São Roque brings Hermeto Pascoal and great attractions

City 54 kilometers from the capital receives free presentations, starting this Friday and lasting all weekend

The São Roque Jazz Festival returns this Friday for its last week of attractions, featuring some of the biggest names in the national music scene, in free performances that take place until Sunday at Centro Cultural Brasital, Praça da Matriz and Sitio Santo Antonio.

“We invite everyone to come and enjoy this event so dear and prepared with great care for our entire population. We will bring several presentations to our city with world-renowned artists arriving for the first time in São Roque to bring culture and charm to our people,” said Mayor Guto Issa.

The highlight is the presentation of Hermeto Pascoal, one of the great names of Brazilian music and who will be in town on September 24 to surprise everyone with his performance. But besides the musician, the city also gets other important names, such as Amilton Godoy (23rd) and Antônio Loureiro Trio (24th), in addition to a new attraction, the Heartbreakers Orchestra (25th).

Another important novelty is that, in addition to the musical performances, the Festival also has a Masterclass with curator: Guga Stroeter. Under the title “O SAMBA EO JAZZ”, the lecture will take place on Saturday, December 24 at 2 pm, where a musician and researcher will delve into the origin and evolution of these musical genres, unanimously considered two of the most ingenious artistic manifestations of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Hot jazz club (photo: Disclosure)

“I invite the entire population of São Roque and the entire region to accompany each of these unforgettable performances, which bring different aspects of jazz to our city, in an event that aims to entertain people, but also to enchant and unite,” said the director. of Culture of São Roque, Sissi Bembom.

View the details of each of the attractions

09/23 (FRIDAY)


7 p.m. – Trio Amó

Trio of musicians with more than 10 years of experience in concerts and theatrical music shows. He plays themes of various icons such as Pat Metheny, Avishai Cohen, Mike Stern, Clube da Esquina, and some original music, in addition to spontaneous creation, which can also be called “FreeJazz”.

9 p.m. – Amilton Godoy

A reference in jazz and in Brazilian and worldwide instrumental music, Amilton Godoy is one of the greatest Brazilian pianists of all time, with a dedicated career spanning nearly five decades as a member of the legendary Zimbo Trio, winning national and international awards such as the “Pinheiro de Ouro”, “International Disco Festival of Mar Del Plata”, “Festival De Onda Nueva”, “Sharp Music Award” and the “23rd Brazilian Music Award”.

09/24 (SATURDAY)


11am – Hot Jazz Club

The jazz group Manouche (French gypsy jazz from the 1930s) is a pioneer of this style in Brazil. It’s been on the road for almost 20 years and mainly uses stringed instruments typical of this genre, such as violin, gypsy guitars and acoustic bass. Hot Jazz Club offers the unique experience of rediscovering established melodies dressed in the nostalgic and dancing sound of 1930s jazz, in a show full of emotion and joy.


2 pm – Master Class “O SAMBA EO JAZZ.” –

The lecture, led by musician and researcher Guga Stroeter, will explore the origins and evolution of these musical genres that are unanimously considered to be two of the most ingenious artistic manifestations of the 20th and 21st centuries. Pre-registration is not necessary.

19:00 – Antonio Loureiro Trio

Multi-instrumentalist and also singer, songwriter, arranger and music producer, Antônio released his sixth author album, Livre (ybmusic) in 2018, which toured Brazil, Japan, Portugal and Germany. Winner of the BDMG Instrumental Award for Best Composer, Best Arrangement and Best Instrumentalist, today considered one of the most sought after musicians in the current Brazilian music scene.

9 p.m. – Hermeto Pascoal

The iconic composer and multi-instrumentalist Hermeto started his music history in Recife, at the age of 14 and since then he has built a dedicated career, won 2 Latin Grammys and became known all over the world thanks to his performances and participation in major festivals, such as the one in Montreux (Switzerland). After performing on stages around the world, the iconic musician arrives to enchant São Roque.

25/09 (DOMINGO)


11am – Reminders

Sixtet of musicians formed in 2016, which has searched in its repertoire for extensive arrangements between the most diverse music genres within its jazzy character.


3pm – Brazilian Twenty

Instrumental music orchestra consisting of 21 members who want to bring the best of Brazilian instrumental music to the public by mixing all possible elements in a musical genre, without labels, without prejudice, with a natural mix, through the knowledge of different rhythms and languages

5 pm – Orquestra Heartbreakers

Under the direction of Guga Stroeter, Orquestra HB (Heartbreakers) invests in the interpretation of salsa and Afro-Cuban rhythms, achieving a great projection that resulted in the recording of numerous albums, the creation of musicals and a series of tours in Brazil, Europe, the East and the Caribbean.

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