Agency Minas Gerais | Governor visits Itapecerica Rural Gastronomy Festival

related Governor Romeu Zema looked at the typical dishes of Minas Gerais cuisine prepared during the opening of the XIV Rural Gastronomy Festival of Itapecerica, which started this Thursday (16/6) and lasts until Sunday (19/6), in the streets and squares of Cultural Center of the city, in the Midwest region of Minas Gerais. More than … Read more

An Argentinian couple opens a Latin American restaurant in the Graça neighborhood

He in the kitchen, she in the preparation of drinks and in the salon service. While the former prepares the dishes, prepares the menu of the week, lights the stove and does his best in presentation; the second circulates from table to table with a huge blackboard on his shoulders and a big smile on … Read more

The competition promises to choose the best sandwich in Goiânia

D.from the burger to the chickpea burger, passing through the traditional Goiano x-tudo. Starting this Friday (17/6), pit dogs, burgers, bars and restaurants participate in the Burger Time Festival. In all, 50 establishments have created special recipes for the competition which, on 3 July, will elect the best sandwich and burger in the Goiânia metropolitan … Read more

Mercados Central and Novo have bars for all audiences – 06/06/2022 – Food

Markets are mandatory programs for tourists interested in learning a little bit about the culture of a destination. Visiting them is the easiest way to absorb some of the soul of a city, in a few minutes or hours, using only your legs and sensory perception. Belo Horizonte goes further: the markets are the main … Read more

Marcão Nogueira strolls through the bars of Belo Horizonte – 06/06/2022 – Food

Beagá, or Belzonte, is the Brazilian capital of bars. At least that’s what the miners say, and I see no reason to doubt it. Once in Belo Horizonte, visitors must book at least one day to go from bar to bar, have a snack and drink. If boteco is serious business in Minas, I had … Read more

In Vila Leopoldina the warehouses leave the scene and give way to bars, restaurants and cafes – 02/06/2022 – Restaurants

Anyone wandering around Rua Carlos Weber, right in the heart of Vila Leopoldina, in the western part of São Paulo, must have a hard time imagining that, just two decades ago, the neighborhood was different. Where today you can see bars, restaurants, cafes and many people strolling along the sidewalks, before there were only department … Read more

Bar Dodô is champion of the Comida di Buteco 2022 in Goiás

Competition that was present in the palates of Goiás, Comida di Buteco 2022 announced the winner of this year in Goiás: Bar Dodô. The announcement was made on Monday (16/05), in Goiânia, in a meeting that brought together all 48 structures participating in this edition. The bar won the competition with the snack Bem Bolado … Read more