Music, Culture and Film Weekend: Venus in Latteria, Capital of Culture and Tognazzi

Do you want to advertise on this site? Autumn is the perfect time for festivals, conferences, and informal conversations. about books, movies, works of art: so this weekend I’m right cultural initiatives be the owner. The presentation of (part of) the program opens the dance. Bergamo and Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023, during which … Read more

Guava produced in the north of Paraná wins the world

Produced in a region with good tourism potential, guava from Carlópolis (PR) is large, crunchy, tasty and resistant. In 2016, it won the Geographical Indication (IG) seal, awarded to products recognized for their tradition and quality, making them unique in the world. The GI of Carlópolis testifies to guava from two municipalities in Paraná: Carlópolis … Read more

New food labels: knowing how to identify ingredients that are harmful to health – News

From last Sunday (9) the new rules for food labels in Brazil are in force. The changes range from a seal, shaped like a magnifying glass, on the front of the package, to the nutrition table, placed on the back of the products. The magnifying glass determines if the product has added sugar, sodium, or … Read more

New federal law hinders criminal prosecution in Brazil – 10/15/2022 – News

Thiago Felipe Rodrigues Pereira, 35, better known as “Thiago Cabeção”, was convicted in 2014 for one of the crimes that has attracted the most attention in Natal in recent years. persuasion. In 2014, he was sentenced to 26 years in prison for the death of 15-year-old student Maria Luiza Fernandes Bezerra, who was brutally murdered … Read more

Von Gogh, oil and the imminent end of the world

What is the influence that is being translated into today that comes from the planet on which we live, from which a person drives a car, say, into what we conditionally call the Anthropocene? Let me explain, besides global warming, climate change, pandemics and so on, is there an impact on daily life that we … Read more

“Dedication to bees”. The first multimedia eco-painting is born in Carrara

CARRARA – Italy’s first multimedia eco mural, Impollinèmesi, born in Carrara, on the steps of Monterosso, October 14, 2022: a completely new work created by Zed1 with sound interventions by sound engineer Alessio Mosti and sculptural interventions by Silvia. Scaringella, which, while paying tribute to the importance and function of bees in the ecosystem, transforms … Read more

“Hit always harder to get things moving!”

Within restricted area, The M6 ​​presenter offers a new documentary on child welfare, two years after an issue that caused a scandal. After the shock two years ago of an initial investigation into child welfare failures, restricted area continues with Foster families, social hotels: the new scandal of foster children. Interview with an engaged Ophélie … Read more