See 5 fundamental attitudes to lose weight with health

The healthy weight loss process goes a long way, requiring dedication and smart choices for results to last. Magic formulas, which include very restrictive diets or miracle drugs, can be harmful to both physical and emotional health.

“Eating a healthy diet is part of a process that involves changes in habits and repetitions. When these behaviors are well established, consuming healthy foods is a natural choice, ”says Priseno Andrade, MKT-Nutrition manager at Ajinomoto do Brasil.

The company has a nutritional education program to promote a balanced and tasty diet. The team’s experts listed five key attitudes that facilitate dietary re-education. Watch:

1. Make good choices

Reduce frequent consumption of high-energy foods, such as fried foods, in main meals, and increase your intake of water and fruit.

Maintaining the three main meals of the day is essential, as are the intermediate snacks to promote satiety, thus avoiding overdoing it at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here are the best diets for healthy eating:


2. Consume protein

An adequate consumption of proteins, broken down during meals, contributes to the strengthening of bones and muscles, leaving the body stronger and healthier. In addition, protein contributes to a longer-lasting sense of satiety, which promotes weight loss.

Meat, eggs, fish, poultry, milk, and cheese are examples of protein-rich foods of animal origin. They are also present in beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, peanuts, and walnuts.

3. Try new recipes

Preparing your own meal is a pleasant habit, which allows you to guarantee the quality of what you eat.

There are many practical, tasty and healthy recipes and trying them will awaken the senses of taste, favoring healthier choices.

4. Move your body

Practicing physical exercises is important for the new lifestyle. Helps burn calories and maintain and gain lean mass. It also promotes greater disposition and contributes to stress control and sleep quality.

Choose enjoyable activities that make you want to move your body and enjoy the moment.

5. Don’t blame yourself for mistakes

During the process of changing your lifestyle, it is essential to remember not to blame yourself if there is a loss of food.

The emotional factors of daily life can act as triggers for the consumption of higher calorie foods. Experts explain that it is essential to recognize the facts and recalculate the path to follow.

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