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Discover the detailed summary of Tomorrow Belongs to Us in advance Season 5 of Episode 1255 broadcast on Friday, August 19, 2022 on TF1. Emma and Mylan arrested by the police. Victor gets mugged by his new car while Bart and Tristan have the Sponn’s car stolen…but things spiral out of control.

The complete summary of the telenovela ADN of the episode in advance of 08/19/2022. Find #TomorrowWeBelong spoilers in the preview, everything you need to know about the episode.

Spoon drama with Tristan taking a bullet

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Lizzie was hit in the face by a car, but she can’t take it anymore. Damien says that Nordine is a good guy, he made a mistake…but if Lizzie wants to press charges, she’s not against it.
Lizzie doesn’t want to press charges. She says that it was her fault, that she was wearing a helmet and did not cross at the crosswalk.

Sébastien wants a sanction against Nordine and even an investigation by the IGPN. Martin says that he will suspend Nordine while the investigation takes place. Peraud agrees.

Samuel wants to go back to work, Victoire wants him to rest. Anne-Marie thinks that Victoire should let Samuel go along with her ideas. Samuel thinks that work is the best medicine.

Samuel DNA

Samuel is not well, but he can count on Paul.

Charlie and Manon tell each other what happened during the robbery. Charlie says Nordine wasn’t a superhero, he gave away his gun! Manon confesses to Charlie that they haven’t kissed yet…she wants to sleep with him.

Victor's DNA

Victor comes to file a complaint.

Víctor Brunet is stopped by the clown when he was about to get into his car.

Samuel gives Roxane an ultrasound, Sara and Bart are present… Samuel beats the baby’s heart. The emotion is there.

Nordine finds Sophie in Spoon to confront her about everything she told Manon. Nordine admits that he is strong with Manon: he tells Sophie that he is fed up with these Q plans. Nordine leaves her, Sophie cries as he leaves.

Víctor arrives at the police station to report the theft of his car. Aurore takes statement.

William finds Samuel in the bathroom: Victoire calls out to him but he doesn’t answer. Samuel says that he is tired of Victoire worrying about him.

Samuel confides in his friend William that he has the impression of being separated from his body. William thinks he looks like PTSD. William advises Samuel to stop running away.
Mylan has a new car with full options, she shows it to Camille and Emma.
Camille lets Emma get into the car alone. A little later, Samuel is on his scooter in front of Mylan’s car.

Samuel feels anxious, pushes himself off the road… and sits on the sidewalk, having trouble breathing.

Nordine confides in Roxane that this is it, he is sure of himself: he wants to be with Manon from now on. Roxane shows him the ultrasound of her.

nordic dna

Nordine and Manon exchange their first kiss

Mylan offers Emma to leave Sète for the two of them to go to Spain. She likes the wild side of her and believes that she is made for freedom. The police arrive, Martin boards Mylan.

Samuel is at the stud, Paul tells him that he understands what is happening to him: he can no longer understand who he is. He experienced that when he transitioned him… which was a return to life.
Samuel confesses that when he felt like dying, he felt total fulfillment. He had never been better. Samuel can’t forget this feeling, it’s like he misses her. In a way, he wanted to die. Samuel feels that his life no longer has meaning.
Samuel asks Paul if he can sleep at the stud tonight: Paul tells him that he’s home, that he doesn’t need to ask permission.

Roxanne's DNA

Ultrasound emotion for ROxane

Mylan doesn’t want to answer the police’s questions: she ends up saying that Emma had nothing to do with the robberies.
Emma has Raphaëlle as a lawyer. Martin says that he never stole a policeman’s gun.

Aurore informs Raphaëlle that Emma participated in a robbery in the Ardèche, she took a reprieve. Emma has a locker.

Tomorrow belongs to us in advance episode 1255 of August 19, 2022: Nordine gets rid of Sophie

Manon and Nordine meet on the beach: Nordine tells her that she means a lot to him. Nordine announces to Manon that he broke up with Sophie…he blames himself for making her suffer. Nordine and Manon kiss.

Tristan gives Bart a hand at the Spoon, tells him it feels good to be there. The man in the clown mask asks Bart for the money in the box. Bart gives it to him but he tries to retrieve the gun… Tristan intervenes and is shot. The man leaves and Bart asks for help.

Sophie Novak's DNA

Sophie abandoned by Nordine

Tomorrow’s Highlights Belong To Us As Of August 19, 2022: What To Remember

– Manon and Nordine share their first kiss
– Victor and Bart supported by the clown.
– Tristán shot and wounded
– Emma is taking a big risk because she already has a criminal record.
– Samuel is in post-traumatic stress, the return to life is complicated

Our opinion

the +

  • Nordine and Manon… finally as a couple
  • Samuel tortured, it’s been a long time… we’ll see how his relationship with Victoire survives
  • Mini-return of Victor Brunet


  • Tristan has bad luck in his DNA, all the misfortunes in the world are for him.

casting director

Ingrid Chauvin, Alexandre Brasseur, Maud Baecker, Samy Gharbi, Solène Hebert, Hector Langevin, Franck Monsigny

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