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BUT PANROTAS magazine this week brings Special Version Operators. Along with analytical content and interviews with experts on the sector’s scenario, travel agency relationships, trends and hottest destinations, this edition also features some of the best known operators in Brazil and their top destination offerings. client, travel agencies.

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With Portuguese origins, Abreutur strengthens its specialization in Europe and European tours, grouped into three main categories: First Class Europe; Europe for all plus; Europe for everyone. In Brazil, the company with 180 years of experience is represented in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Sao José do Rio Preto (SP), Recife, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Brasilia and Curitiba.

The considerable experience of consultants in the Bedsonline system is a big highlight that the operator considers to be available in the market. With a significant investment in technology, the company has a wide range of filters to sort through its extensive portfolio options, such as free cancellation and no-refund bookings, which provide consultants with peace of mind and more flexibility.

The BestBuy Hotel in Jundiay, Spain, celebrates its 2022 international award. The operator starts the second semester with the Best Market – Recovering Consumers trophy, which arrived directly from Europe on its shelf. They are the result of a strategic plan created with a focus on reviewing processes and redefining activities in line with the vision of its directors. In the first half of the year, BestBuy’s portfolio exceeded 4,600 Brazilian hospitality businesses.

One of the distinguishing features of BRT Operadora is its synergy with BRT Consolidadora. According to the company, these relationships increase the competitiveness of travel agents, especially in international destinations such as Europe and the United States. For 44 years, the group has guaranteed selection criteria for suppliers in Brazil and worldwide, in addition to competitive prices, quality advice and the best after-sales service on the market.

In its 18 years of operation, E-HTL Viagens Online has signed commercial agreements with more than four thousand hotels and hotel chains throughout Brazil, more than 200 thousand international hotels and car rental companies around the world with approximately ten thousand rental locations. With new agreements signed in 2022, the company continues to conquer spaces that are becoming increasingly important in its mission to reshape the Brazilian tourism market and deliver the best shopping experience on a digital platform.

The FRT operator has reasons to be happy only in August. The company, along with its main partners, hosted the 6th Hyperion Trophy tournament in Orlando, one of the company’s best-selling destinations. The top FRT sellers in 2021 and 2022 were awarded on an extensive program trip visiting major parks and local vendors, training and passing on a lot of knowledge to travel agents. The awards went to Amabiletur Viagens, Belini Viagens, Brasil Tur Viagens, Frontur Turismo, Frontur Viajes, JZ Viagens, KAOA Viagens, Mundo Trips, Reserva Feita and Valentin Turismo.

According to its leaders, during its 24 years of existence, Incomum Viagens has established itself in the national market thanks to its original way of thinking and working. The operator’s recipe for sustained success is to value partnerships, transparency and always strive to innovate through technology. One testament to how important partnerships are for the operator came during the most critical period of the covid-19 pandemic, when it offered all the support it needed to keep losses from rebookings and cancellations as low as possible.

A specialist in religious, cultural, seniors and entertainment groups, MG3 Operadora guarantees to be one of the best choices in Brazil for agencies looking for destinations such as Bhutan, India, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand. , Turkey and Vietnam. MG3 Operadora promises exclusive packages and itineraries, quality services, trips with guaranteed departures, the best hotels in destinations, the best payment terms, an accompanying guide and much more.

New Age returns to the market with solidity and new strategies. The operator was acquired by the Aries Group holding owned by Thomas Perez and officially entered the market with a new portfolio of cruises with companies such as Oceania Cruises and Norwegian, as well as ski routes with major winter destinations including the United States, Europe, South America and Japan. There will be over 30 destinations with over 150 scheduled departures. Until the end of the year, including regular holiday departures, the schedule will have 120 track options ready for sale, including dates such as Christmas, New Year and the January holidays of 2023.

Orinter Tour & Travel, one of the first operators in the market to show growth compared to the pre-pandemic period, highlights its presence in all regions of Brazil and the active registration of more than four thousand agencies served annually. Orinter, a 31-year-old company, is up 160% year-over-year and the outlook remains positive. For the company, this is the result of a constant focus on a single sales channel – the travel agency.

SunCoastUSA, headquartered in Orlando and headquartered in Sao Paulo, has as one of its main differentiators its e-commerce platform, which connects US suppliers directly with travel agents in Brazil, promising to help travel professionals through this online transformation. at super competitive prices. Another difference is the white label offer (individual store) after 48 hours live with your agency’s brand.

TBO.COM has a reason to rejoice in 2022. The operator ended the first half of the year with a significant increase in sales compared to the same period last year. The performance was mainly driven by the return of international travel, boosting sales to destinations such as Paris, New York, Miami, Orlando and Dubai. Hotel bookings also increased by 119%, and tour bookings through the platform grew by 68%. The company says that an innovation that also helped to achieve such indicators was a special zone for travel agents not only in Brazil, but throughout Latin America, in which professionals personalize the experience of their clients.

Tritravel has a proposal to invest in technology and increase its presence in the market and expressiveness with the help of travel agents. Participating in the main events of the 2022 travel calendar, the company is focused on providing personalized services to customers who want to book travel with agencies in order to have more peace of mind and flexibility in fulfilling their dreams. Tritravel believes that this is one of the biggest impacts of the pandemic on tourism and that it is important now to provide technological solutions, great service and new experiences that follow this path of customization.

In just four years, but formed by experienced tourism professionals, ViagensPromo has conquered large areas in the sector. The desire of his partners, Renato Alves and Renato Kido, from the very beginning was to provide the retailer with a differentiated operator not only service oriented, but also understanding the pains and needs of its customers. And they succeed, see the content of the reviews of partner travel agents. While it works with a wide range of products, the operator is betting big on jet chartering, a strategy that has been in place since the start of the pandemic in 2020. On this occasion, ViagensPromo introduced its first operation of its kind, Horizonte in Porto Seguro, in an attempt to mitigate the impact of ticket prices and provide more competitive fares for travel agents.

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