Suspension of artificial nutrition – 06/10/2022 – Death without taboos

We recently saw on the Instagram of the ANCP – Academia Nacional de Atenção Palliativos, the publication of a position on the non-implementation or suspension of the diet in patients in a chronic vegetative state. The announcement immediately caught our attention. In 2007, German medical lawyer Wolfgang Putz advised the children of a patient who … Read more

I Thought I Was “Too Fat” for Short Hair. I did a lot wrong.

welcome back learning curveis a monthly column in which we reveal the complex experience of accepting your own body in a world that doesn’t want you. This month, the news editor Nicola Dall’Asen It reflects her internalized phobia of fat that convinced her she’d look terrible with short hair, and how she got over it. … Read more

Ten Ways To Reduce Cancer Risk When Eating Barbecue – 01/06/2022 – Balance

If you plan to eat grilled food frequently, experts suggest small steps that make a big difference in reducing exposure to cancerous substances. Many people would be surprised to learn that grilling food carries potential cancer risks. But every year, the American Institute for Cancer Research publishes guidelines for “grilling safely against cancer,” warning consumers … Read more

Your June 2022 Horoscope Predictions Are Here And Two Retrogrades Are Coming

Sign up for Allure’s daily newsletter To find out what else the stars have in store for your zodiac sign. New Moon in Cancer Tuesday, 28 Juneindicates a new cycle in your home life. And remember, star child, home is where the heart is. So, whether you’re moving in with a partner or taking steps … Read more

Homemade infant formula can cause poisoning in babies – 05/16/2022 – Equilibrium

With the current shortage of infant formula in the United States, parents across the country are increasingly concerned about how they will feed their children. Some ration food or head to distant stores to find only empty shelves. Others search the Internet for homemade infant recipes using anything from powdered goat milk to raw cow’s … Read more

Anvisa stops testing for pesticides in food

Since 2020, Brazilians don’t know how many pesticide residues there are in apples, oranges, tomatoes, peppers and other foods sold at fairs and supermarkets across the country. This is because the main federal government monitoring program did not disclose the results of the collections made since the beginning of the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL). … Read more