Economic activity slows in early second quarter – 14/06/2022 – Market

Against a horizon of high interest rates and persistent inflation, economic activity opened the second quarter with signs of slowing down in Brazil. The signs of loss of rhythm took on a new element this Tuesday (14), when the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) announced the service sector’s performance for April. Compared to … Read more

Sophie Calle, True Stories | double zero

Today our beloved cat Baguette turns fifteen. She is sick, she has lost weight; eats only protein broths; dies. To move forward in the development of mourning, Katerina and I cultivated graveyard fantasies for some time. Wrap it in linen. Place the body in the Moët Chandon box. Bury her at the foot of the … Read more

McPicanha and Rib Whopper: “Truth or Dare”

McDonald’s Corporation is the largest fast food chain in the world, being a well-known symbol of North American capitalism, more prominent, in our opinion, than the flag of the country that originated it. Among its products, the main dish is burgers, followed by fries and ice cream, among others not so important. Far beyond snacks … Read more

An artist who devours women

Being, having a body sometimes seems to be all we know about ourselves and about life; perhaps even the only thing that we can present as irrefutable proof of our existence. We carry this incontrovertible fact from birth to death in rotating roles as protagonist, minor character, or insignificant extra; but although it seems to … Read more