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According to the UFU, the company responsible for the service – the Group meals PJ – met the university at least 3 times since the reopening of the restaurants e asked for a period of 30 days to improve the service. Among the points raised are the need to increase the number of vehicles for the transport of food and the hiring of new employees. See details further down in this article.

After receiving no response in the last week, the TV integration returned to PJ Refeições Coletivas this Wednesday (18) to find out the company’s position on the case, but there has been no response yet. The UFU has already sent a note stating that it continues to provide assistance to assisted students and that it has taken all possible negotiations to resolve the problem.

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With the return to face-to-face classes, the students of the Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU) complained about the service offered by the university’s university restaurants. Since the recovery, which began in April after 2 years of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, students report having to face queues lasting more than 1.5 hours to enter the canteen.

Also, at times, menu items run out and not restocked, for both lunch and dinner. On Monday (16), students on the Santa Monica campus again complained about problems replenishing food, which caused many students to delay their academic activities.

The General Coordinator of the Central Student Register (DCE) of the UFU, Max Ziller, warns of the need to urgently resolve the problem.

“The university has a lot of low-income students who depend on the restaurant to eat and study. And these students have to wait in line for almost 2 hours and, in the end, we don’t even know if we’ll be able to eat or not,” Ziller protests. .

The queues still continue at UFU university restaurants

Meetings and contingency plan

In a note sent to TV integrationthe Dean of Student Assistance of the UFU (Proae) reported that several meetings took place between the technical team of the University Restaurants Division and the contracting company for agreements relating to compliance with deadlines, delivery / replacement logistics and to the organization of the menu.

According to the university, the company identified difficulties in hiring staff and acquiring equipment and input suppliers in the city of Uberlândia. On May 5, the company would send out a contingency plan, indicating the improvements in the following items:

  • Acquisition of another 3 vehicles to serve the campuses;
  • Acquisition of industrial equipment to increase production with expected arrival and installation;
  • Acquisition of tools and equipment to speed up the replacement and distribution of meals;
  • Relocation of the company’s National Nutrition Coordinator to coordinate implementation work;
  • Relocation of the National Human Resources Coordinator of the company to coordinate the implementation work;
  • Arrival of 12 employees with extensive experience in collective meals, including chefs, drivers, nutritionists and support staff;
  • Task force for the admission of employees in order to replace meals, streamline lines to make diners flow better, reduce waiting times;
  • Logistic and maintenance support with a specialized team;
  • Acquisition of 20 refrigerators to better distribute collective meals in Campi.

On the 11th, a new emergency meeting was held between the contractual management and the contractor, with the alignment of the following items:

  • Adjustments and alignments in the menu. All changes should be aligned with the nutritionists of the UFU update the information on the website and application;
  • Review and monitoring of the route taken by the cars that distribute the preparations. Logistics must be revised to reduce the replacement time for menu items that are running out;
  • The cold room will be loaned UFU for company food supplies;
  • The guarantee of the presence of the agent during the execution of the services in the RUs;
  • Respect the opening hours, as defined in the contract and waiting time analysis.

Also according to the UFU, on 14 and 15 May new meetings were held with the company’s headquarters, which is in Natal (RN), and with the company’s managers in Uberlândia to define flows and procedures. The company took about 30 days to regularize all the items identified and notified by the university.

“Proae continues to grant food aid to assisted students, that is in socio-economic vulnerability, until we have regularity in compliance with this contract, in addition to reporting that all negotiations are underway with the contracting company for the standardization and compliance with established rules contract with the institution. And reaffirms the institutional commitment towards our students to guarantee adequate nutrition as a policy of permanence in the institute “ends in footnote.

Competition for university restaurants

UFU university restaurants faced problems in 2022 – Photo: Marco Cavalcanti / UFU

In 2020, UFU concluded the tender procedures for the hiring of a new company that would provide the production, transport and distribution of meals for university restaurants in Uberlândia – on the Glória, Santa Mônica and Umuarama campuses – and in Monte Carmelo .

However, the company that won the tender, as well as the one that finished in 2nd place, gave up the contract. Therefore, on March 2, 2022, the third place in the bidding process, PJ Refeições Coletivas, signed a one-year contract for the amount of R $ 10,494,931.68

On average, each meal costs BRL 15.12 for the university. Each student pays R $ 3 to eat in the canteens, with the exception of fellows, who are exempt from paying. The professors and technicians of the institute can also be served, but they pay higher fees.

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