Shared Emissions: Travel Europe and Japan with AAdvantage Points

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Continuing the Emissions Swap series here at Pontos pra Voar, in today’s post we’ll talk about an issue run with miles by reader Chris Moya for travel to Europe and Japan in economy classusing AAdvantage miles.


At the beginning, I remember that in this series, I and other editors indicates flightin addition to readers (as in this case), we will share emissions (both for flights already operated and for future flights not yet operated), which are beneficial under the current conditions of the programs.

In today’s post, let’s talk about redeeming miles for traveling to Europe and Japan in Economy Class using AAdvantage miles on Iberia, Japan Airlines (JAL), Qatar and Finnair flights.

As a reminder, the central idea of ​​this series of posts is to show you, the reader, that it is possible to fly to different parts of the world using miles accumulated in national and international programs that we Brazilians have access to. lives here in Brazil.

Actually, based on the reader’s broadcasts, we will at the end make some comments about directions, broadcast options, tariffs and salons.

We then move on to the problem of a reader who, kindly sharing her outliers, described a trip to Europe and Japan in economy class using miles from the AAdvantage program.

Purpose of the trip

The radio broadcasts made by our reader were intended to provide her daughter with a trip to Europe and, after spending a few days there, go to Japan, a country whose memory is excellent.

Initial emissions were as follows (all in economy class):

To Europe: Guarulhos-Madrid-Milan (GRU-MAD-LIN) flying Iberia for 50 thousand points plus taxes.

One way to Japan: Helsinki-Tokyo (HEL-HND) with JAL for only 35,000 points plus taxes.

Japan leg: Tokyo-Doha (NRT-DOH), flight to Qatar for only 22.5k points plus tax.

Return to Brazil: Doha-Guarulhos (DOH-GRU), flight with Qatar for 60,000 points plus tax.

Total: 167.5K points plus taxes, a very good rate, especially for those who, like the reader, took advantage of Santander’s latest good promotions to earn valuable AAdvantage miles.

It is worth clarifying that the reader’s original idea was to meet her daughter in Tokyo, given that the reader, being a doctor, received a free ticket from Qatar to the promotion that this company held in 2020 in honor of these professionals, as we already mentioned here.

However, due to the approaching date of the trip and the continued restrictions on the entry of tourists to Japan, our reader decided to cancel the broadcasts free of charge on the Helsinki-Tokyo-Haneda (HEL-HND) section.

So she made a new flight from Helsinki to Doha via Frankfurt (HEL-FRA-DOH) with Finnair and Qatar, all for 20,000 points plus tax, so her daughter could return to Brazil.

Despite this, the reader still has the opportunity to have a family reunion in Europe, and we hope that this will happen.

Comments on questions

Now, after the reader’s full report on emissions, we’ll talk a bit about the destinations chosen, the emissions options available to us Brazilians, the fares to be charged, and the cabins that, in principle, will be available on the released segments.

Before doing so, however, it is desirable to show on the map provided by the GCMAP website the routes mentioned above for better visualization, as well as proof of the outliers submitted by a reader:

Shared Emissions: Travel Europe and Japan with AAdvantage Points
The route is built in GCMAP.
Shared Emissions: Travel Europe and Japan with AAdvantage Points
Emissions receipt for the HEL-HND section (Helsinki-Tokyo Haneda).
Shared Emissions: Travel Europe and Japan with AAdvantage Points
Evidence of releases from the GRU-MAD-LIN site (Guarulhos-Madrid-Milan Linate).
Shared Emissions: Travel Europe and Japan with AAdvantage Points
Proof of issuance of the DOH-GRU section (Doha-Guarulhos).
Shared Emissions: Travel Europe and Japan with AAdvantage Points
Proof of issuance of NRT-DOH (Tokyo Narita-Doha) section.

Destination and release options

Considering travel destinations such as Milan, Helsinki, and Tokyo (this one, unfortunately, still doesn’t accept Brazilian tourists), this will certainly be a great trip.

I haven’t had a chance to go to Helsinki yet, but I can’t wait to get to know the city, so much so that I’m going to visit the city early next year with my family.

As attractions, I single out the Cathedral, Senado Square, the Old Market, Esplanadi Park and others.

Milan and Tokyo are great destinations that I already know, but which I plan to return to soon to visit some of the sights that I didn’t have a chance to visit on my previous trip.

Therefore, we are confident that the trip will be very fruitful.

Fares and cabins to use

In terms of fares, the AAdvantage economy class table mainly consists of Europe to Asia 1 (HEL-HND segment) and Asia 1 to the Middle East (NRT-DOH segment, with travel between these regions very well researched by the reader) It’s fantastic.

In comparison, the AAdvantage program charged 167.5K miles in total, while the TAP Miles&Go program charged a similar amount (2x80K = 160K).

Fixed schedule for Miles&Go in Economy Class.

It happens that the availability on the issued routes, especially from Brazil, is very poor and, in addition, there are more companies that the Miles&Go program passes on fuel surcharges (especially on these routes) than the companies of the AAdvantage program.

So much so that in none of the issues mentioned above, the said fee was charged to our reader.

In addition, at present, unfortunately, Livelo bonus promotions under the Miles&Go program are no longer running, the last one was held in November last year.

In fact, even though accumulating miles with Livelo is easy, for example, the lack of promotions combined with the lack of good accessibility keeps readers away from using this program, so the planned accumulation of miles is worth mentioning. miles completed by our reader in the AAdvantage program.

On the Guarulhos-Madrid (GRU-MAD) route in economy class, Iberia uses an A330-300 with 242 seats in a 2-4-2 configuration.

On the Madrid to Milan (LIN) route, the same company uses a 144-seat economy A320 in a 3-3 configuration.

In turn, on the route from Helsinki to Tokyo (HEL-HND), JAL uses a B787-900 with 116 seats in a 2-4-2 configuration.

On the Tokyo-Doha (NRT-DOH) route, Qatar uses a 312-seat B777-300ER in a 3-4-3 configuration.

On the route from Helsinki to Frankfurt (HEL-FRA), Finnair uses the E190 with a total of 88 seats and a 2-2 configuration.

On the Frankfurt-Doha (FRA-DOH) route, Qatar uses the B787-800 with a total of 232 seats in a 3-3-3 configuration.

Finally, on the Doha to Guarulhos (DOH-GRU) route, Qatar uses a 312-seat B777-300ER in a 3-4-3 configuration.

Problems with tickets with miles

If you are planning to book flights with any loyalty program points and do not want to waste time on phone calls with a call center, our partner Wanderlust can do the job for you.

All you need to do is send an email to with the dates of the trip, the number of passengers and a contact number, which the team will then contact.

Challenges start at R$300 for the first passenger per segment (whether it’s round trip or round trip). The fare for other passengers in the same locator is 200 reais per person.

Note to the folio

As mentioned in this post, we are continuing the streak in which we, the site editors, will aim to share emissions (both for flights already flown and for future flights not yet flown but that are on our list) that while maintaining current conditions are favorable.

In fact, from the very beginning of the series, we always emphasize that the site is open to receive input from readers. We do this to show other readers, especially newbies, that it is possible to fly Business Class using the options offered by our national and international mileage programs at significant savings over the fees charged for tickets.

Therefore, in this post, we share emissions for traveling to Europe and Japan in economy class using AAdvantage miles on Iberia, Japan Airlines (JAL), Qatar and Finnair.

We thank the reader for the report and for the excellent broadcast, and wishing her daughter a great trip, I repeat the invitation to other readers of this site to share their broadcasts with us.

To do this, I ask that you send an email with a brief description of your experience and details of your problem to the following address:

Have you, the reader, already visited Europe and Asia with AAdvantage points? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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