Kimchi, a typical Korean ingredient, becomes fashionable in SP and enters the menu of restaurants and bars – 22/09/2022 – Restaurantes

To begin with, the chard is washed and dried. Then its leaves are rubbed with a marinade that includes salt, Korean chili powder, garlic, ginger, and an animal protein. Finally, the vegetables are placed in the refrigerator to ferment for days or even months. The result is an intensely smelling and very, very spicy preserve. … Read more

Meet the rare Brazilian coffees that cost a fortune – 09/05/2022 – Food

Imported from Thailand, Black Ivory coffee arrives in Brazil for a small fortune: in the Black Ivory Coffee Company online store, a 35-gram pack, enough for just four cups of espresso, costs a whopping R $ 674. But you don’t even have to go that far to find triple-digit coffee. At the Brazilian e-commerce Café … Read more

The Mistura restaurant promotes dinner based on indigenous food with the cook Pataxó

Chef Andrea Ribeiro has been “frequenting” indigenous cuisine for some time. The potiguaro who runs the Mistura restaurant and who had Italian cuisine as a school, has always been attracted by the ancestry, culture and history of resistance of these peoples. Among his numerous expeditions through the interior of Brazil in search of family agricultural … Read more

Hannover serves fondue in a small castle which is a hybrid between Beto Carrero and Paris 6 – 28/07/2022 – Restaurants

A majestic castle stood on top of the highest hill of the Pernici. The old address of a bank branch on Rua Cardoso de Almeida was given a faux granite cladding, a tower and a collection of arches, with colored LED lighting. What could such an imaginative facade hide? An amusement park? A prison of … Read more