Music, meetings and art: things to do in Tuscany, Umbria and La Spezia until May 15

Florence, May 9, 2022 – From the Master Giovanni Allevi harpist Giovanna Ofelia Berardinelli passing through street artist: week starting from from 9 to 15 May full of events located throughout the territory of T.OscandellUmbria e you spices. And events for all tastes: documentary screenings, science meetings, concerts, walks, exhibitions and historical reenactments.

Viareggio (Lucca), May 9
Monday, May 9 at 21:00, at the Central Cinema (Via Battisti 67) in Viareggio, the national premiere of the documentary “Ax and sail”, directed by Gualtiero Lamy and produced by Hop Frog Produzioni, filmed for centenary of massacre Pietro Nieri and Enrico Paolini, the first two young martyrs of Fascism in Viareggio. The documentary also intertwines the more than secular history of the League of Masters of the Ax and Calafati with the history and important facts of the city and all of Italy in the days that a few months preceded the arrival of fascism. The result is a fresco of the economic, social, cultural and political development of Viareggio from 1897 to the present day.

Florence, 12 May.
Thursday, May 12 at 4:00 pm at the hospital. Santa Maria Nuova in Florence (conference room), appointment”Healing gardens“To learn about medicinal plants in Western and Eastern medicine: Carla Gelardini, University of Florence, Department of Neurofabrication, Section of Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Paolo Luzzi, Director of the Giardino dei Semplici Botanical Garden in Florence, will talk about them. Next visit The healing garden of the Santa Maria Nuova hospital, which can be considered the most ancient “seed” of all Gardens of ordinary academicians from which evolution began pharmacological research, in close connection with the ancient apothecary who used medicinal plants grown on the plot of land adjacent to the “Hospital Cross”. The meeting is included in the cycleplant care”, promoted by the Santa Maria Nuova e Mati 1909 Foundation, to present models for the integration of traditional medical and pharmacological treatments and the benefits of nature for human health (information: whatsapp 342 8110640).

Florence, 12 May.
May 12 at 5:00 p.m. Ferry’s room from Vieuseux cabinet collection called “Daniele Del Giudice and the realm of storytelling”, with Enzo Rammairone, editor and TV writer. The initiative is part of the review”Two writers and sciencean exhibition dedicated to the relationship between literature and science, organized by the Galileo Museum and Viesse’s Scientific Literary Cabinet as part of the exhibition.From Hell to Empyrean. Dante’s world between science and poetry”Performed at Palazzo Pitti until May 29 (booking on the website

La Spezia, 12 May.
Special screenings Ligurian media library – Cinema Odeon (Via Firenze, 37): on Thursday, May 12 (21:00) there will be a screening of the film “Postcards from Ukraine”, Regional preview. This is a documentary directed by young filmmaker Sieva Diamantakos, who, by telling the stories of 5 young people, offers a portrait of a new generation in Ukraine. Public discussion about the socio-cultural context of the country, the scene of the ongoing war.

Assisi, 13 May
Maestro’s New European Tour Giovanni AllevIecstasy“stops in Assisi on May 13: on stage Lyric Theater the composer and pianist arrives with a new solo piano musical project under the slogan of the most exalted states of consciousness. Inner freedom, anguish, unbridled joy, uneven rhythmic outbursts, piercing cantabile, flashes of genius – these are the worlds through which the track listing of the last album that gave the tour its name develops.

Laterina (Arezzo), 13 May.
Friday, May 13 (21:15) at Municipal theater Laterina new appointment with theatrical season: harpist and singer on stage Giovanna Ofelia Berardinelli against “Lake garden song“. The works performed, entrusted to the harp and the artist’s voice, belong to the world’s musical heritage, ranging from old English ballads to French chanson, passing through tango and Neapolitan music. The direction of Lucia Berardinelli leads the viewer on this small big journey through a place suspended between a dream and reality (booking: or 3382715639).

Pistoia, May 12-14
15th event in Tuscany dedicated to handicrafts, hobbies and DIY,”Florence Creativity Primavera“returns from Thursday 12 to Saturday 14 May at the new exhibition location de Cathedral in Pistoia, a large showcase where you can find and buy the most exquisite and innovative materials: fabrics, yarn, creative sewing, home decor, costume jewelry, scrapbooking, shabby, patchwork, embroidery and much more (opening hours: 9.30-19) .

Florence, 15 May.
Myths and stories in the Boboli Gardens” who will accompany visitors along the paths of Boboli, also known as Princes Garden, discover ancient myths among the magical compositions of trees, flower beds and flowers. An offer for adults and children to explore together the park, born as the garden of the Grand Duke of Palazzo Pitti. Terraces, alleys and paths, perspective views with statues, paths, clearings, in an inexhaustible source of curious and scenographic paths that allow you to feel the spirit of life in the Medici court (10 am). Admission is free for persons under 18 and residents of the municipality of Florence.

Viareggio (Lucca), May 13-15
Second Edition”Fishing ports“an event organized by TambÚca, the house of art in Versilia, which returns after a two-year break to revitalize the port area of ​​Viareggio and paint the doors of the fishermen’s warehouses behind the new fish market. For three days 17 street artist iAt the same time, they will work on decorating the gates of the Viareggio Navy, giving life to a marathon that, once completed, will turn the city into a permanent open-air exhibition.

Livorno, May 13-15
On May 13, 14 and 15 he arrives at New fortress Livorno”Livorno Medieval Festival“The first national and international experiment on the introduction Average age and not only in the city of Livorno. To open the three-day event, on Friday the 13th at 21:30, a show of fire, light and figures is planned on the stretch of water in front of the lower part of the fortress to breathe life into an unpublished story created especially for the occasion. On Saturday, May 14, at 14:30, the blessing of the knights in Piazza Grande by the bishop will take place, and right from the doors of the cathedral, a procession of drummers-standard bearers and more than 100 participants will parade to the gates of the cathedral. New Fortress (full program

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