A resort retreat for those who stay in DF but prefer to leave home

published on 15.06.2022 06:00 Rafael lives on a farm with his wife and owner Mara Gontijo and three children. Photo: Publicity/Fazenda Roncador. Tomorrow’s Corpus Christi holiday is a tempting invitation for Brazilians who want to break out of their routine and relax. Whether you enjoy as a family, as a couple or alone, Brasilia and … Read more

Bars and restaurants are betting on novelties for Valentine’s Day

posted on 11/06/2022 06:00 Optimism: Rodrigo Melo expects to double last year’s revenue – (credit: Cantucci / Disclosure) The arrival of Valentine’s Day cheers up the bar and restaurant sector with an expectation of intense movement throughout this weekend. The estimate is that locals get twice as much sales than a regular Sunday, according to … Read more

Entrepreneurship fair marks resumption of tourism investment

posted on 06/10/2022 06:00 (credit: Minervino Jr/CB/DA Press) Responsible for 2.5% of gross domestic product (GDP), tourism activity is fundamental to the Federal District’s economy and, after the worst years of the pandemic, it is believed the time has come for a resumption. To bring innovation and further promote tourism in the capital, the DF … Read more

Food inflation puts pressure on the poorest; experts evaluate the actions

published on 06/06/2022 05:47 / updated on 06/06/2022 05:48 In April, data showed that around 90% of the foods analyzed became more expensive over the one-year period – (credit: maurenilson freire) A Brazilian goes to the market to buy only the essentials to make the meals of the month but, when you check the prices … Read more

What is known so far about the fire in Águas Claras

published on 02/06/2022 05:48 / updated on 02/06/2022 06:00 Most of the structure of the pizza restaurant was made of wood and straw, which served as fuel for the fire. The flames soon spread and consumed the place – (Credit: Ed Alves / CB / DA Press) A fire destroyed the Fornassa restaurant and pizzeria, … Read more