From the Desert to Patagonia, Leticia Lived Magical Scenarios for Two Weeks – Behavior

The trip brought beautiful photos in the Chilean capital, the Atacama Desert and Huilo Huilo. The Montanha Mágica brings together the enchanted world of Huilo Huilo. (Photo: Julieta Bakchin) For 14 days, 33-year-old Leticia Naveira lived magical scenarios as she traveled through the Atacama Desert, Santiago and Chilean Patagonia. Back in Brazil, Campo Grande brought … Read more

Pousada Quinta do Bucanero renews charm and preservation in Praia do Rosa (SC) | SEGS

In the list of Roteiros de Charme do Brasil for 25 years, an inn in the Atlantic Forest consolidates the meaning of sustainability, comfort, beautiful landscapes, exclusive services and gastronomy. The atmosphere of romance is in all the rooms of the property, which overlook one of the most beautiful coves in the world, on the … Read more

Artificial beaches provide coastal atmosphere around the world

Revelation Cerrado Beach – Brazil Artificial beaches have been created with the aim of imitating coastal beaches, as the environment gives the feeling of being on a natural beach. The beaches are designed to refresh and entertain people and are thought to be a way of making up for the lack of these places in … Read more

Companies reinvent themselves and survive in post-pandemic tourism | National Destinations

Fabiana Costa Facade of the Chocolate Gramadense theme shop The pandemic has severely impacted the tourism industry, especially due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, making it impossible for domestic and international travel, as well as for hosting major events. According to the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC), the sector … Read more