Do you want to try something different? Ostrich meat is produced in MS, hormone-free and even makes a delicious “hamburger”

One of the biggest challenges for anyone who works or wants to work with healthy food is to turn the food into something tasty. That’s why they invented the coxinha and the “fit” kibbeh, diet burgers and so on. And food, “real food” actually, are few options. Even worse when the person is on a … Read more

The ancient art of the Madonnari arrives in Conflenti: Tiberio and Marta Mazzocchi paint the Virgin of Visora.

Conflenti – The ancient art of the Madonnari arrives in the small village of Reventino. To revive it Tiberio Mazzocchi and his daughter Marta. With chalk in hand, two Lombard artists drew Madonna with oak Visora. The initiative is part of the 2022 edition. “Happy and Conflenty” a festival that will last until July … Read more

Research detects pesticides in nuggets and cream cheese; how does it affect health? – 07/28/2022

A survey conducted by IDEC (Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection) found the presence of pesticide residues in ultra-processed foods common on the Brazilian table, such as sausages, chicken nuggets and cream cheese. In 2021, the first edition of the “There’s Poison In This Package” study was published, in which a double danger was highlighted for … Read more

A short and simple guide to family holidays in Madeira and Porto Santo – Itineraries

Madeira and Porto Santo are two destinations in Portugal that attract the attention of Portuguese travelers. After a good strategy to attract tourists during the covid-19 pandemic, the Madeira archipelago continues to receive cues from those who have gone through this stage. However, the Praia de Areia Dourada in Porto Santo has been voted the … Read more

“About machines and animals”: fantasy, post-apocalypse and martial arts

Suspended between fantasy and post-apocalyptic science fiction, About cars and animals di Chenxi is one of the most read Chinese webtoons in Italy. Published by Kuaikan (China’s leading webtoon company). we talked about here), available in Italian on the platform Jundo and, again, for the same publisher, also in paper edition, the world’s first Cuaican … Read more