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The decision to leave the comforts of home to discover the new experiences and knowledge the world has to offer has changed the lives of two Paranánians: Eduardo Fenianos and André Baldo.

Two trailblazers talk about their travel experiences on Friday (20th) episode Subparana.

For Curitiba journalist Fenianos, who is passionate about the humanities, the desire to learn more about the reality of the city itself prompted him to plan a 100-day expedition through the streets of Curitiba without returning home knowing the stories and realities of the inhabitants.

Andre Baldo and Eduardo Fenianos from Parana, who decided to travel around the world and the cities of Brazil — Photo: Personal archive

In the case of André Baldo, who was born in the Araucaria of the capital region, the adventure began when he sold the company, the car, everything he had, broke off a long relationship and decided to travel the world in search of himself. – knowledge and experience.

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Andre and Eduardo love listening to new stories and getting to know the reality of the people they meet in every place they visit.

During the 100 days of the first expedition, Urbenaut divided the journey into two parts: a journey by water, during which he passed the five great rivers of Curitiba, supported by fire boats, and another journey by land.

The task of the second stage was to pass through all the streets of the city without returning home. The idea to get acquainted with the municipality in which he was born, arose when a journalist conducted a survey among residents on the topic of assembling a book from a publishing house that he had.

“I met a man who answered all the questions I asked, but he also asked me: “Do you know that I know the whole world? Europe, Asia, Africa”. An hour later I asked, “Do you really know the whole world? Well, what’s the name of the street that runs here behind your house? And he became quieter and answered: “I don’t know.” I decided that my trip was there,” Fenianos recalls.

Already during the trip as Urbenauta, having spent most of the money set aside, he decided that from now on he would sleep every day in a different house.

“I was in the area, it was like the area was the whole world. I couldn’t get out of there. If I couldn’t find a place to sleep there, I had to sleep outside. travel. The rule has always been to sleep in the house of another person or family every day,” he said.

Journalist Eduardo Fenianos, aka Urbenauta, travels through Brazilian cities — Photo: Eduardo Fenianos/personal file

The adventure along the rivers and streets of the capital of Parana became a book and became national, and later also served as a motive for similar expeditions to other capitals.

Destinations included São Paulo, where Fenianos traveled the area and wrote about life on the streets of the capital São Paulo.

Journalist Eduardo Fenianos, also known as Urbenauta, on an expedition along the Passauna River in Curitiba — Photo: Eduardo Fenianos/personal file

Formerly a businessman, André became a psychoanalyst, writer and philosopher, having lived in different parts of the world. Currently, he mentors others, lectures and shares what he has learned.

He remembers the moment he decided to leave what he had in the city where he lived, as a break from other people’s expectations of his fate.

“That was the moment in my life when I conquered most of the dreams that society imposes on us. Things were going well, but I lived in a deep dissatisfaction of spirit. Until I was overcome by a deep sense of surrender that I should go all behind and give myself to the world in search of self-knowledge,” he recalls.

Andre traveled 14 countries, traveled to different continents and wrote a book about everything he lived: the work was called “Without Borders – A Journey of the Heart.”

From his travels, he says that he was attacked by rhinoceros during a safari in Nepal, climbed Everest without the company of a guide (an adventure that cost him a broken leg). Among other great moments, the adventurer also had to live in a cave for three weeks.

Andre Baldo, writer and philosopher from Parana, sold what he had and decided to go on a trip around the world – Photo: Andre Baldo / personal archive

André says that learning to travel the world with nothing but a survival backpack taught him to appreciate the true value of things, taught him to appreciate the moment of being able to come home and see the people he loves, and showed him the importance of knowing can offer peace.

“I make it clear that none of this, the most magnificent landscapes, the most beautiful buildings, can compare with the beauty of the human soul. The greatest treasures I have found have been people’s stories, the trajectory that everyone carries, kindness, friendship and what is available to each of us,” he said.

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