Sylvain Moreno becomes the main police suspect (DNA Episode 1298 Advance Summary)

Trailer, detailed summary and spoilers for “Tomorrow is ours” on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, Episode 1298 of DNA. In this new DNA episode, the police have their first suspect as Sébastien and Claire cross a threshold.


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The summary above sneak peek of Tomorrow belongs to us as of October 18, 2022 is also online. Good reading.

Tomorrow Belongs to Us Episode Recap for October 19, 2022

Sébastien and Claire take a step

Sébastien offered Claire a little romantic getaway in a charming hotel and had booked two rooms. They are back in Sète. Sébastien found this little weekend delicious. If this escapade allowed them to get to know each other better and have time to talk to each other, Claire hoped for better. In fact, she was hoping to spend the night with Sébastien. But Sebastian didn’t want to force her to share the same room with him when they hadn’t yet been intimate. Claire thinks the time was right and she regrets that Sébastien is old-fashioned. After making sure that Sébastien loves her, they plan to meet again tonight just the two of them.

Marianne meets Sébastien at the Spoon. He invites her out for coffee and tells him some secrets of hers about her romantic getaway with Claire. He confides in her in particular that Claire would have liked him to be more enterprising. Sébastien then confesses to Marianne that he hasn’t been used to this kind of love story for a long time and that he must have opted for caution. Marianne thinks that at this level it is no longer cautious, but clumsy. She also thinks Sébastien will need a little benzodiazepine tonight for stress and prescribes him some medication.

Camille and her grandfather, Sébastien, meet at the port of Sète. She confesses to him that she is aware of her relationship with Claire. The young woman then confesses her relationship with Dorian… She has the impression that her relationship is running out, but she is above all attracted to another high school student… But Sébastien has just received a photo of Claire. and he is not listening. really her girl..

Before going to the restaurant, Claire walks unexpectedly into Sébastien’s office looking flirtatious. One thing leads to another, they have an intimate relationship. Later, Claire confesses to Sébastien that she never fell in love with her without physical passion and that all her doubts about her relationship disappeared after sharing an intimate moment with him.


A snake in the Roussels?

Audrey asks Jack to pick Leo up from college and take him home. Jack agrees to reassure his mother. Leo, who is now in the fifth grade, makes sure that Jack stays behind if he is with his friends. Damien thinks that Audrey no longer has a reason to stress over Leo, especially since she has obtained full adoption of him. Audrey admits that she’s not wrong and agrees to relax. And that’s good, they’re both on leave today. They take advantage of the solitude to spend an intimate moment on the sofa in the living room. But they are constantly interrupted. Jack comes back because he forgot his math book, Alma comes to get her headphones. Then Damien gets a call from a colleague and then a deafening beeping stops them from going any further. This is the fire alarm. Jordan then comes home early from the media library and surprises them half naked on the couch. He gets offended and then complains that the apartment is messy. But a few seconds later, Audrey lets out a scream. She just saw a snake..

Does Sylvain Moreno have any link with the murder of Régis?

After the macabre discovery of Aurore and Karim, the Daunier family gathered at William’s house. Brigitte is silent. William pressures his mother to tell them what happened the last time she saw Régis. Brigitte gets up, hurt by her son’s advances. Bénédicte and William go to the morgue to identify their father’s body. Brigitte does not accompany them, she is beyond her strength.

According to the forensic doctor’s report, Régis Daunier died last Friday between 4 and 6 p.m. as a result of an attack. His attacker broke his nose and the blow was so violent that Régis suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. Police found no fingerprints or DNA traces on Régis’s body. The person who killed her took precautions and cleaned Regis’s face before burying him. Lisa feels like it was an altercation gone wrong.

Karim found the taxi driver who picked up Brigitte last Friday. He remembered her, because she asked him to carry her bags to the station platform. The driver picked her up at 3:08 p.m. and her train left at 3:55 p.m., so before her husband’s presumed time of death. Furthermore, he discovered that Régis’s credit card had been used at 19:22 in a supermarket, thus after his death.

In the morgue, identification is a painful test for Bénédicte. He didn’t think his father’s facial fracture would be so impressive. William believes that his death was quick and that he did not have time to suffer. Bénédicte asks his brother if he thinks his father understood that he was going to die. William ignores her and replies that the last person to see Regis was a savage who buried him like a dog. And then he takes her sister in her stockings to comfort her. William then lets a few tears flow. He tries to remember the last time he talked to his father. It was about three weeks ago, on the phone, and they had only exchanged a few conversations, much to his chagrin. A morgue clerk hands them Regis’s personal effects. William immediately receives a message from Aurore in which she tells him that Brigitte is free of her.

While Aurore waits for a letter rogatory signed by the prosecutor, Lisa obtains, without a public deed, the copy of the receipt from the person who used Régis’ credit card after he murdered her, and shows it to Aurore. The killer bought the equipment to bury Régis and paid twice to stay under the roof with no contact, because he didn’t have the code. Lisa also obtained CCTV footage of the store manager’s parking lot.

The technical and scientific police already know the exact composition of the paint on the murderer’s vehicle and have sent it to all the car manufacturers. Georges informs Karim that pieces of vinyl with traces of glue have been found in the exact place where the collision occurred. This is proof that Régis’ attacker’s vehicle is silkscreened.

For his part, William apologizes to his mother for having doubted her and asks for her forgiveness. Brigitte confesses to her son that Régis had sent her an email on the day of her death from her cell phone. She remembered the beginning of their relationship and the happy days of it. She then regrets that Régis hasn’t told her about her gambling debts.

Sylvain has planned to go out for a drink with Alex tonight. Finally, this is what he says to Christelle. But, Charlie isn’t fooled, she understood that he was coming back into her play circle. Sylvain makes Charlie promise that he won’t tell Christelle.

At the police station, the police finally have their first suspect. A blue utility with an advertising tag is seen on the CCTV footage Lisa retrieves. This utility is in the name of Sylvain Moreno.

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