Summer travel faces chaos in Europe – 04/08/2022 – Market

Strikes and staff shortages are forcing European airlines to cancel thousands of flights and causing hours of queues at major airports, shattering hopes for the first hot summer after widespread Covid-related restrictions. Here is a summary of the main facts: LABOR UNRESISTANCE After cutting jobs and wages as Covid-19 halted travel, employees across the industry, … Read more

‘Unstable and chaotic’: flight attendants scream about the chaos of air travel (and four tips for traveling travelers)

Flight attendants are tired, say they have never had such long days and short nights, and are calling for a fundamental change in air travel. British flight attendant Chris Major has been in aviation for over two decades. And he has seen the industry suffer and recover from 9/11, SARS and FMD. Now Major is … Read more

These airports are the worst in the world for flight delays and cancellations this summer

Anyone who has been to the airport recently can see that the demand for travel has increased significantly again. What is not being returned are the resources required to serve the vast number of air passengers. Add to the staffing problems at airports and airlines the summer season and you have the perfect storm of … Read more