Régis Daunier has disappeared (Summary before DNA episode 1296)

“Tomorrow belongs to us” advance, detailed summary and spoilers of episode 1296 of the Monday, October 17, 2022 from DNA. In this new episode of DNA, the The police are investigating a strange disappearance. William and Aurore sense the danger. Emma and Amel feel betrayed. Note that this is the launch of the new plot called “Lost Illusions”.


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The summary above sneak peek of Tomorrow belongs to us as of October 14, 2022 is also online. Good reading.

Tomorrow Belongs to Us Episode Recap for October 17, 2022

Emma and Amel feel betrayed

Adam runs into Nathan near the high school when he receives an email from the regional photo contest. He is selected for the finals. Adam explains to Nathan that the finalists will be displayed on the beach and that an online vote will be opened to determine the winner. But Adam doesn’t want to spread the news right away. He wants to tell Amel and Emma first.

But the latter, feverish, awaits the results of the photo contest. Fortunately for her, Nathan can’t shut up and tells her that Adam has been selected for the finals. He asks Emma and Camille not to repeat anything. But they meet Amel and tell her the good news. They then go to meet Adam in the courtyard. Emma is quickly disappointed and Adam takes them to the beach to show them which photo she has been selected for. This is Amel’s photo taken on the go. Emma and Amel feel betrayed and resentful towards Adam. François’s son accuses the hit and feels guilty. Timidly, Camille confides in the young man that she likes his photo and assures him that he really deserves to be exposed.

Emma and Camille then go to the Spoon. Emma is now sure that Adam is attracted to Amel. Camille encourages her friend to keep going. But Emma is going to have a hard time, especially since she finds Adam very elegant and attentive. Thoughtfully, Camille smiles and adds that he is also sensitive.


Etienne intervenes on behalf of his son

Dorian did not turn in his English homework and received a zero from Alma. He complains to his father, who intervenes on his behalf with the English teacher. Etienne explains to Alma that they have a problem with the internet box at home and that it is not impossible that his son’s homework has been lost in Wifi limbo. He suggests that Alma give Dorian an additional task. But Alma refuses and insinuates that she is abusing her position as CPE to criticize her pedagogical positions. She also believes that he would not be fair compared to the other students who made the effort to turn in their assignments on time. Alma believes that Dorian should take responsibility. François listened to her discussion and noticed that Alma got a little carried away. However, he knows that it is not like him to be intractable with students or with anyone. François points out to Alma that Dorian is a good boy and that he is not one to talk and they say that his dog ate his copy. Alma is aware of this and also loves Dorian very much. She finally changes her mind and decides to ask Dorian to give her a new assignment. She also takes the zero out of him.

Alma and Benjamin meet later at the Spoon when Alma receives a text from François. She invites them to come for a snack the next day at her house. Benjamin thinks that he will do his classmate good by exchanging very interesting anecdotes about his students with François. But Alma prefers not to. She explains to Benjamin that François’ children are also in high school and that their anecdotes may end up on the playground.

Regis Daunier has disappeared

Judith is on her way to deliver. But she makes a disturbing discovery. A car seems abandoned in the middle of the road. Judith looks inside the vehicle. She spots a jacket in the back of the car and honks her horn to alert the owner. But the young woman discovers blood on her hand and Judith warns the police. Aurore, Karim and Damien are dispatched to the scene. According to the first observations, the car was not abandoned due to a mechanical problem. Police deduce that the driver was injured when he hit his head on the steering wheel. They cannot find a wallet and phone inside the vehicle or on the driver’s jacket. Damien thinks the driver left on foot a bit confused. But Aurore flinches when she sees the jacket. She remembers that she gave the same jacket to her stepfather for Christmas. Karim checks the vehicle registration. It belongs to Régis Daunier, the father of William and Bénédicte. Aurore tries to communicate with her in-laws, but without success.


Damien noticed tire tracks from another vehicle. He believes that this car came by another way, lost priority and crashed right in front of Régis. Additionally, Damien noticed blue paint chips on the fender and bumper of Aurore’s father-in-law’s car that were likely from the other car. Karim is convinced that it is a shock. Aurore immediately receives a call from Brigitte. She stayed in Paris in the rain and she regrets not having gone down with Régis to Sète. Aurore discovers during the conversation that her stepfather has been in Sète for two weeks. She then goes to the hospital and informs her husband and Bénédicte of the worrying disappearance of her father. They are dumbfounded. They didn’t know that her father was in Sète, but Bénédicte knew that there was tension between her parents ever since Brigitte had her affair. William warns his mother of her father’s disappearance.

Aurore leads the investigation during Martin’s week off. Sébastien assures her that she will be able to maintain the composure and distance necessary to carry out the investigation. Damien confirms to Aurore that the blood found in the car is in fact her stepfather’s. He also found very fine splatters of her blood on the passenger side seat and window. He believes that after the impact with the steering wheel, Régis received a blow to the face that would have come through the driver’s side window. Therefore, the driver who gave him priority would have approached the window to break his face.

Police checked area hospitals and clinics and found no trace of Regis. Manon is overwhelmed and crying. Nordine supports her. William informs his daughter that he is going to pick up Brigitte at the station. He prefers to receive her alone, because she believes that she will not be well. Manon tells her father how scared she is. William tries to comfort her.

A man whose face cannot be seen opens a travel bag containing an empty can of limewater, bleach, duct tape, and a shovelful of dirt. He places a telephone there, probably that of Régis Daunier. Then this man throws the bag into a stream. On her part, Brigitte is reunited with her family. She died of worry. Bénédicte encourages her mother and his brother to stay positive. Bénédicte accompanies Brigitte to Sofia’s room. William is on the verge of tears. He knows deep down that they will never find his father safe and sound. Aurore supports him and tries to comfort him.

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