Gregoris Pyrpylis of Hermès Beauty talks about breaking the cycle of passing trends – Vogue

+ Hermès Beauty (Photo: Playback for Hermès Beauty/ Deo Suveera and Pamela Dimitrov) More than ever, and faster than ever before, the beauty industry has been able to bring its products to market, which has led to a constant stream of new releases catering to the latest trends. Launching its cosmetics line in March 2020, … Read more

It’s no longer just a marketing gimmick: the beauty market monetizes worlds built in the metaverse – Vogue

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Julia Roberts talks about aging, plastic surgery and motherhood: “I hope I never wake up wishing to be completely different” – Vogue

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Hair loss: know six treatments – 08/29/2022 – Balance

In addition to hormonal and hereditary conditions, the decrease in hair volume may have various causes such as malnutrition, chemical use, drug use, infections and hair pulling. Aesthetic and drug treatments aid recovery but should be made according to each patient’s diagnosis. Androgenetic alopecia, known as baldness, which causes atrophy of hair follicles and accelerates … Read more

«We feel the need to celebrate the beauty of every woman alive and colorful» – Marketeer

Bringing an online project to life and providing a unique beauty experience were the main goals of Skinbox, a pop-up event. cosmetics online store Skin. After making his home outside of the Trindade metro in Porto from June 30 to July 2, Skin settled in Lisbon on July 7, 8 and 9 in the Parque … Read more

An essential guide to sensitive skin care

Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels Experts say how sensitive skin care should be The facial skin care routine should always be considered according to the characteristics of each skin type – this is because the wrong skin care does more damage to its natural properties. In the case of sensitive skin, the challenge is mainly to … Read more

Facial moisturizer: 5 options to combat oiliness – Marie Claire Magazine

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Skincare: 6 toners and astringents for skincare – Marie Claire Magazine

+ Tonic is an option for deeper cleansing of the skin (Photo: Description / Pexels (Andrea Piacquadio)) Toner is an essential part of skincare because it acts as a kind of double, deeper cleansing to ensure that all residue from the face is removed. Brands like Nivea, Payot, Darrow, and others offer options to regenerate … Read more