Music, Culture and Film Weekend: Venus in Latteria, Capital of Culture and Tognazzi

Do you want to advertise on this site? Autumn is the perfect time for festivals, conferences, and informal conversations. about books, movies, works of art: so this weekend I’m right cultural initiatives be the owner. The presentation of (part of) the program opens the dance. Bergamo and Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023, during which … Read more

“Hit always harder to get things moving!”

Within restricted area, The M6 ​​presenter offers a new documentary on child welfare, two years after an issue that caused a scandal. After the shock two years ago of an initial investigation into child welfare failures, restricted area continues with Foster families, social hotels: the new scandal of foster children. Interview with an engaged Ophélie … Read more

Were you hungry in the morning? Check out 5 places to eat in Goiania any food it is able to satisfy the desires of the stomach when that hunger strikes at dawn. It was precisely with the night shift in mind that the manager Marcela Tomaru tried to create a place that served faster and more delicious treats for the night shift, such as pizzas, beiruts and sandwiches. … Read more