Régis Daunier is dead (Summary before DNA episode 1297)

“Tomorrow Belongs to Us” Preview, Detailed Summary, and Spoilers for Episode 1297 from Tuesday 18 DNA October 2022. In this new episode of DNA, the the police make a shocking discovery. Camille is unmasked and Benjamin makes a big mistake.


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The summary above sneak peek of Tomorrow belongs to us as of October 17, 2022 is also online. Good reading.

Tomorrow Belongs to Us Episode Recap for October 18, 2022

benjamin blunder

François is organizing an aperitif tonight with Alma, Benjamin and Charlie. But the two couples meet in front of the school. Alma makes the introductions. And Benjamin makes a big mistake…he takes Charlie for François’s daughter, which creates a slight discomfort. Benjamin apologizes.

Nathan offers Gabriel and Charlie a beer on the beach at the end of the day. But Charlie can’t. She has a party planned. Charlie invites them over for an aperitif at François’s, but they decline for fear of being bored.

During the aperitif, Benjamin, François and Alma discuss CAPES and national education, but their discussion bores Charlie. The young woman suggests that they change the subject. She then offers them to play a game to loosen things up. After the party, on the way home, Benjamin and Alma argue about the age difference between Charlie and François. Alma thinks that Charlie is quite mature under the guise of her. For his part, Benjamin is doubtful and does not know if this type of relationship is viable over time.

Charlie, meanwhile, does not forgive Benjamin for mistaking François for his father. She does not hesitate to criticize him after the evening. The young woman found Benjamin and Alma very close, because they did not kiss. Charlie comes to think that they are less in love than she and François. François points out to the young woman that not everyone is looking for madness, passion or adventure in their life as a couple.


Camille fell in love with Adam

Amel takes Lisa to the boardwalk along the beach to show her Adam’s picture. The girl is uncomfortable. Lisa acknowledges that Adam should have told her sister about this photo, but she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with the picture. Lisa notices that her sister is uncomfortable. She suggests to Amel that she ask Adam to remove this photo. But the young woman knows that Adam would be very disappointed, especially since photography is her passion. Lisa confides in Amel how beautiful she finds this photo. She is not surprised that she has been selected. Lisa thinks her sister inspired Adam as a role model. Amel disappoints her and explains that her model was Emma. Adam photographed it by chance. Lisa points out that chance makes things good. She is sure that Adam is interested in Amel.

At The Spoon, Nathan surprises Camille by looking at Amel’s photo. He finds the shot very beautiful. Camille agrees with him. Also, she is very impressed by Adam’s talent and wonders if Adam would agree to do a shoot with her. Nathan quickly realizes that Camille was in love with Adam, Camille assures him otherwise and reminds Nathan that she is in a relationship. She tries to make Nathan believe that she is Adam’s talent that she has a crush on, but Nathan doesn’t believe her.

For his part, Adam feels guilty, because Emma and Amel make his head. Emma is disappointed and embarrassed that she chose Amel. Adam thinks Emma will forgive him, but he doesn’t know what’s going on with Amel. It was the first time he had seen the young woman angry. Adam admits to François and Charlie that it’s normal for her to be mad at him because what she did wasn’t right. Charlie points out to Adam that thanks to him, Amel’s popularity increased in high school. Besides, she thinks she needed him. François points out to the young woman that some people prefer to remain discreet. And then he tries to reassure her son.

Amel finds Adam in the Spoon. He apologizes for sending this photo without asking for his opinion. Amel decides to forget this story. Adam makes sure that all of this doesn’t ruin what was going on between them, because they get along. Amel promises him. Adam doesn’t want to meet the English teacher at his house and offers Amel to have dinner with him at Spoon. she accepts


Regis Daunier is dead

Brigitte confides in William and Aurore. They left with Régis a few months ago to try to put the pieces back together, but when they returned, Régis hadn’t been able to forget Brigitte’s affair with Aurore’s father, and the arguments resumed. . Régis finally decided to come to Sète, because he needed to find himself and ask himself what he expected from life. Brigitte feels guilty for not having been able to find the words to restore her trust when he knew perfectly well what he expected of her. And Brigitte sneaks into the conversation that came to Sète recently, something that Aurore did not miss. Brigitte explains that she came last Friday because Régis refused to come back. But they quarreled again.

When Aurore arrives at the police station, Lisa is checking Régis’ accounts. She had practically withdrawn all of the couple’s savings. Aurore knows that her stepfather was kicked out of the casino several years ago at Brigitte’s request. She hypothesizes that Régis may have signed up at a card table. Lisa points out that if she fell into debt to the wrong person, things could have gone terribly wrong. Aurore then informs Lisa that her mother-in-law came to Sète on Friday and her in-laws had a fight. She had a feeling Brigitte regretted telling her. Lisa hypothesizes that Brigitte found out that Régis had emptied her accounts, that she went to Sète to ask for an explanation, and that the argument got out of her hands. Aurore finds it difficult to see Brigitte physically attacking Régis.

The police searched the Dauniers’ house. Georges, for his part, limited Régis’s phone number. It was last broadcast on Friday at 7:38 p.m. from the location where the car was found.

Aurore informs her husband about the progress of the investigation. William tells Brigitte that Régis has practically withdrawn his savings. Brigitte didn’t know. It was her husband who took care of her finances. She is dumbfounded.

Brigitte is summoned to the police station. She is the last person to have seen her husband alive. She suspects that she has harmed Régis. Lisa presses him. Brigitte takes offense at being accused of the worst horrors and is sorry that Aurore doesn’t react. Aurore explains to her mother-in-law that it is very important that she tells them what really happened so that she can find Régis as soon as possible. Brigitte recounts her conversation with her husband to the two policewomen, but she hesitates and is confused. Brigitte would have told Régis that she should have taken advantage of these 15 days to better enjoy the garden. Then, the 4 truths about her would have been told and finally, Brigitte would have left the house. She would have taken a taxi and boarded the first train to Paris.

Karim called a patron from a gambling club. No one has heard of Regis. Damien hypothesizes that he may have registered under a false identity. It was then that the investigation accelerated. During the search, police recovered the serial number of a connected watch. If Régis takes it with him, the police should be able to locate it. Georges has contacted the manufacturer, who should give him access to the data on the watch.

William and Bénédicte wonder about their mother’s involvement in their father’s disappearance. Etienne thinks they are in shock. He is sure, as for himself, of his stepmother’s innocence. Etienne tries to make them understand that Brigitte needs them.

George gets the GPS coordinates from the watch. Karim and Aurore rush inside. The clock coordinates take them to a forest. Karim realizes that the earth has been returned to a certain place. Aurore does not want to wait for the arrival of the Scientific and Technical Police and she begins to dig with her own hands. She discovers a hand buried underground. Karim doesn’t think it’s necessary to go any further, but Aurore needs to be sure. She continues digging, pulling at the tarp when she suddenly stops. Dismayed, she tells Karim that she is Régis.

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