The rules go into effect in a few days

A new rule for the sale and storage of minced meat will come into effect from November. The new changes mainly concern how food is packaged before it reaches supermarkets, to avoid danger for the consumer. Do you want to know what changes and how it will affect citizens? So keep following the article below … Read more

Jérôme Seydoux: why his comments on French cinema are false and belligerent

Guest of the morning in the company of Nicole Garcia, Nathanaël Karmitz and Isabelle Madelaine, the wealthy French producer approached French cinema and completed the polarization of the profession into two clans that, on the contrary, should work together to get out of the current crisis of the attendance. Ten days after the controversial coverage … Read more

Rebecca Zlotowski, Alien Children

In Venice 79’s crowded competition of 23 entries, even artistic director Alberto Barbera was forced to admit that some films may have been too many while defending their quality. Each of the spectators present at the Lido, in accordance with their personal tastes, played in search of uninvited guests: after all, in the notorious “Pagellon” … Read more

Valérie Bonneton marked by her difficult acting debut

“They didn’t choose me because of my physique”: Valérie Bonneton marked by her difficult acting debut (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images) This Thursday, October 13, 2022, M6 is broadcasting “In Search of Eternal Youth”. A documentary in which Valérie Bonneton, together with reporter Alfred de Montesquiou, explores the world to discover the different ways to … Read more