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Although freshly prepared food is delicious and welcoming, the hustle and bustle of everyday life doesn’t always allow for this luxury. One option for those who appreciate home-made food is frozen dishes.

Companies work to offer recipes that speak to different types of profiles, from fit to comfort. The alternatives are increasingly varied and include dietary restrictions, special diets and even snacks for the break between meals. Check out some profiles compiled by metropolis and find the one that’s right for you. Then he orders your snacks!


in step with the diet

Those who usually follow strict diets look for places that offer suitable lunch boxes, that provide healthy foods, and with some types of restrictions and requirements. Among the places with this type of service there is Smart Fitness, which offers preparations with whole ingredients and low carb combinations. On the list are dishes like chicken bait with wholemeal pasta and sweet potatoes (R $ 15.90 with 300g) and chicken sausage with carrot and vegetable puree (R $ 15.90). In addition to individual meals, the restaurant offers combos of up to 30 lunchboxes, which can be ordered via WhatsApp (check the number at the service of the article).

Bálsamo Congelados offers options for different types of diets on the website and in the store, including high-protein (R $ 216.60 with five meals and five broths), low-carb (R $ 216.60 with five meals) and five broths). ) and the diet liquid (R $ 74.90 with two juices, two broths and two milks or smoothies). It is also possible to purchase complete dishes, such as the salmon fillet with baked dill accompanied by vegetables and the mixed salad of quinoa and mango (R $ 32.40).


Eating healthy does not mean entering into restricted diets, but consuming with balance and abusing natural ingredients. Those looking for this type of food can bet on the Eat Good menu, which includes recipes such as chicken bobó accompanied by rice with cabbage, carrots and diced zucchini (R $ 14.99 in the combination with 10; R $ 15.99 in the combination with five and R $ 16.99 a unit). The brand also offers the possibility to assemble the dishes according to the needs of each customer, just contact WhatsApp (check the number in the service of the matter).

People with dietary restrictions

It’s also possible to find frozen foods for those with dietary restrictions, but it’s always important to make sure the job is done seriously and correctly. One of the places offering this service is Nutribru, which works with weekly menus with six meal options. The menu usually features options such as a hamburger made with a blend of steak and rump with caramelized onions accompanied by mashed sweet potatoes and farofa with a touch of garlic (R $ 24.90 for about 300g), a gluten-free and lactose option. To guarantee the lunchboxes, just contact us via WhatsApp (check the number at the service of the file).

ali.MENTE.SE also offers recipes for those with restrictions. There, all preparations are gluten-free and the brand offers several lactose-free recipes. For frozen meals, the customer answers a questionnaire and a professional creates a menu of up to five recipes, such as escondidinho or roasted tilapia with side dishes. The dishes are prepared in their kitchen for R $ 350 and the customer buys the ingredients. To find out more, just contact WhatsApp (check the number for the file).


Vegetarians and Vegans

Those who do not consume meat or animal products can also order frozen foods. Among the places with menus aimed at this public is Varandas Marmita Fit, which offers combinations of 10 lunchboxes (R $ 179.90 for 250g each and R $ 189.90 for 350g each). To assemble the pairings, customers can choose up to three types of carbohydrates, up to three vegetables and a legume. To place orders, customers can go directly to the store profile on Goomer.

These profiles are also part of the Aquarela do Sabor audience. The restaurant offers vegan options like Stroganoff (R $ 17.70), made with mushrooms and chickpeas in soy sauce, accompanied by brown rice and homemade potato straw. Also on the menu is vegan lasagna (R $ 31), made with zucchini and eggplant grilled in olive oil, homemade tomato sauce, and cashew cheese.

demanding tastes

Those who love products with the finest ingredients also have space in the frozen food market. Ravioli & Cia is on the list of places that offer preparations like this, focused on fresh pasta. Menu options include gorgonzola ravioli with dates and bacon (R $ 29.90 with 400g) and pear, baru and grana padano ravioli (R $ 29.90 with 400g). To guarantee orders, just contact one of the units via WhatsApp (check the numbers at the service of the practice).

At Empório Petrarca it is possible to take home the frozen recipes of chef Marcelo Petrarca. The product list includes Tomato rigatoni with basil pesto and cream cheese (R $ 26.90 with 400g) and Thai salmon (R $ 45 with 400g), glazed with honey and spices and accompanied by Thai rice. The address also offers pizzas (R $ 29.90), with flavors like peppers and peppers with onions.

Bonus: snack

Regardless of the type of diet you are following, snacks will be a part of your daily life, and some companies even offer preparations for this period. A must-try is Green Lanche, which offers nutritious frozen foods like Sweet Potato Cheese Bread (R $ 25), which also includes aged cheese and organic cassava; and the vegan Pão de Q (R $ 25), made with organic cassava and sweet potatoes. The full menu is available on Goomer.

With options for different times of the day, Clover has recipes like pastelão (R ​​$ 6.50) made with wholemeal flour and flax seeds, available in grated meat and cheese and ham flavors. But also with other snack alternatives available on the brand’s website, such as the carrot cake with chocolate glaze (R $ 10.50), made with oatmeal, xylitol and 70% chocolate.


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