The 25 best luxury hotels in the world – Brazilian is on the list – 06/22/2022

The Ikos Aria hotel, located in Cephalos, on a Greek island called Kos, was not only voted the best resort in the world in 2022, but also tops the ranking of 25 Best Luxury Hotels in the Worldpublished by the Travellers’ Choice Awards 2022. The selection ranks accommodation options based on TripAdvisor user ratings and … Read more

‘I spend around R$700 per month’: women in pursuit of beauty drive the aesthetic industry

From the hairdresser to the beautician, an all-day sports artist’s life. The routine of Seu Jorge’s bourgeois may seem like a dream to many, but to some women it is real. However, this programming is a reflection of an aesthetic pressure that forces individuals, especially women, to a relentless quest to reach a certain standard … Read more

The Saudi prince’s extravagant idea for a future after oil extraction – 07/06/2022 – Market

Hardly anyone would think of going on vacation on an oil rig. But in Saudi Arabia, there is a plan to convert one of them into an exclusive amusement park where extreme sports can be practiced, with restaurants and to spend a few days surrounded by luxury and eccentricities. The project is called The Rig, … Read more

4 hotels in Monte Verde are on the list of most romantic in Brazil – 06/06/2022

four Monte Verdea hotels stand out in the list of the most romantic in Brazil published by the Travellers’ Choice Awards 2022, a ranking compiled annually based on user reviews of the TripAdvisor website. Are they: In fifth place, Pousada Villa D’Amore is the best placed representative of the district of Camanducaia, in Minas Gerais. … Read more

Best beaches in the world – Brazil is in the top 10 three times – 06/03/2022

Based on the opinions of users on the TripAdvisor website, the Travelers’ Choice award annually selects the best in the world of tourism. Brazil stood out in several categories in the 2022 edition. As well as being crowned the second best hotel in the world, the country saw cities like Campos do Jordão (SP) and … Read more

Platforms help to buy bus and plane tickets cheaper | Tourism

gate Platforms help buy cheaper bus and plane tickets Summary The platforms shown are of Brazilian and foreign origin and are available on iOS, Android and the web. The travel experience can be enriched by good planning that balances the cost of travel, lodging, meals, and recreation. Tickets can be cheaper through discounts or price … Read more

8 important and simple tips to practice sustainable tourism | Tourism

revelation Learn to practice sustainable tourism Summary Sustainable tourism aims to preserve the local culture and environment and contribute to the regional economy. According to the UNWTO, the tourism sector is responsible for more than 10% of the world’s GDP and for one in ten jobs on the planet. Some of the tips mentioned can … Read more

Why the best hotels in Brazil are in Gramado – 25/05/2022

The five Best Hotels in Brazil are in Gramado, according to the Travellers’ Choice Awards 2022, a prestigious tourism award based on the opinions of users on the TripAdvisor website. The list, prepared by the Colline de France, the second best hotel in the world, reflects the great moment the tourist market is experiencing in … Read more