MS is TOP 10 in the world and Pousada Pantaneira is in 1st place as a Brazilian hotspot

With 336 bird species recorded in 24 hours of the event, representing 49.5% of the 678 species cataloged at the state level, Mato Grosso do Sul is in the Top 10 worldwide on Global Big Day, the largest birding event in the world. , with the “Visit MS Official” team. The result was released this weekend and MS placed 5th nationally

Mato Grosso do Sul shared tenth place with the ‘Clan Thannophilus Team’ in the category, behind only renowned countries in the bird watching such as Colombia, Nicaragua, Tanzania and Zambia.

“Mato Grosso do Sul’s participation in the Global Big Day in May was exceptional. We managed to get into the Top 10 in the category worldwide. Three inns in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul stood out in the top 10 of the hot spot Brazilian, even first place went to MS. We can only thank the work of the MS Tourism Foundation team, who coordinated the mobilization together with entrepreneurs from the tourism trade and partner institutions so that we could achieve this result,” celebrates Bruno Wendling, Director-President of the MS Tourism Foundation (Fundtur) .

“More than 330 species were observed in less than 24 hours and this shows the strength of Mato Grosso do Sul in bird watching, a segment in which we have invested a lot and that we are reaching the position of one of the best destinations in the world for this practice that brings more and more specialized and quality tourists to our destinations.

  • 41 teams participated in this edition of Big Day 2022
  • 195 people directly: from children from 4 to 87 years. Indirectly, many more people were involved because several groups added more participants, for example the collective of young conservationists from Jateí.
  • 22 municipalities involved
  • 336 species recorded in 24 hours, a number representing 49.5% of the 678 species cataloged for the state.

    Biologist Edson Moroni will also talk about the expressive result of MS at the event. “Global Big Day 2022 was truly incredible for Mato Grosso do Sul, which recorded 336 bird species, the highest record in the state in 24 hours compared to other editions of the event. We placed 5th in the country, our best national ranking at this event. This shows that the mobilization of trade and public power is producing an excellent result.”

    “Also from the top 10” hotspots in the country, the places where the most birds are registered, there are 3 in the Pantanal of MS and this shows the power of the state in bird watching. In first place was Pousada Aguapé (222 species of birds), in third place Fazenda San Francisco (205 species of birds) and in tenth place Pousada Xaraés (133 species of birds),” emphasizes Moroni, one of the organizers of the Bird Watchers Club of Grande Dourados and entrepreneur of a marketing agency with photo in nature tourism (@passarinweb).

    Simone Mamede, of the Mamede Institute for Environmental Research and Ecotourism, celebrates the increasing participation of birdwatchers in the state. “Every year we have more adherents to this practice that has strengthened tourism and promoted smart destinations through MS, as it involves valuing biodiversity, innovation, using technologies and collaborative platforms from a perspective of sustainability and valuing what we the most important thing is life,” he emphasizes.

  • Also according to Mamede, the event shows that the strength of Mato Grosso do Sul lies in biodiversity, which opens up new interpretations and perspectives for innovation. “Gratitude for contributing to citizen science and sustainable tourism, strengthening new bird watching destinations in Mato Grosso do Sul. Our thanks go to all those who took the time to look at the sky on the 14th, to see how wonderful it is to be alive to observe creatures as impressive as birds in freedom and with the right to make several flights. MS is in the national TOP 5 and stands for the power of walking together on our journey”.

    “It is very important that the state understands the operation of the birdwatching segment and supports its development in view of these channels. The dialogue with commerce allowed us to formulate a high-impact action on the Great Day, developing activity across the state and better positioning our region within the platforms valued by this audience. Best of all, we are already programming for the next event and running this promotion continuously, as any promotion should be,” emphasizes Karla Cavalcanti, Director of Promotion and Market at Fundtur MS.

  • The next Global Big Day, considered a day to celebrate biodiversity internationally, is scheduled for October this year.

    Rare Bird Registry

    According to ornithologist Maristela Benites, of Instituto Mamede, the Big Day promotes citizen science and any mobilization around free birdwatching has implications for environmental education and ecotourism.

    “New destinations will become known and other already established destinations will become more widely known as hot spots, in which birdwatchers have the chance to find 140 to more than 200 species in one day. The collective effort brought joy, motivation, a sense of belonging, belonging, new perceptions about life and nature, in addition to records of new events and rare and endangered birds such as the scissors-do-campo, first found in Anaurilândia and the socó-boi-jararaca”, emphasizes Maristela.

    The Great Day also demonstrates the importance of conservation units. “The Parque das Várzeas do Rio Ivinhema recorded 122 species in less than 10 hours, even because the rain didn’t allow the team to spend the night looking for nocturnal animals. In the Prosa State Park, the teams have found several endemic species of the Cerrado, especially those that depend on forest environments, the Córrego Cumandaí Municipal Natural Park, in Naviraí, the Estância Mimosa RPPN and the Boca da Onça RPPN,” the ornithologist of the Mamede Institute.

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