Santa Catarina entrepreneurs promote an event to discuss the tax, exchange and administrative regime that applies to a ZPE

Joinville (SC) – Businessmen from northern Santa Catarina and authorities will meet on Sept. 28 to discuss the benefits arising from the new legal framework for processing and export zones (ZPE). The event will take place at the HUB Auditorium in Ágora Tech Park, in Joinville, from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm.

These areas have free trade conditions, aimed at the production of goods and services related to the industrialization of goods destined for export, and the aim is to strengthen the economy of Joinville and the region. A year ago, the private sector was allowed to invest directly through a ZPE both in the design of this covenant area and in its governance.

To encourage prospecting for this scenario, Investing Santa Catarina is bringing Professor Helson Braga, President of the Brazilian Association of Processing and Exporting Zones (ABRAZPE) to discuss the topic, along with his project advisor, Felipe Braga. There will also be a panel on the theme of ‘Expansion of logistics in the north of Santa Catarina’, which will bring together executives and managers of leading companies active in the field of import and export. The aim is to reflect on improvements in the sector together with governments.

Investing Santa Catarina is an investment attractive agency for the state through the participation of associated companies led by entrepreneurs who complement each other in their professional expertise, acting as a “one-stop-shop” to generate positive experiences by networking and providing services in favor of the installation of investments in the state with effectiveness, safety and in the shortest possible time.

The ticket price is R$50, the value of which goes entirely to Associação Projeto Resgate, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that offers scholarships to low-income families in private schools. Information must be entered in this link.

But what is a SPA?

The Export Processing Zones (ZPE) are interconnected areas intended for the installation of industries and service providers, allowing the import or acquisition into the domestic market of machinery, apparatus, instruments, equipment (new or used), raw materials, intermediaries and packaging materials ( if necessary for business activities or for incorporation into fixed assets), with suspension of the following taxes and premiums, respectively: import tax; Tax on industrialized products (IPI); Contribution to the financing of social security (Cofins); Coffins import; PIS/Pasep; PIS/Pasep import; and additional freight for Merchant Marine Renovation (AFRMM). When the end product is exported, the suspension is converted into: 0% rate for a contribution to PIS/Pasep and PIS/Pasep Import, Cofins and Cofins-Import and IPI; and exemption, in the case of import tax and AFRMM. Raw materials, intermediates and packaging materials must be fully utilized in the process of the final product to be exported.

Investing SC president Maysa Fischer emphasizes that the EPZ is an alternative to make Santa Catarina companies more competitive. According to her, the event was organized to disseminate the content of the new legal framework that should make the tax regime even more attractive and attractive, and to explore how the introduction of a free trade zone could benefit the economy. from the north of Santa Catarina. Currently, the cities of Imbituba, Lages and Dionísio Cerqueira have implemented SPAs.

“We entrepreneurs see that an Export Cluster would be an important incentive to leverage the presence of Santa Catarina products in the international market, favored by the importation of raw materials, parts and components with tax relief. In addition, the terms “no similar national” and “carriage by national flagship” do not apply to products imported by a company established in a ZPE,” explains Maysa.

Another important novelty is that domestic and foreign investors can make proposals for the creation and management of these Zones in discontinuous areas, i.e. to facilitate their connection to ports and airports, limited to a distance of 30 kilometers from the set of separated areas intended for the transport, storage and customs clearance of goods coming from or intended for that purpose.


What: ZPE workshop with Professor Helson Braga and the panel “Expansion of Logistics in Northern Santa Catarina”, mediated by Márcio Freitas (Founder and Director of Freitas Intellectual Property), and with the participation of the following panelists: Fernando Bade (Secretary of Economic Development and innovation of the municipality of Joinville); Roberto Pandolfo (Commercial Director at Porto Itapoá); Lysson Barroso (CEO of Ponta Negra Logistica); Ulisses Truchinski (director of Translige); Christian Totino (Manager of Poly Terminais Portuários) and Marcelo Merkle (Logistics and Supply Chain Manager at CISER).

When: September 28, from 8.30 am to 12 noon.

Where: HUB Auditorium, in Ágora Tech Park – R. Dona Francisca, 8300, Distrito Industrial, Joinville (SC)

Entrance fee: R$50.00 with a donation to Associação Projeto Resgate.

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