San Placido Calonero, 6 Friday between art, music and typical tastes

The calendar of events organized by Nutrimenti Terrestri within the “Periferie” project is presented: here are some of them

MESSINA – San Placido Calonero is preparing to show itself to Messina, Sicilians and tourists with a series of six shows including music and theatre. From September 30th, every Friday until November 4th, the Provincial Enoteca will be the protagonist of the review with concerts and tastings organized by Nutrimenti Terrestri in collaboration with Tao Scs and Cral of the Metropolitan City. The initiative was illustrated by Francesco Gallo, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Messina, Maurizio Puglisi from Nutrimenti Terrestrii, Giuseppe Minisi from Tao Scs and Gaetano Antonazzo, President of CRAL.

Gallo: “San Placido Calonero, bet”

“I am delighted that this project, which began with a phone call from Minister Franceschini De Luca, is continuing,” Deputy Mayor Gallo began. It seemed like a classic hard-to-implement idea. However, despite the electoral period, we have been moving forward quickly. We have managed to use the territory and we want to offer the best of what we have to offer, even on an artistic level. This is extraordinary work that is taking place in a positive period, even at the level of a pandemic. After several months of remote performances or with many precautions that almost jeopardized the performance, we are returning to a normality that has not been for a long time. Starting like this on a grand scale is already a great result in itself, it is even more important to do it with quality shows. Picking the San Placido Calonero is a bet. We want this place to become known to the people of Messina. We will also continue the idea of ​​the “Messina per la Cultura” foundation, which will serve as a replacement for public event planning bodies. This will be the next step. The organization of events is not just a beautiful evening, it is the attraction of tourism and the strengthening of various realities. A big event in a stadium or filling the venues is not enough, you need to plan, rediscovering new locations.”

Puglisi: ‘It’s important to know places and meet people’

For Maurizio Puglisi, “knowledge of places and encounters between people are of fundamental importance. Already in the Camaro a few days ago it was a success and many people enjoyed the cultural offer on offer. So we’re getting used to going out again, talking to artists, connecting through culture. The suburbs are very important and it helped me understand how big this city is. A vast and beautiful area, we from Messina must be the first to discover it. Something is moving in Messina, there are many initiatives that lead to the cultural and economic growth of the city.” Of the same opinion is Antonazzo, who spoke of a “beautiful place” and announced that more and more events would be organized in the territory of the capital city.

Ministries: “We value art and typical products”

Giuseppe Ministeri of Tao Scs also expressed his joy at the presentation of the project: “This is an Earth Nutriments project that we are happy to support. We are talking about shows and concerts related to typical products and this allows us to improve our skills. We are thinking about holding cultural events not always in the same places, for example, in the most famous theaters, but following the spirit conveyed by the Ministry, we want to involve peripheral areas. Each show is a moment of meeting and growth, this is the main thing. And it must be said that the city administration started before the same project as the ministry, planning activities throughout the territory in order to deliver legitimate satisfaction to each village.”


The project, which is part of the “Periferie” program of the Municipality of Messina and is supported by the Ministry of Culture, will start on September 30 with “Canzoni scordate” by Mario Incudin and with him, an intimate, light and poetic show. , a theatrical concert-song in which Anvil sings and tells, tells and improvises to lead the viewer through the streets of Sicily yesterday and today. On October 7, there will be a production of Claudio Fava’s My Name is Caino directed by Laura Giacobbe and produced by Bam Teatro. The performance is interpreted by Ninni Bruschetta and Cettina Donato at the piano, two artists linked by a creative partnership that has brought them great success throughout Italy over the years. October 14 “A 1000 all’ora” from Glorius4, an unusual female ensemble that ranges from jazz to pop with care for a cappella vocal sound and original arrangements enriched with an eclectic Sicilian character. On October 21, it will be Giovanni Renzo’s Tales of the Piano, a concert in the style of Piano Solo, in which the pianist and composer will enter into a dialogue with the audience. October 28 “I Cuppari”, live music with David Cuppari, Massimo Pino, Simona Vita and Peppe Pullia. November 4 on stage “Every Pretty Thing” by Duncan Macmillan, interpreted by Carlo De Ruggieri, choreographed and translated by Monica Nappo, an interactive monologue, a joyful and powerful hymn to life, prepared by Nutrimenti Terrestrii. Performances will start at 19.00. The performances will be followed by a tasting organized by the Provincial Enoteca, which each time will offer different menu combinations: September 30 – tasting based on legumes; October 7 – tasting of cold cuts and cheeses; October 14 – tasting based on pickles; October 21 – street food tasting; October 28 – tasting of fried fish; November 4 – Porchetta tasting. Reservations are required.

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