers, bars and restaurants participate in the Burger Time Festival. In all, 50 establishments have created special recipes for the competition which, on 3 July, will elect the best sandwich and burger in the Goiânia metropolitan … Read more

Weekend things to do: Opera festival, art and courses for children

Do you want to advertise on this site? Summer is getting closer and closer and despite the stormy weather of the last days, the agenda of our territory continues to be enriched by initiatives of all kinds, including exhibitions, concerts, tastings and cultural meetings. Here we offer you a selection of appointments for the weekend, … Read more

4 hotels in Monte Verde are on the list of most romantic in Brazil – 06/06/2022

four Monte Verdea hotels stand out in the list of the most romantic in Brazil published by the Travellers’ Choice Awards 2022, a ranking compiled annually based on user reviews of the TripAdvisor website. Are they: In fifth place, Pousada Villa D’Amore is the best placed representative of the district of Camanducaia, in Minas Gerais. … Read more

Four beaches in SC can be certified with the Blue Flag seal for the first time; see the list

Four beaches in Santa Catarina have a chance to be certified by the Blue Flag program for the first time in October. They are present in the list of pre-approved beaches to receive the seal. A state marina has also been indicated for the first time. Vegetation draws attention right at the entrance to Lagoa … Read more

PROTECTION: Indigenous villages in RO will have an unprecedented monitoring system in Brazil

World Environment Day, celebrated this Sunday (5th), is also the day when the indigenous people of the Uru Eu Wau Wau and Oro Nao ethnic groups, both from Rondônia, will be the first in Brazil to test the shortwave digital telecommunications system called Hermes. † According to the makers, this is a low-cost remote communication … Read more

Best beaches in the world – Brazil is in the top 10 three times – 06/03/2022

Based on the opinions of users on the TripAdvisor website, the Travelers’ Choice award annually selects the best in the world of tourism. Brazil stood out in several categories in the 2022 edition. As well as being crowned the second best hotel in the world, the country saw cities like Campos do Jordão (SP) and … Read more